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Meriahnya Syawal, only at 1 Utama Shopping Centre

If you're staying within Klang Valley, well you wouldn't want to miss this exciting occasion! 1 Utama is having their Meriahnya Syawal which will be held from the 26th of June until the 20th of July 2015. So be prepared for some exciting activities and programs that will be happening during the period, which of course, 1 Utama never fails to make it very grand specially their loyal shoppers. From exciting cooking demonstrations, to shopping bargains and even festive promotions and performances to ensure that everyone who's at1 Utama will feel the wonderful festive spirit.

1 Utama mascots in Malay Traditional attire. 
I've personally checked it out myself, and i have to say that their 'makan village' at LG Oval concourse is where you can for charming penghulu house equipped with a full functioning kitchen fitted with high grade appliances courtesy of Belling and Way. And yes, if your up for some cooking classes to surprise your loved ones during Raya with some amazing dishes, there are tons of LIVE cooking demos by celebrity chefs, happening only at 1 Utama  For your convenience, i shall list down the Live Shows schedules happening at 1 Utama to make sure you won't miss it:

1.Chef Jaafar Onn (28th June, 3pm)
2. Chef Sherson Lian (3rd July, 4pm)
3. Chef Zaidah (11th July, 5pm),
4. Chef Sherson Lian (12th July, 3pm)

Sherson Lian, sharing some recipes at the event. 
Arpita who willingly volunteered to assist Sherson Lian to cook. 
Looking steady Arpita ;)
At the Media Preview which i would like to thank 1 Utama and The Butterfly Project for having me there, we had Sheson Lian to show us some cooking demonstration which was around an hour of yummy scents of delicious Ayam Percik, with a slight twist of using yogurt instead of coconut milk. It was an interesting experience watching a live cooking show for the first time. Definitely very tempting, the fact that you can smell the food that he was cooking which made everyone drool for more. Do join and learn expert tips and techniques to prepare local meals with these famous personalities when you get the chance to.

The 'Makan Village' 
Not only that, at the 'makan village', if you're a food lover, then this is the place you should be with tons of variety to bring back home to your hometown. Not to mention that i absolutely love the vibe there too! I took some shots of what you can find at the 'makan village' and of course, i love the hospitality of the sellers there too. It was all smiles when i was there.

And More cookies!
Rendang taste nice with a smile
The famous Sangkaya is available at 1 Utama too!
Sangkaya toppings
And front the photos above, i guess you could pretty much tell that 1 Utama has done a good job with the variety of vendors which were there. I personally had my eye on Airi Delight's Store where there were a lot of option of raya cookies as she had tons of variety to choose from. I took some photos below, and as suggested by the seller, she said the must try would be their 'Kenari biscuits' or the ' Biskut Payung' which were said are their best sellers. She was kind enough to offer some testers too but i didn't had time to try it as i was rushing sadly. So do feel free to drop by and ask her for some yummy testers, and it might just get you hooked!

Airi Delight, who were very friendly!
From Left: Biskut Kenari and Biskut Payung (BEST SELLERS)
More options to choose from.
While browsing around through the Raya decorations, i would say that 1 Utama has definitely went all out this year to surprise shoppers with stunning props, like retro bicycles, Vespa scooters and vintage looking knick-knacks at every corner. And in the photos below, you can actually see that i kid you not, that they even had real grass pathways to get you ready to feel like shoppers get an authentic feel of this festive celebration.

The props to add an authentic feel to the environment.
Do i look like I'm at a 'kampung' or what? 
And as i mentioned earlier, REAL Green Grass.
Be sure to drop by Vespa's booth as well as there is a contest happening and all you have to do is to Snap & Win! Its that easy, not to forget that you also get to tell you friends that you 'sort of' rode a Vespa too. Teehee. There will be 9 prizes if you're concern, which would be a Vespa Leather Jacket, Vespa Wind Breaker, 2 Vespa Baseball Jersey and 5 Vespa T-Shirts up for grabs. The most creative photos will win some prizes.

Vespa's booth.
Snap & Win maybe? 
Balik kampung naik Vespa
1 Utama Gift Redemptions

And with1 Utama, thats not all! Without fail, 1 Utama would has a gift redemption promo for spending over a certain amount and for this festive occasion, you would get a complimentary cake stand with RM500 spent (or RM200 for ONECARD members) max 2 same day receipts at participating outlets. There will be 200 units daily! And exclusively for Maybank Cards users, you can receive a pair of cookie jars with minimum spend of RM500 only for the first 3,000 Maybank card members.

Managed to get a shot with Sherson Lian

A thing for Vespa's. 
There are definitely a variety of activities to do if you come and shop at 1 Utama for this coming Raya! And I'm loving every bit of 1 Utama's props. Kudos to the team of 1 Utama cause I'm definitely impressed with the whole deco of the court. It actually made me felt like i was in a 'traditional kampung' just that its with food literally at every corner. haha. Well, before i end my post, I'm going to post some of the activities available so that you (my lovely readers) are able to play your day ahead.

The top 7 festives that you wouldn't want to miss

1. Emoozi Magnetic Photo Giveaway (11 & 12 July, GF Centre Court 10am onwards)
Submit your we chat photo at the insta-machines and get it printed on a magnet memento. First come first serve, whilst stock last.

2. Custome-Made Bracelet Giveaway (18 July, GF Centre Court, 2pm - 4pm)
Choose from a range of designs and receive a cool customised bracelet. First come first serve, whilst stock last.

3. Caricature Badges Giveaway ( 19 July, GF Centre Court, 2pm - 4pm)
Take a seat and get a caricature drawing on a badge. First come first serve, whilst stock last.

4. Choco & Fruitie tart BAking Workshop, Lil'Bento workshop (12th July, LG Oval 1pm)
Interactive cooking sessions exclusively organised for ONECARD Kids for little ones to learn how to cook and prepare food. Pre-registration required at the Customer Service Centre, GF Highstreet. Limited to the first 30 kids aged 5-12 years old. Tools will be provided. 

5. De Weekend Bazaar (11th-12th July, 18th-19th July)
GF Centre Court, snap up the best bargains at our weekend bazaar where 14 stalls will be offering a variety of handmade accessories, arts and crafts, snack, gifts and more.

6. Gaya Raya Fashion Show (12th July, GF Centre Court)
Participating brands are: Calvin Thoo, Nurita Harith, Emerald Brilliant, SA Euphoria, Lynda Rahim, Sri Munawwarah, Cherrielee and Asfa Galeri.

7. Kraftangan Malaysia (26th June - 15th July, LG Oval)
A total of 7 vendors from Perbadan Kemajuan Kraftangan Malaysia will showcase batik and other handicraft products. 

Promotional offers (Photo Credits: 1 Utama's Facebook Page)

Promotional offers (Photo Credits: 1 Utama's Facebook Page)
Well, thats all for now. For more details, do head over to 1 Utama's official website or Facebook Page for more info. And i shall take this opportunity to wish my muslim readers, Selamat Hari Raya in advance :) I hope you had fun reading this post! Tell me what have you shopped for at 1 Utama.

Much love,
Sara xx

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