Tuesday, June 16, 2015

M Cafe is in with the Ramadan Season

The M Cafe by Meesha Sukira
Fasting month is just around the corner and if you're wondering where can you dine in to break your fast during this festive season, you can check out  M Cafe by Meesha Sukira for unique Malaysian delicacies. M Cafe is a cozy dining place where you can enjoy delicious local homemade dishes with your friends and family and what makes M Cafe special is that they serve recipes from the palace to ensure that you dine feeling like royalty. And since i've been there myself, i couldn't agree more! Because the food there is simply not your usual recipe of Malaysian dishes.

Interior Shot of M Cafe.
Impression shot at M Cafe
Outdoor seating of M Cafe if you enjoy the cool humid weather
Meesha Sukira has initially been around in Malaysia, producing glamourous Batik fashion to introduce Malaysian culture to the world and they are currently exporting Batiks to places like the Middle East, Hong Kong, Japan and more! How cool is that?! If you have foreign friends coming over, give them a Malaysian treat by bringing them here to enjoy our local Malaysian food + the chance to enjoy Batik decorations around the cafe too.

M Cafe officially started its business in 2013 by 2 owners which are also the owners of Meesha Sukira Batiks. It took them awhile to establish Meesha Sukira and now further expanding their business by diversifying the business and venturing into the F&B industry by merging a Batik boutique with the cafe. And of course, living in a world filled with technology, its really hard to find premium and authentic Batik around.

The value of M Cafe carries cultural heritage food and fashion to the youth. Besides that, this movement also enables them to engage with the public in general spreading awareness of  the beauty of our forgotten Batik culture. Managed to try some of their dishes and it satisfies my tummy and my tastebuds pretty well. *Yums* Talking about food got me hungry. lol. So here are some photos of the dishes that i had which i found unique.

Sambal Fish Apple Salad
 The Sambal Fish Apple Salad is available on their Ala Carte menu and as spicy as it looks, its actually not that spicy when you eat it with the apple's. FISH AND APPLES?! i know what you're thinking. Rather bizarre but to be honest, its a must try if you're feeling adventures.

Hainanese Chicken Chop
The Hainanese Chicken Chop was done nicely because it wasn't overcooked and it has a juicy cut in the middle when you're cutting your chicken into bite sized pieces. So, chicken chop lovers, do try this at M Cafe.

Fried Chicken Salted Egg
THIS IS IT! The Fried Chicken Salted Egg is my ultimate favourite at M Cafe . Its also their signature dish mentioned by the manager as they had returning customers ordering the Fried Chicken Salted Egg, and i definitely know why.

So here's  your chance to try their dishes cause instead of ordering everything on their menu, they'll be having a promotional ramadan buffet during this festive month! Hoorah! Now you can try more than one dish on your first of returning visit to M Cafe. Listed below would be the Ramadan menu which will be served during the festive season.

Priced at RM39.90 per pax

Ikan Pari Assam Pedas
Daging Masak Hitam 
Terung Sambal
Udang Sambal Petai
Sotong Sumbat
Udang Rebung Leamk

Thats only the main dishes served. Surprise alert! If you're lucky, they'll be serving Durian ice cream if you want to add-on to your meal. And of course, their durian ice cream would be handmade for their customers to enjoy the real taste of durian ice cream. So do give them a call before dropping by to ensure that your visit will be fully maximised with yummy seasonal ice cream which will only be serve within the Ramadan month.

 Not only that they're a cafe, so maybe after your meal, maybe you can check out their handmade batik to prepare you Baju Raya for the Raya celebration! So talk about killing two birds with one stone. I've personally found their batik collection very interesting as the designs are never the same according to the manager. All are exclusively made by  Meesha Sukira at their man factory in Batu Caves. 

So do drop by M Cafe for an exclusive dine in with magnificent Batik decoration to enjoy while you're there. Felt like i was dining in a gallery while i was there. Teehee. And of course, if you're looking forward to try their ala carte menu, here are the 3 signature dishes that would be a must try at M Cafe:
1. Fried Chicken Salted Egg
2. Fish Fillet Mee Hoon Soup 
3. Pan Mee

 There are many more local choices to chose from and most of the recipes are from one of the owners mom. Whatever you try here will definitely make you feel like you're at home. 

Do drop by a comment below if you have any other questions and i would love to answer your questions for you. Thanks for dropping by to ready my review! For more information on M Cafe by Meesha Sukira, details will be listed below:

47 Jalan Medan Setia 1, 
Plaza Damansara, 
Bukit Damansara Kuala Lumpur,

Business hours: 
Monday to Saturday: 10am to 10pm
Closed on Sundays.



  1. The buffet is very affordable leh, plus I think the wallets look nice, very interesting place to visit

  2. Wow... At first glance the shop looks like a boutique. Very artistic inside out. And the food looks awesome and HOT!! Hehehe, I love Ramadhan, lots of good local food to enjoy!! Selamat Berpuasa Ramadhan, with love!

  3. what a nice place. the buffet price was not expensive too.are the posters on display for sale too?

    1. Yes they are on sale! Theres so many to choose from too :)

  4. The food looks good. It's so interesting to pair the cafe with a boutique too. Hmm, people are certainly creative. :D

  5. The food looks really good and not too exorbitantly priced. The boutique items looks really nice too! They can make good gifts

  6. Fried Chicken Salted Egg instantaneously got me drooling! I am a sucker for any salted egg inspired dish, they get extra brownie points from me :P

  7. Sotong sumbat fried chicken salted egg omgomgomg looks good!!

  8. the environment looks modern but the food so local! haha what a great fusion! sumore got sell batik! really diversify their products!