Friday, June 5, 2015

Make Your Lips Smile with Burt's Bees Latest Lip Crayon

The High Tea held at Martini 7, KLCC.
The latest Lip Crayon by Burts Bees.
Hello there beauty lovers!

Here's a perfect way to start your weekend fresh! Burt's Bees just recently launched their latest Lip Crayons which has full-coverage shades of matte lip colour, lightweight, and super moisturising for comfortable everyday wear formula infused with Shea Butter, Kendi Oil and Jojoba Oil to achieve a guaranteed smile back each time you smile.

The variety of lip balms and lip enchanters that you can choose from at Burts Bees.

Thank you Burt's Bees for having me at your high tea session with other fellow bloggers to further understand on the latest product, Burts Bees Lip Crayon range. If youre already a fan of Burts Bee's like myself, you should know them well enough that theirs always famous for their lip balms which focuses on super moisturising and with natural formulation.

Close up shot of the Burt Bee's Lip Crayon
The 6 shades of Burts Bees Lip Crayon which were ultra sexy.
Twisting feature for easy use, YAY
The Burts Bees Lip Crayon comes in 6 gorgeous shades, suitable for any occasion, from casual, glam and work. These lovely creamy and matte formulation can be used for everyday wear whether alone or even layered under a lip gloss or lip shine to add some 'oomph' to your entire look. (Thats right, more reasons to flaunt that sexy pout of yours)

Samia, Shini and Sara (Me) who volunteered to get our make over done at the high tea.
As you can see in the photos above, during the high tea session, we had three bloggers (hey! thats me right there too) who volunteers to be given a makeover using the Burts Bees Lip Crayon  to show how to play with colours depending on your outfit. Definitely a very informative presentation on how to further impress the world with an amazing smile with Burts Bees Lip Crayon.

Pauline on the Left and Shini on the right.
It was a pleasure to have Pauline at the event today, to show us some amazing looks to play around with by using the Burts Bees Lip Crayon and the audience was definitely eager to know what can this lip crayon do. In this garden theme outfit, Pauline mention that it should be more natural. And to achieve a more natural look, she paired Sedona Sand Lip Crayon with the Ocean Sunrise Lip Gloss for a sunny smile, suitable for any skin tone! Perfect for a casual day out with friends indoors and outdoors.

Thats me looking all blurred out. *Stage fright*
For a bolder look, to fit in at work, she paired Carolina Coast Lip Crayon and added the Pucker Lip Shine for a shiny twist to the look. The outcome looked very confident and strong, which is great for an everyday office look.

Trying on some Burts Bees product on Samia's lips.
Last but not least,which happens to be any girls favourite time to dress up, a lovely evening glamorous look. To achieve a glam look with Burts Bees Lip Crayon. Paula decided to get those lips to stand out in a sexy red tone. First, you need to line your lips and fill it in with Napa Vineyard Lip Crayon followed by the Summer Twilight Lip Gloss to perfect the entire look. (Very sexy and at the same time, moisturising)

The plus points of Burts Bees Lip Crayon.
Good News! Here are some extra goodies that you wouldn't want to miss out on. Make your lips smile with Burts Bees Lip Crayon by using this promo code #bbmakeyourlipsmile and you will be entitled to a 20% discount when your purchase any Burts Bees Lip Crayon! This promotion will be running only until the 30th of June 2015, so hurry to your nearest Burts Bees store today!

Well for more information on Burts Bees:

Do not hesitate to ask me any question by just leaving a question below at the comment box. Thank you so much for dropping by and i hope you're inspired by your latest find.

Sara xx

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