Friday, January 20, 2017

[FASHION] Zacheela's Glamorous Devotion Fashion Show

Muslimah Fashion Show by Zacheela
Zacheela, a modest Muslimah designer clothing brand has targeted to be a fashionable brand for modest fashion to suit different personalities from all around the world! Recently I was invited to their Glamorous Devotion Fashion Show 16/17, thus giving me a reason to share out the good news to you as I'm proud to say that Zacheela is Malaysian based! Support local brands peeps! 

Devotion Fashion Show, held at Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur
The fashion show was held at Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur where Zacheela showcased 5 of the latest collection (Baroque, Flora, Moroccan, Abstract and Geometric)  which consist of 30 modest Muslimah selections overall. Using only the finest quality of Rasatti Silk and Korean Polyester, the collection also exclusively features pearls and premium beads on ONLY 100 pieces for each design making the designs highly exclusive once you own it. 

Baroque Collection

Baroque prints
A mix of black and nude
The Baroque Collection is a luxurious international brand where the patents are designed exclusively with interesting patterns. The collection features 2 luxurious shades, black and nude to create an elegant look making it a perfect glam outfit to get jaws dropping at night events. I honestly have to say that for a glam night out filled with sophistication, these pieces would definitely make head turns.

Flora Collection

Featuring pastel floral shades
The flora collections are hand drawn with floral patterns to suit sweet and soft personalities. The collection features shades of purple and dusty green on the fabric which creates a modest feminine look. Just looking at this collection just reminds me the essence of having high tea with girlfriends with some macaroons as sides on a lovely afternoon. Perfect for any girl at heart.

Morroccan Collection

The Moroccan collection is inspired by the middle east with a touch of elegance to give it more class to the designs. There's just something so mesmerizing about this collection really. It's like a combination of dreamy Moroccan aesthetics. Most of the range for this particular collections are in pastel colors, making it a rare sight to see. If this collection had a character, I would personally describe it as fierce but mysterious

Abstract Collection

The Abstract Collection
This collection features abstract designs with shades of soft pink petals, which also happens to be the signature design for Zacheela as the design features eye-catching abstract patterns. On a first impression, I believe that this collection is inspired by a form of a kimono from the Japanese culture, and Zacheela managed to add a twist to the design with abstract art in mind. For those who dare to be different, this has to be a must have! 

Geometric Collection

For the geometry collection, this design has been created for those who likes to look more outgoing. Blue signifies bravery to suit the wearer's character. I have a slight preference to this collection as I'm in love with the mysterious shade of blue accompanied with a geometrical pattern that adds a little more class to the collection. 

These ready to wear collection has successfully created designs make any wearer of the collection feel elegant and unique. Sizes start from XS to XXL, and retails at a reasonable price ranging between RM179 to RM299! That's affordable if you ask me, especially for designs that are super exclusive. 

Zacheela's Brand Ambassador 

Presenting the brand ambassador, Anzalna Nasir
To celebrate the occasion, Zacheela has appointed, famous Malaysian actress, Anzalna Nasir as their brand ambassador as she resembles the brand perfectly. According to the founder of Zaheela, Tengku Shaheela Tengku Abd Malek, the collection emphasizes on bravery through innovative elements and trending colors that would satisfy any fashion enthusiast with more choices in Modest Muslimah fashion. 

Featuring one the bridal collections which looked jaw dropping during the fashion show
By having the glamorous devotion fashion show, Zacheela hopes that the brand would further inspire fashion enthusiasts to believe in the brand and to also build trust with customers by providing only the best service and quality that would not disappoint. Despite being a Muslimah brand, I believe the collection is amazing to suit even for those who are not wearing headscarves (a.k.a people like me). 

Zacheela's Bangi Boutique

So what are you waiting for?! If you love these collections as much as I do, be sure to spare some time by visiting their boutique whenever you're free. I'm personally amazed at how exclusive the designs are and on top of that are available at unbelievably affordable pricesZacheela has to be on my 'keep a look out' list as something tells me that they will be a major hit coming in the near future. Be sure to visit for more updates on the latest collection, and also do leave me a comment below to share with me your thoughts on the collection. xx


  1. they look so elegant with grace, I love this kind of fashion and wonder how many yards of fabric it will cost to make one dress. :) The designed are superb too!

  2. What a gorgeous range. Even non-Muslims would want to wear them! Just love these dresses.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I love how the clothes are modest and look extremely stunning!!! Hats off to Zacheela!!!

  4. This was an amazing event! I like all outfits and maybe will order some of them. This collection tends to be real rev com breakthrough in the fashion industry of our country. I think that every woman has a right to express her personality with the help of clothes.

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