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How to wear Contact Lens for First Timers | Bausch+Lomb

My first time with contact lenses ft. Bausch+Lomb
Hi guys I don't know about you but i've always wondered what it's like to wear contact lenses. Occasionally when I see my friends wearing contact lenses I would always be amazed with how it enhances the features of your eyes. I know that some contact lenses may not look natural but once you find the right type to suit your eyes, it would really make you look magical! As far as I know contact lenses has been designed and created for those who are having trouble to go through their daily lifestyle with spectacles, especially when they keep falling off when you're in a rush. I even have friends who told me that the reason why they choose to wear contact lenses is because spectacles lowers their self esteem. So here are contact lenses to save the day!

Each packaging usually comes in individual packs per lens
Not that I need contact lenses but this blog post has been written to share with you my experience of wearing contact lenses for the first time. After years of wondering, i finally took the courage to give it a go, as they say, when you never try, you'll never know. Boohoo. So here i have the Bausch+Lomb Lacelle Dioman Daily Soflens in D-Pink. Each box of Bausch+Lombcombs contains 8 pieces of contact lens which is suitable to be used for those who seek for comfort design. This has also been designed for daily disposed so once worn, it would be best to use a new one instead of reusing this.


With every lens purchased, its best that you have a lens solution for hygiene purposes.
Got myself the Renu Fresh, and here are the benefits
Before I forget I was advised to get a Renu Fresh ( for colour lens) solution. The solution has been specially created for cosmetic lens user, to give users a peace of mind when wearing lenses. Did you know that by using proper cleaning solution for your contact lenses with prolong its usage life, especially for contact lenses that has been designed to be reusable? Also, with every bottle of Renu Fresh purchased, you'd receive a contact lens case which comes in handy especially for first time users like me. Hehe.


Be sure to cleanses new lenses with lens solution before applying
I decided to use my middle finger to place my contact lenses onto my eye.
Now for the serious part. First, you are required to remove the contact lens from its packaging and then wash it with the lens solution before applying it onto your eyes. It is important that you clean your hands and your lens properly as our eyes are very fragile compared to other parts of our body. After all, you wouldnt want to risk the health of your eye sight correct? Hehe. Please also take note that you have to be gentle to prevent from tearing your lenses, so its best to make sure that your nails are short when cleaning. 

I used my index finger to open up my lower lid while my other hand pulls my upper lid for preparation.
Next once you are comfortable with the cleanliness and hygiene of your contact lenses, you can start by placing your contact lenses ( like in the image above) on your middle finger. With your middle finger balancing the contact lens, use the index finger to pull down a part of your eye lid while the other hand pulls up a part of your eye lid for easy application. Psst, it can be applied in any way you prefer, but personally i find this way easier to apply. Don't be worried if you can't do it but the first 10 minutes because it took me about half an hour to get it right. After all practice makes perfect.

And its in! I would have to say that it makes my eyes look bigger and brighter for some reason
I actually wore it to work and surprisingly most of my colleagues told me that my eyes looked bigger and brighter with the lens that I wore that day. I was actually impressed that even after 8 hours, it felt like there was nothing it my eye. I presume thats why it has been design to ensure a perfect fit. So tell me, what do you guys think? Hehe.


To remove, i used my middle finger to pull my lid down, while my thumb and index finger does the work.
Now that you've got it in, the next question would be how do you take it out? Believe me I had to worry the whole day figuring out on how to remove it, but since i managed to do some research on how to remove it, i would have to say that i found one easy way to remove it. If you cant stare at your finger, stare at something else while you place your index finger on your contact lenses and gently move it then pitch it out using your thumb. The middle finger would be helping by pulling your lower eye lid down when you attempt to remove your contact lenses. Took me less than 10 minutes, but it would help if you had someone to assist you while youre taking it out for the first time. In my case, i had my sister who was nice enough to tell me if i managed to grab my contact lenses or not. Haha. On a serious note, please be gentle when removing, as you wouldnt want to harm your eye despite it being challenging to feel the contact lenses even when pitching. (Thus its best to have someone to assist you for the first time)


If you think your contact lenses are still in good condition, you can always place it back in the case to prolonged its usage.
Variety of colours available!
And thats about it! It wasnt that hard was it? A little review on my first time lenses the Bausch+Lomb Lacelle Dioman Daily Soflens in D-Pink, i would have to say that once its worn, you really feel like theres nothing in contact with your eyes. It was to the extend that i had minor difficulties to remove it cause it realy felt like nothing. LOL. But for first timers, i would have to say you dont have to worry about your eyes turning red when wearing this, and its good to have the lens solution as its so much easier to apply the lens on when its wet. Tip: Dont rush into it when youre doing it for the first time. It took me a good 30-45 minutes to get it in and about 10-15 minutes to get it out for the first time. I have yet to get used to it, but i believe that when you get the correct lens, it shouldnt be a problem! 

Disclaimer: I received these lenses from Bausch + Lomb lenses for me to try as a first timer and these are not purchased.


  1. Cool!! Haha, i first time try pakai around last year tak silap. Serious takut. Masa tu try yg colorless. Almost setengah jam utk satu mata. Pastu dah masuk sebelah, confuse pulak eh dah masuk ke belum haha. Sekali tu je try pakai 🤣

  2. That's a good infor for first timer. Keep it up :D

  3. Yeayyy...your Pink softlens same colour with me. Still ada lg stok...jrg pakai..

  4. Such a good guide for first timer! Your eyes look even bigger than they already are when you're wearing it. :D

  5. Wow.. u gave a good instruction to the first timer... good job... - Racheal

  6. Thanks for the guide! I remember the first time I wear is so tough! Even until now I find it difficult to wear too >.< I think practice makes perfect!

  7. This reminds me of myself when I first started using contacts... Now it is a neccessity for sight when I want to feel a bit more pretty.

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