Saturday, July 1, 2017

[REVIEW] G9Skin Lipsticks

You've heard it all about G9 in my previous post, but did you know that they have a really nice range of lipsticks too? I was lucky enough to grab hold of these 5 amazing shades by G9Skin and I can't wait to share with you the looks I managed to create. I always thought that makeup needs to have like a color palette to create a look in overall, but surprise, with these babies, you won't event need to put on that much makeup to create attitude.


The packaging comes in a chic square tube and I'm loving how good it looks when you put it on flatlay. #instagramworthy! And like any other lipstick, you just need to twist the tube to get the lipstick out. Easy right? It comes in 5 incredibly sexy shades and even in shades that I never thought that would look good on me. Personally speaking, I'd say that the shades have been created to suit almost any skin tone (including mine). What can you not love about Korean cosmetics right?


Before applying it on, I did a swatch test to test out the texture, and to my surprise, it has a matte like finish! Not exactly a fan of matte lippies because it usually would dry out my skin, but I was actually impressed by the texture of G9Skin Lipsticks as it doesn't make my lip crack and it's actually rather moisturizing as well. I was actually a little skeptical about the texture as I thought I need to moisturize my lips first, but I guess G9Skin has got it all covered for you. YAS, thank you G9Skin!


01 Midnight Red
02 Dry Rose 
03 Dazzling Pink
04 Peach Brown
05 Vintage Red

As an overall, I actually love all the shades on me, especially Vintage Red (cause I'm classy that way). HAHA. But yes, I believe that getting the right shades would really create different impacts on your looks, despite wearing the same attire, no? The shades are indeed very unique and some are shades that I've never seen in stores before. Not too bad G9Skin, I shall look forward to more exciting shades for you to come up with *thumbs up. Now tell me, which shade is your favorite? ;)


  1. I love the vintage red the color is intense and lasting

  2. you look gorgeous on midnight red and vintage red, babe <3