Monday, July 20, 2015

Presenting the First KL City Grand Prix

Attention car lovers, if youre hungry for the excitement of the fast and furious, this would be something you wouldn’t want to miss out on! This wont be your usual F1 race which usually happens every year at Sepang because the action happens in the streets of Kuala Lumpur! Presenting KL’s First Street Race happening in the city! From the poster above, you can see that the dates for the big event would be between the 7th until the 9th of August 2015, which is in less than 3 weeks! 

This, as mentioned, would be the first KL City Grand Prix, where you will have the chance to see drivers zip through a 3.2km temporary circuit with 11 turns, along well-known streets which includes Jalan P. Ramlee, Jalan Ampang,, Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Pinang. Flagging off point would be from KLCC Suria, and its an exciting sight to even miss out on this!

Managed to get a shot with Alex Yoong
The one and only Alex Yoong posing with his sexy Audi A7
Managed to meet the organizers of the G City Grand Prix and also, the ambassador for the KL City Grand Prix, Alex Yoong who recently brought some media partners around KL to check out the route for the race during the event. And after checking out the routes, its definitely a dream to have the chance to race in such a track in the city. Couldn’t believe that I met Alex Yoong in person, and if you have no idea who Alex Yoong is, then you might not be a car enthusiast. Here's a video if you want to experience the track with Alex Yoong and you'll see how exciting the race is going to be :

Just a short introduction on ‘The’ Alex Yoong, who has an impressive pedigree in Asia’s motor racing annals, he was Southeast Asia’s first ever and to date the only, Formula One driver. Besides that, Alex has participated in almost all forms of popular motor racing events around the world including Champ Cars, V8 Supercars and LeMans Prototypes – just to name a few.

There will be a few race events held during the period, which involves the KL GT City Cup, The Lamborghini Super Trofeo, Formula Masters and V8 Supercars. So be prepared to see sexy sport cars at the event, and be there to witness weather if your dream sport car would be in the Top 3 at least. Im already hoping to see my car on the road during the race, so im keeping my fingers crossed on making sure that my car would be leading all the way.

Grand Stand tickets.
For your convenience, the ticket price to attend the G City Grand Prix is listed in the image above and be sure to keep an eye on the Ampang, Sultan Ismail and Perak Grandstand which is priced at RM350 which might be the first few to be sold out if you don’t hurry. All ticket admission will have access to the activity zones during the event. Do check out for more information on the terms and conditions of sale.

The race track
From the circuit map, you can see that the track has 16 corners, 10 left and 6 right turnings, and it aims to provide challenging drive for competitors. So do ecpect to see drivers battle it out on the streets of Kuala Lumpur at an estimated speed over 200 kph to be crowned champion of the city.


The KL City Grand Prix is also giving chance car racer fans to join the inaugural KL GT City Cup Race since they were receiving requests from GT race teams from all around the world to race in the KL streets! The race would be an 80km street race and the reward to the fasters drivers would be to be a part of the challenging 3.2km race! So this is your chance to take part in the worlds newest and exciting trill to be involved in the GT street race event. For race requirements and format, do check out by heading over to this link .

Hurry and get your tickets to witness this ‘fast and furious’ event or be sure to submit your entry form if your up to be racing in the GT street race! For more information do check out or for more information on the event. Let me know if you’ll be there by leaving a comment below. See you guys there!

*KL City Grand Prix is supported by the KL City Hall, Sepang Circuit, AAM insurance and Tourism Malaysia.

Much love,
Aliza Sara xx


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