Tuesday, January 3, 2017

[WORKSHOP] Cooking workshop ft. Lazada, Nestle Maggi & Tefal

Guess what cooking?
I might be a little late on this post since December has been 'pretty' hectic, but finally, i found some time to do write up about my cooking workshop experience with Lazada, Nestle Maggi and Tefal.  The event definitely brought back memories when i back in high school where i represented my school for a cooking competition! And im forever more thankful that i am given another opportunity to be all hands on with Lazada, Nestle Maggi and Tefal this time around!

Meet my team mates for the day // Missing one more person in the photo
So the workshop itself was rather exciting as i expected it to be more of a cooking demonstration, but i guess it was more than JUST a demonstration when the organizers split us up for a cooking competition (and yes, i was shocked to find out that i had to cook). The moment literally felt as if im a part of the famous master chef shows, and honestly speaking, the excitement and trill was almost surreal! But thankfully, i was paired up with another 4 team members, and they do have some cooking skills at home.

Head chef demonstrating on how to be Maggi products enhances the taste
Preparing Paella
Managed to score myself a Tefal Pan during Q&A.
The event kicked off with a cooking demonstration by the top chef, where we were demonstrated with some neat tricks on how to prepare Paella, where it consist of Japanese rice, seafood, tomato paste, paprika, bayleafs, oregano, scallops, octopus and more! I would list everything out if i could remember, but you can always google the recipe out and trust yout tastebuds when it comes to the portion of the ingredients. Teehee. Theres just something about chefs making everything look so easy, (especially when its ft. Maggi) making me wish i had the skills of a chef. Since i was paying a lot of attention during the demonstration, i managed to score myself a Tefal pan during Q and A sessions. Hehe.

Oh looks, its me getting the ingredients ready
Check us out being in action!
After the demonstration was over, we were then required to get into our teams and off to our cooking station. With 3 girls and 2 guys in my team, i think we were all ready to start! Every station had a cloth covering the ingredients, making the excitement pretty real as we wont know what to prepare until we find out what ingredients were provided. When they started the competition, we actually got butternut squash and beef as our secret ingredient. I admit i was rather thankful to get beef as a secret ingredient as preparing beef is easy. With only 5 minutes to decided on what to prepare, as a team we decided to split the responsibilities where half the group prepares stir-fry black pepper beef and the other half prepares butternut squash in turmeric.

Getting ready for the judging session
And our final outcome!
Good job team!
Given only an hour to prepare 2 dishes, im rather impressed that my team managed to complete the challenge. I guess this is where is say im thankful to have a great team to work with. Teehee. It was absolutely a fun experience and during the testing period, we got good feedbacks from those who managed to get a bite of our dish. YAY! In fact, i think every team who participated did an amazing job in preparing dishes with the ingredients given.

Congratulations to the grand winners, and of course to everyone else for being such a great sport
Photo opt with the head chef
All in all, it was truly a lovely experience to be cooking with Tefal's non-stick pans which you can now get from Lazada to send it directly straight to your doorstep without the need of walking out. Genuienely, im super tempted to get some for my kitchen since a little bird told me that there are massive discounts going on for Tefal merchandises, which alternatively you can click http://invl.co/6d5 to direct yourself to the page. (Youre welcome!) Thank you for dropping by my blog, and it was an honour to so-called 'entertain' you with my write up. Hehe. Till my next post xx

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