Sunday, February 21, 2016

Chiba Sweet Potatoes | A Taste of Chiba, Japan

Chiba Sweet Potatoes anyone?
So about a week ago, I was invited to try out some sweet potatoes which are all the way from Chiba at Jaya Grocer, Bangsar Village. And to my surprise, there was a roadshow on Chiba sweet potatoes! I have been consuming sweet potatoes since I was a baby, but little that I know that sweet potatoes can taste very different, depending on where they come from.

Different preparation of dishes using Chiba Sweet potatoes
At the roadshow, we had they had like a demonstration on how Chiba sweet potatoes can be prepared as. From appetizers, to light snacks, to desserts, who really knew that you can prepare so many varieties of dishes with just one type of potato?  Other than that, complimentary samples were also being given out to the public to get a taste of this yummy sweet potato. Managed to get a bite of it myself, and I instantly fell in love with the taste.

Testers anyone?
Did you know that the skin of these potatoes can be consumed too?
Different sizes of the potatoes
I was amazed to also find out that the Chiba sweet potato comes in different sizes, and you have to agree with me that the large sweet potato is HUMONGOUS! But the ones sold are usually the medium ones. 


Medium potatoes in a bag
Wishing i could bring all of it home.
And on a side note, they were also sharing the nutritional facts on Chiba Sweet Potatoes. Did you know that Sweet Potato can be considered as comfort food for beauty since it contains vitamins, potassium, and dietary fiber? Who knew! It also stimulates intestinal regulation action thanks to Jalapin, which you will see white milk when cutting a raw sweet potato.

Mandatory shot of the largest potato there!
Another fun fact would be that Chiba Prefecture is one of the largest sweet potato producers in Japan. Their excellent producers are well known for being particular about the soil and cultivation methods, which guarantee’s that the potatoes produced are sweet and endorsed safely.


Cooked baked potato (sold only in Japan)
Steamed baked potato (sold during the roadshow)
There are just so many ways to prepare Chiba Sweet Potatoes! But as a beginners guide, I’ll share with you the simplest way to enjoy the simple delicacies of Chiba Sweet Potatoes.  First, wash the potato and wrap it in aluminum foil. Next place it in an oven heated at 200C and bake it for 40-50 minutes. Once it's baked, stab a skewer into the potato, and enjoy! Did you know that the longer you bake it in an over, the sweeter the taste gets?

Cooked Baked Potato (Sold in Japan)
Dried Sweet Potato (Sold in Japan)
The different textures of the sweet potatoes, depending on how you prepare them!
Well, I'm glad to say that there are now available at selected grocers near you in Malaysia! So be sure to grab a bag of these amazing Chiba Sweet Potatoes when you see them in stores. Get a bite of their potatoes, and you will instantly get what I mean. I even managed to have a short chat with some people who tried the Chiba sweet potatoes, and they loved it despite not being a fan of Sweet Potatoes.

The crowd at the roadshow
The Roadshow
So I guess that’s all for now. Thank you so much for spending your time to read about the Chiba Sweet Potatoes! I managed to bring back two packets for myself, and I can't wait to get creative with these babies. Hehe. Well, thank you for reading this post of mine! And please do leave a comment if you have tried these amazing sweet potatoes yourself. ありがとうございました



  1. wow....i bought few . but haven't cook with anything yet. can try bake it son love it so much!!

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