Monday, January 16, 2017

[FOOD REVIEW] Sanoook @ Pavilion

Sanoook at Pavilion Food Review
Sanoook has been in the scene lately, and assuming that it has been creating a huge wave among those who crave for adventure in Sunway Pyramid, Sanoook had proudly opened their second outlet in Pavilion! It was such an honor to be invited to their media food review session as it was an amazing experience to be indulging Asian Thai fusion cuisine. And if you're here to read about what Sanoook, has to offer, then scroll away!

The iconic Red Train
Upon reaching Pavilion for the review, it wasn't that hard to find if you're familiar with Pavilion's layout. And if you haven't been there in a while, keep your heads up to Pavilion's layout upgrade! Sanoook is located in Pavilions new building, not too far from the current food court making it the ideal location to surprise shoppers with something more interesting. Sanoook also has a trademark of having a red train right in front of the restaurant, which makes it really easy to identify the restaurant from afar.

Interior Impression Shot
Spot the cute Sushi Burger on the wall
Being an architect graduate, I do have a thing for ambiance, and my comment for Sanoook's ambiance is actually very Asian. It has a minimalist touch to it, which features a slight feel of Japanese materials and texture within the surroundings. I was also really attracted to their wall decorations which one of it was featuring a sushi burger. YES, I said sushi burger. Well, Sanoook really had tons of things to offer, but here are the few that I managed to try.


Might Kam // RM18.90
In the appetizers list, we decided to try the Mieng Kam which happens to be the traditional Thai snack which features a betal leaf wrap served with 7 condiments. As a Malaysian myself, it felt rather weird to be consuming a leaf with condiments, but once you get a bite of everything in your mouth, you'll understand why its a favorite Thai snack! Pfft, who needs to go to Mieng Kam when you have Sanoook available in the heart of Kuala Lumpur? Teehee.


Thai Coconut Soup with Chicken Wonton // RM17.90
To get our appetite going, we also managed to try the Thai coconut Soup with Chicken Wonton which was rather interesting to me. The first time I heard about it, I was like THAI COCONUT SOUP? Don't be fooled by its bizarre name, cause if you love creamy soup, this is one of it that you would learn to love! I also love how it has chicken wonton in it as a personal touch to the dish. Highly addictive once you get used to the taste.


Sanoook Salad // RM25.90
Sanoook also has a signature salad, so being known for their crazy fusions might as well give Sanoook a go on their Sanoook salad. Its actually Japanese cucumber wrapped with torched salmon and greens with sesame mayo which taste amazeballs! I'm a sucker for salmon, so I might also be biased to the dish. Hehe. But of course, if you love salmon, I'm not sure how they did it, but the salmon in this dish is cooked to perfection!


Grilled Chicken with Green Curry Sauce Sushi Burger // RM18.90
Is it a sushi, is it a burger? NO! It's a sushi burger. With pictures all over the store resembling a sushi burger, it would be a waste to visit without trying their Sushi burger! Got a moment to try their Grilled Chicken with Green Curry Sauce Sushi Burger and boy was I surprised on how it was presented. Honestly, I would say that the highlight of the dish would be the condiments on the sides. The condiments are filled with flavors and texture, but if you like your sushi to be shaped in a burger, then order right away!


Beef Skewers // RM18.90
Chicken Skewers // RM18.90
Sanoook is also known for their skewers, so here are the two skewers that we managed to try, featuring the Chicken (4 sticks) in Massaman sauce and the Beef (4 sticks) in Green Curry sauce. I'm aware that in Japan, skewers are a treat to indulge, but at Sanoook, it's definitely a whole new level of skewers! It looks like the traditional Japanese skewer but it tastes like a fusion of Thai flavors. Not too bad as it played with spices within the ingredients which I actually like.


Sanoook Vegetarian Sushi Roll with Mayonaise // RM20.90
Grilled Tuna Sushi Roll with Spicy Tom Yam Sauce // RM28.90
Sushi Rolls are very common in Japan, but not so common when it's serve with a Thai twist.  The images above, we ordered the Sanoook Vegetarian Sushi Roll with Sesame Mayonnaise and the Grilled Tuna Sushi Roll with Spicy Tom Yam Sauce. I wouldn't say that this is your regular sushi, but if you're adventurous enough to go crazy with your tastebuds, Sanoook's sushi rolls are definitely a must try.  Between the two, I personally prefer the Grilled Tuna Sushi Roll with Spicy Tom Yam more because it has Tuna with an interesting spicy of Tom Yam instead of Wasabi.


Seafood Tom Yam fried Rice // RM22.90
Phad Thai Noodles with Prawn // RM21.90
Sanoook also offers more options if you're looking at having rice or noodles for lunch/dinner if you're less daring but still want the taste of fusion. In the photo above we managed to try the Seafood Tom Yam Fried Rice which was a really pleasant taste of Thailand, but I'm a sucker for Phad Thai noodles, so the Phad Thai Noodles with Prawn wins! If you haven't been to Thailand, you HAVE to try the Phad Thai Noodles as it's not your typical Malaysian everyday noodles.


Mango Sticky Rice with Ice Cream // RM16.90
Thai Volcano // RM17.90 
Fuji Volcano // RM17.90
Now for my favorite part, dessert time! For every meal, to complete your dining experience, there is always a sweet ending to look forward to. Trust me, it was actually really hard to decide on what to pick, but i had to try would be the Mango Sticky Rice with Ice Cream, because of its Mango Sticky Rice. A little heavy for dessert, but I personally think its perfect for sharing as it comes in 2 scoops per order. We also got to try the Thai Volcano and Fuji Volcano since it was recommended by the manager. I shall let the pictures do all the talking as it tasted like an amazing explosion of flavors. Mmmhmmm. (Might be coming back for some volcano to share with friends)


Sanoook Punch (RM11.90) & Thai Milky Ice Tea (RM9.90)
From the drink menu, I'm actually surprised to see that they offer mocktails in the list. Don't get me wrong, some people are a little confused with the word mocktail by thinking that its alcoholic, well ladies and gentlemen, that's why its called a MOCKtail. Decided to order the Sanoook Punch because it sounds interesting since its a combination of Mango, Pineapple, Grapefruit and Grenadine. Another drink we ordered would be the Thai Milky Ice Tea, because it's a classic Thai drink. Both tasted amazing, but I would definitely come back for the mocktail. Teehee

A few images of their specialties
Sanoook's Main Menu
Sanoook's Drink Menu
So there you have it! I think you can pretty much tell that Sanoook has tons of things to offer with their love affair between Thai and Japanese Cuisine. FUNFACT: Did you know that they use authentic Thai recipes from their flagship restaurant Chakri palace? I also managed to do a research on why its called Sanook, and found out the reason why! 'Sanook' means 'fun' in Thai and the reason to the extra 'O' represents a circle of endless friendship. Way too cute! So I guess I'll end my review here, thank you so much for reading my humble review. For more information on Sanoook, head on over to for the latest deets and promotional offers. xx

Location : Pavilion Mall (1.104.00 & S1.104.00)
Contact: +603-21105756
Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm


  1. Certainly seems like a lot of fun! Thai and Japanese combinations aren't common, but the food looks innovative and yummy to boot. New place to try on this year's bucket list. :)

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  3. oh wow... Sara... really love your photos... make the food even more mouthwatering...

  4. Wow! I really like your pictures. Its makes the products to be very appealing. Haha

  5. Food looks really good. I am totally visiting this restaurant some day soon. Thank you for this review, you did a very good job.

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