Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Vika is finally available in Malaysia!

The Vika High Tea Party
A short introduction to VIKA, VIKA was created by NAON, a graphic designer and a nail artist, with a passion to crate a brand for those who love nail art that is visually delightful and the heart be touched by experience. All product of VIKA have been directed, designed and materials have been personally selected by her. Authentically found and designed in Korea. (Holla K-pop fans!)

The Variety of designs
We also had Cheryl, explaining on the products.
So i am thankful to be invited to the Vika High Tea Party session to have a fun experimental time to play around with the VIKA gel nail system. As the organisers of the event welcomed some of the attendees boyfriend to join the event, we actually had the boyfriends over to help out on some bonding session with their girlfriends.

Some yummy eateries
Yummy pastries
Drink Menu
We had yummy eateries at the event with complimentary cappuccino, latte or ice lemon tea to enjoy while Cheryl explained to us on how the VIKA gel nail system works. There are 5 steps in total to apply the VIKA Gel Nail systems which i will explain further in this post on the step by step directions. It was claimed that it is really easy to get it done on your own, that even your boyfriends would be able to apply it on your nails without a problem. And yes, these boys who attended the high tea had some serious skills to start impressing their girlfriends.

My top 6 favourite
My top 6 favourite
Apart of that, i was just drooling over the designs they had. And i think you would pretty much know that it was pretty hard for me to decide on a pattern. After a few change of minds, i ended up going for the pink lace skull, cause i think it reflects to me more with my daily outfit. Before we applied it on our own, we had friendly staffs to show an example on how it should be done. They literally left me amazed on how fast that it was applied on DIY mode.

The DIY VIKA Gel Nail System
The chosen design
In each pack of the Vika Gel Nail System, there are 5 items in a bag which would be the Nail Tonic, the Gel Nail Coat, the Touch LED Lamp and Cleansing wipe. You might need to get a pack go graphic nail stickers as well which would consist of 14 pieces of nail stickers and 11 pieces of toe stickers. Now let the fun begin!

The 5 Steps of Vika Gel Nail System:

Applying nail tonic for extra strength
1. Apply Nail Tonic which will protect your nails and help NAILJAM to stick better on to the surface.

Removing excess sticker
2. Stick NAILJAM, where you need to find a nail sticker that fits your nail and stretch it to place on the nail while avoiding creating any crumples. In my case, since my nails are considered pretty small, i had to cut out the sticker to make sure it fits my nails.

3. Next would be to apply gel top coat on nail which was recommended to apply twice to ensure that your nail is well coated around the edge and corners of the nails

The LED touch sensor
4. With the Lamp light curing, with high end touch sensors, you need to leave your nail which will activate the light and let it set for 30 seconds.

5. Last but not least would be to apply the classing wipe to remove the sticky layer on the nail gel and you are done!

*And the end result, drum rolls*

The end result
Tadaaa, don't you think these are just to die for?! I can't believe that i got it done really pretty despite doing it on my own. But if you haven't realised, i actually added some diamond and gems to spice my nails up a little. And here I'm self complimenting myself on my own nail art skills. haha

More designs!
If you're up for some DIY nails, then you should really head over to The Pop Market, at Jaya One and drop by at VIKA's booth to check out what else they have. They would be glad to get your nails done for you in less than 30 minutes on the spot, or you can just check out on the whole set if you're tempted to get one for yourself at home for some fun girly time with your girlfriends.

What impressed me the most is that the LED light touch can be plugged into a power bank to function it which is a major plus if you're a jet setter like me. Don't have time to get your nails done at a salon? FRET NOT! Cause with VIKA Gel Nail System, you can get your nails done, anytime, anywhere.

With some new friends at the Tea Party
With Cheryl

For more information, do head over to their Official Facebook Page or you could visit their pop up store at Pop Market, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, and thanks for dropping by! Do leave a comment below if you have anything that you're dying to ask, and i would love to get back to you ASAP :)

Much love,
Aliza Sara xx

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