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Hair Pro by Watsons ; Experience the professional Hair Care

1st Heat Active Nano Technology, Hair Pro by Watsons
The lovely models at the launch. (Psst, I'm wearing a fringe wig. Haha)
Watsons Malaysia has some exciting news to share with their loyal customers, which would be the latest all new hair care products thats formulated with Heat Active Technology also known as, Hair Pro Watsons Heat Active range. But before i start my post, hank you Watsons Malaysia for having me at the launch of Heat Active Technology, Hair Pro Watsons Heat Active range which was held at Number76 Hair Saloon, Mid Valley.

At the event, it started with the emcee giving a short speech on what Hair Pro Watsons Heat Active range stands out from the rest. Co-developed with Moltobene, one of the largest Japanese salon product manufacturer with 38 years of history, Hair Pro Watsons Heat Active ange is designed for hair subjected to hear, specifically for those who hairy, curl and irons their hair regularly.

An explanation on how the NanoRepair works
What makes Hair Pro Watsons Heat Active range a must have? Well, if you love to style your hair, it would be because the product is formulated with heat active technology that is infused with NanoRepair. When its activated with heat, the NanoRepair penetrates deep into each hair strand providing damage-care from within. How cool is that? It protects and repairs!

A scale of the full size bottle.
This means that instead of damaging your hair, the Hair Pro Heat Active range reacts to the heat to deliver goodness to your hair by reacting and combing with the amines decomposed from protein. Tis amazing how theres technology like NanoRepair which stays  in the hair core to ensure your hair stays protected, glossy and elastic even after repeated hair washes and blowouts.

Takesi Odera styling Cathryn Lee's hair with the Hair Pro Heat Active.
And if you think it ends there, it doesn't! At the launch, we had celebrity guest Cathryn Lee at the event to test out the Hair Pro Watsons Heat Active range assisted with a professional hair-stylist, Takeshi Odera! The end result is stunning as its amazing how with all the heat that was going through her hair, it still made Cathryns hair look as healthy as natural hair! Hair Pro Watsons Heat Active range, is a non-silicone formula to promote effective absorption of oxygen for the scalp.This prevents hair loss and hair itchy scalps.

Takeshi Odera also mentioned that he personally loved the shampoo as it produces plenty of foams and bubbles! Even only after applying shampoo for hair was before proceeding to use on the treatment shampoo, the hair feels very smooth. The hair mask gives an immediate result too for damage repairs  said Takeshi Odera, who is the director hairstylist for Number 76 Hair Salon.

From left: Heat Active Hair Serum (RM42.90), Heat Active Hair Mask (RM42.90), Heat Active Treatment (39.90) and Heat Active Shampoo (RM39.90)
Hair Pro Watsons Heat Active range consist of 4 products, which would be the shampoo, treatment, hair mask and hair serum. The benefits are as  below:

  • Formulated with NanoRepair which can penetrate into each hair strange to help improve elasticity, smoothness, suppleness and shine.

  • Free from paragons, Mineral Oils, Silicones, UV absorbers, Artificial Colourants and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/ Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate.

  • Certified Natural Organic Hybrid Rice Extract and Green Tea Extracts from japan to give your hair moisture and softness.

My lucky Hair Pampering Session Voucher
And since there was a Q&A session, guess who won a spot for a hair pampering session to test out the latest product Hair Pro by Watsons? Of course, yours truly. Teehee. Couldn't wait to try the product out myself and thank you Watsons and the Product Development Senior Manager of Own Label in Watsons Malaysia, Ms. Penny Chin Wee Chin for being generous for offering a few sessions for the winners at the launch.

Here's me getting my complimentary treatment.
Food provided by Nouvelle
We had a hair wash session, and we were trying out the latest product of Hair Pro Watsons Heat Active before styling it. And of course the scent of the shampoo was actually very relaxing and it doesn't have that too dry effect that stays on your hair after wash. So yay! I really enjoyed the launch and not to forget that i was also treated with a some japanese light bites while getting my hair done. Its not too often that i get pampering session with such a busy schedule. Thanks to Watsons Malaysia and Number76 for the lovely treat.

Me with Elana after getting out hair done
Here's me with gorgeous blogger, Elana after getting our hair done together. Don't you think we look oh so fab? I love how Hair Pro Watsons Heat Active protects my hair and even after the curling session, it doesnt even need hair spray to make it stay. Thats why it looks very natural and shiny. I can definitely say that with Hair Pro Watsons Heat Active, its a good hair day 'everyday'.

The official launch group photo session with the team who made the launch a success.
Exclusively available at Watsons, Hair Pro Watsons Heat Active range uses an advanced technology from Japan that harnesses heat energy from blow drying and heat styling to activate the NanoRepair-EL, an ingredient that delivers restoration and protective benefits to your hair. As mentioned earlier, there are 4 products as mentioned, all are suitable for daily use except for the Hair Mask which would be recommended to be used twice a week, or applied after showing before using a hair dryer or curler.

So if you love to style your hair daily, this would be a healthy option for your hair to withstand the heat! Hair Pro Watsons Heat Active is NOW available at Watsons exclusively! For more information about air Pro by Watsons, do head over to Watsons Official Website or their Facebook Page.

Thanks for dropping by. Till then, do keep a look out for more updates!

Sara xx

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