Monday, January 9, 2017

Pablo Cheese Tart Malaysia | Matcha Cheese Series

Matcha Cheese Series
After all the wait, Pablo Cheese Tart Malaysia has finally launched their Matcha Cheese series! With all the craze going on when they launched their cheese tarts, looks like there will be another wave of fans looking forward to getting a taste of the freshly baked matcha cheese tart! And if you're here reading my blog on some insides, scroll away as I'll be showing you some images that would make matcha fans drool over.

Freshly Baked Matcha Cheese Tart
Azuki fillings spotted!
Fist up being featured would be the none other Freshly Baked Matcha Cheese Tart with Shiratama & Azuki. It comes in a huge tart which makes it perfect for sharing, and after tasting it our myself, I actually love how the matcha taste spreads in my mouth. Not to mention that it's filled with surprises inside that features shiratama and azuki fillings which enhance the taste of this Freshly Baked Matcha Cheese Tart. YUMS! I personally love it when a ball of chewy Shiratama surprises me in my mouth. Om nom nom.

Freshly Baked Chocolate Cheese Tart // Yep, they have it in chocolate too!
But of course, if you're not a fan of Matcha, chocolate lovers are not left forgotten. Another featured tart by Pablo would be the Freshly Baked Chocolate Cheese Tart. A bite of this would get chocolate lovers wanting more! Upon my first bite, I have to say that I truly appreciate the taste of chocolate with a slight hint of cheese, which I love as the flavor plays with my taste buds. Mmm. So again, both these freshly baked matcha cheese tart with shiratama & azuki and the freshly baked chocolate cheese tart are exclusively available at Pablo Cheese Tart Malaysia priced at RM49.90.

Matcha Cheese Soft Serve
For lighter desserts, or if you're specifically craving for something cold, you can opt to try the Matcha Cheese Soft Serve which I find rather unique. I've tried Matcha ice cream in Japan before, but never in my life I've encountered to Matcha Cheese Soft Serve! If you're a fan of matcha (and of course, cheese), you HAVE to try this tangy bittersweetness at Pablo! I can assure you that you won't regret it. Upon my first bite, i would say that this soft serve tasted milky + cheesy at the same time, an overall creating a very interesting taste. You can also choose to either have it served in a cup or in a cone too, its priced at RM11.90 per serving.

Pablo Frute Macha with Shiratama
Featuring the Matcha with Shiratama and Special Chocolate
Quenching for some matcha? Why not try the Pablo Frute Matcha with Shiratama. I'm not usually a fan of the bittersweet taste of a matcha drink, but this was truly exceptional. The drink features the chewy Shiratama, with matcha and red bean dressing all over, plus tiny cubes of matcha gelatin at the bottom of your drink to let your tongue dance to the flavors. If you always wanted to try something different than the usuals, this would not disappoint. Also, not to forget the chocolate lovers, for a sinful chocolatey drink, I would highly recommend you to try the Special Chocolate. *Apparently my favorite Chocolate drink at the moment* Each serving of Pablo Frute is priced at RM15.90.

Sabrel Cheese + Matcha
A close up shot of this yummy treat
And the Matcha craze doesnt ends there, as the Sabrel Cheese-Matcha is now available in store! I've tried their Sabrel Cheese when they launched, but I have to admit that the Sabrel Cheese-Matcha does add a slight kick to the sabrel cheese biscuit. Despite containing cheese, im surprised that the flavors were well balanced between the cheese and matcha. Each box of the Sabrel Cheese-Matcha come sin a box of 9 and are priced at RM36.90, and let me warn you that it's highly addictive! I'm already planning my second trip to get these stocked up at home.

Presenting to you the latest launch by Pablo Cheese Tart Malaysia
So that's about it on Pablo Cheese Tart Malaysia's Matcha Cheese Series. I've already seen the line building up when it was newly launched, and there's no doubt why. Get a taste of these amazing flavors of matcha by Pablo Cheese Tart Malaysia when you get the chance too. On a personal opinion, I would definitely be coming back for more Pablo Frute and the Sabrel Cheese Matcha, cause boy I'm hooked on these two! Teehee that's all for now, be sure to follow their facebook page at for more updates. If you have tried any of their Matcha series above, do share me your thoughts on it cause i would love to hear about your favourites too! xx


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