Saturday, June 20, 2015

Madeena by Mizz Nina presents the #OwhSoRaya collection

Mizz Nina has always had her ways to surprise her fans. Since making its runaway debut during the Islamic Fashion Festival at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week back in June 2014, Madeena has slowly made its mark in the local Muslimah fashion scene and becoming regular at major fashion events not only in Malaysia but recently expanding to our neighbouring country, Singapore for Sheikha Hub and also Brunei, bring you amazing classy designs while embracing the modesty in retrospect of its Mizz Nina's principles.

For this year's rays, Madeena brings you its #OwhSoRaya collection to welcome the holy month of Ramadhan that is approaching soon. This collection features a series of ready-to-wear pieces that will brighten up your festive season with designs that would suit any muslimah in the world, accompanied by colourful fabrics in her latest collection. Here are some of the pieces from the latest collection that are currently a must have to muslimah fashion enthusiast. The last time i checked, some pieces has already been sold out! So better hurry if you want to 'bergaya' with Madeena for this years rays celebration.

Taffeta Dress - RM210.95
Mod Blouse Top - RM147.35
Lace Cape - RM221.55
Rainbow Shirt - RM104.95
Stellar Skirt - RM210.95
Instant Hoodie Shawl - RM61.50
Batik Crop Jacket (RM147.35) & the Batik Skirt (RM136.75)
Kartita Crop Jacket - RM168.55
Satin Skirt - RM157.95
From Left: Giselle Jubah Shirt (RM189.75), Long Wrap Hoodie (RM168.55) & Alice Jubah Shirt (RM189.75)
Asuka Kimono - RM316.95 

From the #OwhSoRaya collection, we can definitely say that it understand the needs of a busy Muslimah lifestyle that wants a quick fix to not only look good during Eid but also for any occasion. So technically, it's versatile enough to be worn during an occasion or even to your regular lunch out with friends. How awesome is that?

So why not celebrate this festive season in style with Madeena #OwhSoRaya that features a variety of colours and designs for you to choose from. Make a statement and impress your friends and family with the batik cropped jacket wight the satin skirt. Basically within this collection, you have the freedom to decide what combo you would want to wear for the festive season. Be creative and be bold!

What do i think?

Well, to be honest, i would say that the styles by the #OwhSoRaya collection is rather suitable for not only muslimah fashionista's but also suitable for non-hijabi's and i would definitely get myself a set of  the Batik Crop Jacket and Skirt. I just simply adore the whole look of it. I could pair the Jacket with some slack pants or even wear a simple black top with the Batik Skirt. You feelin' me? And to you fashion lovers out there, do not take Madeena as a clothing line only for Hijabbis. The designs are catered for anyone, in any shape, any race and any sizes. And if you are a fashion enthusiast, its all about how you style the outfit. Don't let the outfit style you *wink

About Madeena By Mizz Nina

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but the beauty of modesty lies in the outfit a person puts on - any Muslimah would feel incomplete if the right attire is not accompanied with a matching hijab. Madeena is a clothing line that offers an array of trendy yet stylish apparels catered exclusively for the modern woman who believes in the beauty of modesty. It apparels are also designed in accordance to match its objective and aspiration to promote decent dressing. Madeena aims to provide a widespread line of modest wear that will appeal not only to the needs of the ever growing Muslimah population, but also to those who simply desires to look good. Inspired by Mizz Nina soon after her return from Hajj, an avid fashion lover, she believes covering oneself does not necessarily means boring. "Fashion is fun! Being fashionably modest is the new cool". The brand recognises the desire of the everyday woman who wants to be fashionable while maintaining modesty at the same time, it is a global phenomenon that is slowly gaining recognition.

For more information:
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Instagram: @madeenamy
Twitter: @madeenamy

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Lot G08, Empire Damansara,
Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana,
47800 Selangor.


  1. Gorgeous collections! Don't know that she is in fashion business now.

  2. nice outfit,thumb up for madeenaamy :-)