Tuesday, February 23, 2016

F&N Creameries MY launches JWEL, The Indulgence Collection ROADSHOW

JWEL's The Indulgence in treasured treats roadshow
Hello readers, if you're here looking for ice-cream, well you have come to the right post when it will lead you to get yourself a complimentary ice-cream! F&N Creameries Malaysia has recently launched JWEL, Indulge in treasured treats. And to celebrate the launch of the JWEL, the indulge in treasured treats, they have decided to have roadshows giving a chance to passerby's to get a taste of the indulge in treasured treats.


Lunch crowd who loves ice-cream
There will be having the roadshow at 8 different locations, and this was apparently one of the roadshows that I managed to attend. It's no doubt that ice cream would attract the office lunch crowd because it's always nicer to have a dessert after a heavy meal. Hehe. There are THREE things to expect at the roadshow, which I will further elaborate in this blog post.


Take a photo while sitting on the throne
First up, a roadshow is never complete without freebies right? So of course, for those who has not heard about JWEL, they will be giving out samples for everyone to try. And since the ice cream is practically considered royalty among other desserts, you will also be able to get a chance to sit on the JWEL throne and take amazing photos to update your social media.


Find and win contest
Find 5 to get 1 Ice Cream as a complimentary gift! 
And if you fell in love with the mouthwatering delicious premium ice cream, but not willing to spend, you can always join their activity during the roadshow. At the roadshow, they have this 'Find and Win' where all you need to do is find 5 JWEL sticks in a box within less than 30 seconds. It wasn't at all hard, but it's fun to get your adrenaline rushing for ice-cream! So why not?!

Get this at promotional prices
And get a complimentary JWEL Plush when you purchase 2 boxes
But if you didn't manage to win yourself a free ice-cream, they have more to offer just so that you won't be so down about it. Hehe. You will be able to purchase a box of JWEL, which would only be available at the roadshow listed below. And if you love gifts, for every 2 boxes purchased, you entitled to get a COMPLIMENTARY plush JWEL Ice-Cream to bring back home! Or if you would just want a light dessert to get you pumped and ready to go back to work, you can always purchase an individual ice cream too!

5 amazing flavors to choose from!
Featuring the 5 royal descendants, Brazen Baron of the Dark Forest, Earl of Caramel, Countess of Tiramisu, Duchess of Double Chocolate and Duke of Vanilla! The roadshow will be happening in the month of February to April, so be to keep track of the dates to bring yourself these treasured treats! Date's and location will be listed below:

1st March | Jaya 33, PJ | 9am- 4pm
2nd March | Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama | 11am - 6pm
3rd March | Balai Berita NSTP, KL | 11am - 6pm
4th March to 8th March | Empire, Subang |10am - 10pm
19th April to 24th April | 1 Utama, Bandar Utama | 10am - 10PM

Be sure to keep yourself updated with JWEL by following their Official Facebook Page and Instagram to keep track with their promotions!

Sara xx


  1. i have tried it before, and the tiramisu is really yummy! now im craving for it already

  2. Hope i have chance to try it too!! it's look so tempting, argg....

  3. love the photo you sit on the Throne
    hahaha looks so cute

  4. Wow, just cant resist ice-cream! Gonna try them out one day!

  5. I have yet to try this brand of ice cream. Ah I love that Ice cream pillow!

  6. I love that Jwel plushie and that throne... oh wow... I love your pictures and I wish I was invited...

  7. Ohh... I suppose this is a new brand? Looks delicious....

  8. Tried their ice-cream before. A little bit sweet for me but I love their tiramisu flavour!


  9. First know about this ice cream when they have a road show at One U. Delicious and affordable too. You look like a Queen! kakakaka

  10. Ahhh new ice cream for me to try!! *Heading out to get more now!*

  11. The temptation is real especially with out crazy hot weather :(