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[REVIEW] Hanangell ; skin booster

Todays review about Hanangell
Just to keep yourself updated with the latest beauty technoogy in 2016, i stumbled upon this! Hanangell, is one of Korea's Latest Advance Beauty Technology and in today's post, i'll be sharing to you guys behind the Korean secret on hydrating, smoothing and moisture whitening for the skin. I was told that this is suitable for all skin types, which is a bonus cause some products just dont do good on me with the skin type I have.


Each pack contains two syringes with 30mg each
Expiry date available
Korean instructions (which I can't read)
The packaging is nothing spectacular, and it contains 2 syringes in each pack of Hanangell. Since I'm not Korean, the only English words that I see is the brand name, the content and the expiry date. Well good news, I find expiry dates important! And I'm assuming that it is packed individually for hygienic reasons, and at the same time, keeping the content fresh and exposed from sunlight and heat.


Contains 2 syringes
In a pack of Hanangell, there will be 2 syringes of skin boosters which I was told that its equivalent to 10 sheets of facial mask. I don't know about you, but 10 sessions of facial mask sessions sounds like 2 and a half months of constant moisturising in a week. Since it comes in a syringe, some of you may be a little confused on how to use this, so i'm sharing it to you on how to use the hanangell syringe.

Remove the front cover
Remove back cover
Remove the tip lock
I love how the syringe comes with covers to avoid accidental possibilities. At the tip of the syringe, you will find this rather odd lock on it. I was thinking that it was a screw at first, but it's meant to break as you twist this. So do not panic if you think you broke it, cause its meant to be broken.


And tadaa, you can use this like a normal syringe.
Very moisturising to the skin
And once you removed the tip, you're good to go! Use it like any syringe, and place a sufficient amount onto skin. The texture felt rather like water gel, so it wasn't as sticky as I thought it would be. I was expecting it to be like a serum, but surprisingly, this was absorbed really well by my skin once its spreaded out. Other than the amazing texture, I love how it leaves a moisturising feel onto the skin.


Apply an adequate amount on palm
This is to be used early in the morning and evening after cleansing your face, which means that its about 2 sessions a day. But if your skin is already in a good stage, but in need of maintenance, I'd suggest using this before going to bed at night. Apply an appropriate amount, which in my case I applied 1/3 of the syringe portion per session then apply it to face.

Gently massage face until its absorb by skin
After applying to face and neck areas, massage gently until it absorbs into the skin. This product is also suitable to be used at other parts of the body too! I've personally been adding this to my daily skin care routine, and guess what? I realise that it moistures, brightens, whitens, firms, and repairs! Theres really no reason not to have this product at home for emergencies. 2 syringes was good enough to instantly boost the condition of my skin to look happier and healthier.


As a verdict, I would definitely repurchase this again! Not that i would use it as often. Just for those days when i have extremely dull skin, this would be the answer to reviving! Appropriate for all skin types, with main components like hyaluronic acid and collagen that helps to hydrate and lightens skin rapidly. Its also suitable for pregnant women, sensitive skin, acne skin and for those suffering from skin allergies too!

It retails at RM80 a pack, and you can order via email at A great product worth putting investment into. And for you lovely readers, i have a discount code SPECIALLY JUST FOR YOU! Any purchases made before 1st March 2017, you will be able to get a 20% by mentioning the discount code 'Hanangell20blogger'. Hehe. For more information of the origins of the product, visit their Official Facebook for more deets.

Sara xx


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