Thursday, July 23, 2015

[REVIEW] Mary Sharon's Miracle Spa Deep Cleansing Mask

The packaging of MarySharon's Miracle Spa Deep Cleansing Mask.
Hello fellow readers,

I was truly excited when I heard about the latest brand of Mary Sharon, which is currently being introduced to the Malaysian market, flown all the way from Hong Kong. And let me tell you a thing or two, that I’ve never heard of a sleeping mask before.

What is this sleeping mask exactly? Well, its as obvious as it is, a mask which you can sleep with! Personally I find it a hassle to time myself on how long the mask has been on my face. But ever since I found out that Mary Sharon’s Sleeping mask, can be worn when youre sleeping, which sums up to pampering time has never been so convenient!

If its your first time hearing about Mary Sharon, well, Mary Sharon is a brand which has recently gained a high popularity recently and it has been raved that the Mary Sharon Sleeping Mask sells about 10 bottles per minute worldwide! That is insane! And after reading a few reviews online, I decided to give it a go myself.

Every packaging come with a lid for hygiene reasons.
After thoroughly going through some background research on Mary Sharon, I found out that Mary Sharon emphasizes on the importance of water as the life force of nature, and at the same time maintains the balance of the skin to be soft, with radiant main elements. The secret ingredient to this sleeping mask would be its exclusive golden seaweed essence moisturizing ingredient, which effectively gives you a moisturizing boost and locks water deep into the skin.

Some details on the ingredients and the product by Mary Sharon.
Being an outdoor person myself, these would be the exact nutrients that my skin needs! Its definitely great for dry skin, but if you have between a normal or combination skin, then this works great because it helps to balance oily skin and improve dull complexion while restoring skin vitality. So much benefits in one bottle.

Packaging wise, well, I’d say they did a great job into making the package look good. Very classy when placed in my bathroom shelf. Haha. But with such an expensive appearance, its actually not that bad. The product cost is only RM129 for 110g, which is actually a fair price! But this does not come with a spatula sadly, therefore you might need to get your own spatula to maintain clean content of your Mary Sharon Sleeping Mask.

Trying out the texture of the cream.
The texture is pretty thick, smooth and creamy all in one go. And initially I was very much worried if it might be too heavy on the skin as Im not a fan of feeling like theres a layer of glue on my face. To my surprise, it wasn’t heavy at all! Very lightweight and it doesn’t leave a greasy feel to my skin, despite how heavy it looks. Amazed

Some directions on application.
I was also observing on the methods on application since it was stated on the box, and it stated that there are 3 recommended methods of using this mask. Versatile much don’t you think so? For your convenience, so that you don’t have to squint your eyes, I’ll just retype what the box says by listing it down here:

Method 1:
After cleansing, apply a thick layer for 15 minutes and rinse off.

Method 2:
Leave a thin layer overnight and wash off in the morning

Method 3:
Apply a thin layer and wash off after 5 minutes before make up.

Among the 3 methods, my personal favorite method of applying it would be method 2 as I love the supple feeling of waking up to a more radiant skin after washing the layer off. Very refreshing and it does secretly make me feel more confident to start my day with such a dewy glow in the morning. But of course, if you’re a fan of make up, then method 3 might do wonders to you as it preps the skin a layer of moisture, which would hold the make up better to last you the entire day!

Applying it before sleeping.
After applying the thin layer to leave on overnight.
An overall of what I think about the mask, it really does wonders compared to American brands I’ve previously used on my face. Im assuming since its Asian, its more suited for Asian skin to ensure you achieve a softer, plumper, firmer, glowing skin. What do you think? Does my skin glows brighter with a more even complexion?

Next morning, you can see that the thickness of the mask is thinner.
After washing off the mask, it definitely makes your face glow in the morning.
Im currently using this twice a week in hopes of further improvements on my skin to ensure it gets enough nutrients to further moisture and even my skin complexion. Here’s a verdict of the product:

It moisturises, whitens, brightens and calms the skin. Regular use is necessary for better results. Skin absorbs the nutrients from the mask very well, and doesn’t leave any greasy texture on face. Very classy packaging, with different ways of application.

If you think you skin needs some pampering, (which of course it does) better get your pack of Mary Sharon Spa Sleeping Mask! Do share with me your throughts or enquiries by leaving some comments below.

For more information, kindly call 03-80622743/6 or visit Mary Sharon’s official Facebook page at:

Mary Sharon in Watsons One Utama.
*Note that MarySharon products are available at Watsons, SaSa and SHILLS Beauty Houses nationwide.

With love,
Sara xx


  1. Thanks for sharing! I read a lot of good reviews on the mask.. thinking to go get it from SaSa ^_^

    1. AWW! Thanks for dropping by Rebecca! And it is really good. I love the feeling after washing it off in the morning. A very refreshing way to start your day :)

  2. Hi, nice review. Can I share your review in my social networks? I'm Mary Sharon's agent/retailer.