Monday, March 30, 2015

Revlon Colour Stay 60% Off via

Hello readers! This will be a short post on my discovery, and i would like to just share my finds with you lovely people. I saw about Hermo though a sponsored ad on Facebook and decided to check out the so called "first ever online warehouse sale" and to my discovery, its actually crazy cheap as i am a personal fan of Revlon, and in this ad, they're only selling warehouse prices for Revlon Colour Stay. Out of all the lipsticks i own, Revlon Colour stay is one of my faves! because it practically stays on your lips for the whole day without needing to be touched up.

And of course with 60% off, PLUS another 60% off on the second colour, i couldn't resist! So all in all, for every 2 Revlon Colour Stay, instead of the actual price of RM74.80, you only pay RM20.66 for 2 lipsticks! So, i ordered mine last Tuesday and received it on Saturday which was pretty fast.

So, here's my review on the Hermo services. They're definitely efficient and the packaging is superb to make sure that your items don't get damaged during postings, which is a bonus. Appreciate the packaging consideration Hermo! Thumbs up! And despite already having a box to protect your items, they actually bubble wrap your items too for double protection.

And the best part at Hermo, when you purchase more than 2 items, you automatically get free postage! So since me and my friends wanted to get the lipsticks, we shared our purchases to ensure we get free postage. Everything was new and sealed, which makes Hermo trustworthy to deliver you with good service. Not to forget that they also include a free gift with every purchase, which i think its really sweet of them to. I got this Regen Ultra Cover BB Cream for free in my parcel.

In conclusion, I'm pretty much satisfied with my purchase and Hemo's services. I would definitely recommend Hermo to people who are interested in beauty. And this would definitely not be the last purchase that i'll be purchasing from them.

And thats about it. Told you that i'll keep it short. So hurry! Better not miss out on this, or wait till its sold out. Initially they had 10 colours to choose from, but now only 7 colours are available. For your convenience, here is the link to check out the colours available :

I hope you found this read useful!

With love,
Aliza Sara

For more information head over to their Official Website or their Facebook Page. 

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