Friday, February 19, 2016

SCORE CUPID RUN 2016 ; The Glass Slipper Trail

The Glass Slipper Trail
Hello there! I know it has been a while since I last updated on my post, but that's because I've recently started work. Yes, serious office life 9.30pm to 6.30pm jobs. But finally, I managed to get allocate some time to write about my recent Valentines Day activity. What better way than to celebrate Valentines Day filled with love and healthy exercising activities? hehe

The participants of the day!
So I present to you the Score Cupid Run 2016 with Aliza Sara in this blogpost. hehe. How was it you may wonder? Since I went last year, this year they came back with another adventure which was held at Kepong Metropolitan Park on 14th February 2016, starting from 7 am onwards.

The crowd at the starting line
The run practically encourages more people to take up running, by making it more interesting with more fun activities and surprises. And what better way than to infuse fairytale themes into the run to convince couples to go for a great cardiovascular exercise in the park? There were runners from all ages with different backgrounds who participated in this fun run.

The map
There is really no pressure in completing the race because there will not be taking any timing, and basically the idea of it is to enjoy the fun run. There are 4 pit stops that the trail has to offer. I didn't manage to experience the beginning at the Cider cause I was too pumped up with my jog. But I did manage to stop at the other 3 pit stops! Below would be some photos I managed to take during the run:

Pit Stop 2 | Transform into a beautiful princess at the magical gifts

Win a flower crown to prepare yourself for the ball
Aced it!
Mandatory Selfie 
Take a picture with your fairy god mother.
Pit Stop 3 | Begin your fairytale journey on the enchanted carriage at the Pumpkin Ride

Spotted a real pony!
From pumpkin to carriage with my pricne charming
More pictures!
Just cause i might want this at my wedding. hehe
Pit Stop  4 | Dancing with your Prince Charming at The Ball.

Upon reaching the finish line
Girls and boys will get different medals!
I present to you our interlocking medals! hehe
As a frequent runner, bringing my partner who isn't a frequent runner, this actually promotes an exciting way to stay fit. It doesn't matter if you decide to go with your best friend, your lover, with your siblings and many more other options, but the highlight of it is to run through the mystical theme and create memories with loved ones.

Our medals
Mandatory selfie with the backdrop
The highlight of them all would be to complete the race with these really cute medals! I love how each medal has its own gender and the fact that it's an interlocking heart medal as a remembrance that you have completed your race with your other half. Hehe. As corny as that sounds, it is extra exciting that the medals are different than the usual marathon medals.

Photo booth sponsored by Otterbox
Cotton Candy anyone?
Brooks was available too! 
Before leaving, I managed to find my shoe! hehe
After the run, there were Zumba performances where participants were more than welcome to join, and of course, photo booths, sweet huts, sponsored partners to meet, great and munch on all the sweet stuff available at the event space. And that's that! If you missed out on the run, you can always keep a look out for the next cupid run happening next year. hehe. But if you are looking for more events managed by SCORE, be sure to visit to keep yourself updated!


  1. didnt know that you were there, babe! otherwise i'd have taken lotsa pictures with you :D

  2. wow! It is so happening! The love medal is so special! Cute couple~ <3

  3. Looks really fun! You both look good together too <3

  4. hehehe.. so cute u both..
    lari2 gether2. ad cycling..
    nice.. bila nak hantar kad..

  5. My friend invited me but too bad I was away from town. Lovely setup and lovely photos there. :)

  6. I went for the run last year and love how they organised the event. Hopefully able to join next year.

  7. so fun event that I missed out as I slept late on the night.
    hope they have another run soon, nice photos you taken and share here :D

  8. This is such a fun run for couple, I was not in KL so not able to join the run that day.

  9. Huhuhu we never know each other there because soooo many people... only saw Betty coz she had my things and had to pass it to me... it was a really fun event though ...

  10. This is cute! I love the concept of a 'healthy relationship' here. Wedding bells anytime soon Aliza?

  11. When i saw the medal of this run on social media, I was like... omg! The medal so cute so pretty so special. So bad i missed it. :(

  12. That's a lovely and healthy way to spend Valentine's day. I was off training elsewhere so had to give this a miss.

  13. wow! dont know about this cupid run for valentines! nice one :) would like to join in the future too :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  14. Bestnyaaa...i should ask my hubby to join next year...once in a while running together2, oh sweet...hehee

  15. u guys, so sweet and cute, run together some more. i must say the deco is awesome and the medal too cool

  16. Haha you and your other half are too cute Aliza dear. Love the photos plus the motivation to run together is really sweet :)

  17. Interesting running event, besides romantic candle-light dinner, couples now have another healthy way to celebrate :)