Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ramandan Al-Mubarak with SAFI // alongside with Nora Danish and Hanis Zalikha

If youre not familiar with SAFI, well, SAFI is the number one ‘halal’ brand in Malaysia. And in occasion with Raya just around the corner, on the 2nd of July, Safi held a Ramadan Al-Mubarak occasion to celebrate with special guest from ‘Pusat Nur Fattah’ and partners of the media to celebrate the joy of Raya, followed by a ‘solat tarawih’ session which will be held in the Royale Ballroom, at Royale Chulan.

At the event, we had Cik Nor Aziani Azizan, the brand manager of SAFI who mentioned that for the past 20 years, SAFI has been the number one halal brand which understand the needs of every muslim women. She also mentioned that the product has an innovative formula combined with the latest technology to ensure the best beauty formula which has been continuous researched and with supervision by the ‘Pembangunan Wipro Unza (M) Sdn Bhd’ to ensure that they provide the best for their loyal users.

The reason that the event was held was to symbolize the integration between a modern lifestyle, without forgetting the needs of including ‘syariat’. With guest from different races who attended the event, and some lovely children from ‘Pusat Nur Fattah’, it was an honor for me to be a part of such a meaningful event to celebrate with. The event then had a talk by Imam Muda Asyraf who shared meaningful information tittled ‘Halal Tayyiban’ which highlights the principles of ‘give and take’ just before everyone broke their fast.

Not to forget, of course the highlight of the event were the ambassadors of SAFI who continue to inspire women from all around the world, Nora Danish (ambassador for SAFI RANIA GOLD) and Hanis Zalikha (ambassador for SAFI BALQIS) were present at the event to share the importance of presentation, confidence and the beauty of the month of Ramadan. It definitely inspired me to hear them sharing the challenges of the month of Ramadan this year where Nora is facing challenges to teach her son to fast and Hanis Zalikha who is taking responsibilities as a wife for the first time this year.

Hanis Zalikha sharing some tips to the media.
Hanis Zalikha shared some valuable tips on the importance of how to ensure that you look fresh and confident during the fasting season where she emphasized on ensuring that a healthy diet is maintained and by using SAFI BALQIS WHITE TRILOGY is her secret to her flawless confidence in her smile. As the ambassador, she also mentioned that Safi has provided special moisturizes for different skin types, where if you have normal skin type, so use the day moisturizer SPF20A+++ SAFI BALQIS WHITE TRILOGY or for oily skin type, do use the Hyragel moisturizer SAFI BALQIS WHITE TRILOGY as it is important to use the right products to ensure that your face gets the right nutrients.

Nora Danish sharing her secret to her youthful skin complexion. 
Where as Nora Danish said that ‘everyday is a new day to improve on your personality and gain confidence’, then shared 2 products from SAFI RANIS GOLD was the key to her youthful skin, by using Concentrated Serum SAFI RANIA GOLD, which has more than 50x of Gold Bio Nano and the SAFI RANIA GOLD Facial Lotion, which helps moisture and pamper the skin.

Products which were placed in the female wash room.
Attendees were also given the chance to try out the products by SAFI as they have placed a whole set of SAFI products in the toilets at Royale Chulan to freshen up after breaking fast. First time ever for me to experience a self-pampered session to get my faced washed after having dinner. Thumbs up to creativity SAFI!

The variety of food served at Royale Chulan.
Attendees from Pusat Nur Fattah enjoying their dinner
The variety of food served at Royale Chulan
The variety of food served at Royale Chulan.
The variety of food served at Royale Chulan.
As everyone at the event enjoyed the lovely buffet at Royale Chulan, I personally felt that it was really nice to have a small gathering event by giving back to society to have a lovely experience to dine in a hotel as the children’s were very adorable at their up-most well-mannered etiquette. So good job to SAFI for a successful event which im sure was well thoroughly planned by the team. I would like to thank SAFI for having me to do a media coverage to experience the lovely occasion as it meant a lot to me. 

Kids from Pusat Nur Fattah posing for the camera.
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