Monday, July 3, 2017

[Unboxing] Althea Raya 2017 Haul

Unboxing review
Ordered early June, and my parcel arrived just in time for Raya. YAY! I really don't know where to start as there are just so many things to say about Althea this festive season. If you haven't noticed, Althea decided to join in the Raya festive season by having crazy promotional offers which is inclusive of a special Althea Limited Edition Raya box. What's there not to love? Since I've been collecting almost all their boxes at home (call me a hoarder for all I care), I couldn't resist but to get myself this.

Its so 'Ramadhan'  like
Sneak Peak! 
Here's a little sneak peak on what I got from Althea Korea, and don't worry, I'll be sharing with you a more detailed review as you scroll below. Hehe. Althea boxes are usually in pink, but to compliment the festive season, my parcel came in a green (very Raya) themed box. It had all the graphics that represented the festive season, and I have to give credit to the graphic designer for putting really cute efforts in making this box Raya ready. Psst, I also found myself a green packet from Althea too in my box. #sorare


Aritaum Shalp Cushion Brush | RM19
Great for gentle brushing!
Now, let's have a more detailed close up on what I got. First up in my unboxing attempt would be an Aritaum Cushion hair brush. Why did I get myself a hair brush? Because always needed a cushion hair brush for milder brushing. I was told that if you have 'hair fall' problems, it would be best to use a gentle brush like this cushion hair brush. I always tried to look for a hair brush similar to this, but it's usually so pricey! But I was really surprised to get this from Althea at only RM19 *Steal deal* and I have no regrets!

Peri's Ink Velvet in Celeb Deep Rose | RM32
Loving the shade and the texture of this
Lizly Oh My Awesome in Awesome Marsala Tint | RM31
The shade is LAV. (Occasionally i think im in love with shades that are in the same family) LOL
Being it a Raya season, I believe that makeup plays a really important role to enhance your Raya outfit. So please bare with me with my makeup purchases. Hehe. I decided to get myself two lovely lip shades one, featuring Lizly Matte in Awesome Marsala and another lip shade featuring peri's Ink Velvet in Celeb Deep Rose. Both have really interesting textures and they leave a very natural tint shade onto your lips, which I don't have to worry about reapplying after I eat at Raya open houses and etc. Hehe. You like?

WangSkin Eyebrow Tattoo Pen in Dark Brown | RM32
I also got myself this pretty cool Eyebrow tattoo which I cant wait to try it out. Always wanted to give it a go, but never really had the guts to really apply it cause I used to be really bad in applying eyebrow shades. But after lots of practice over the months, I am ready to take up the challenge. On the website, it says that the tattoo will be good enough to stay on for about a week which also means I get to save time on days when I wake up late. HAHA. Will definitely do a more detailed write-up on this soon.

A:Concept Triple Contour | RM46
Next would be a Triple Contour Compact by A: Concept. Not exactly sure how to use this yet cause usually, my contouring compacts are in one solid color. I decided to get this cause I belive that it would leave a very natural shading on your skin, and it can double as eyeshadow too! I managed to do a slight swatch on it and I'm not too impressed with the pigmentation sadly. Being slightly tanned, this doesn't really show on your skin that well, but if you want a natural look, then this would be great.

Witch Pouch Shadow in SD3 | RM10
SD3 - Shades of the sea
Last but not least, I got myself a Witch's Pouch Shadow for Eyes. I swear you wouldn't believe how much I got this for. I'm not too sure why, but it's going for RM10 on which I believe that its wayway way too cheap to resist. I previously owned a darker brownish shade of this and I have to say that I'm pretty happy with the looks it can create (especially when you want to travel light during travels). hehe. I believe there are still stock on site, so hurry if you don't want to miss out on this offer. hehe


Althea seriously is the sweetest when it comes to festive seasons. Festive seasons are always about giving back, and surprise I got myself a sample pack of shampoo and a full size Matte Lip by Mat Fix. YAS! Samples are samples to me, but I swear I can't believe I got to choose my full sized freebie from Althea. Hehe. I got the Mat Fix Matt Lip in Mata Hari, and it looks like a vampy blood red shade. HAHA. Only God knows when I'll be confident enough to wear this, but I gave this a swatch and I love the texture. Can you imagine yourself wearing this shade on your lips? Hehe

Look, i got a Raya pack and a shampoo sample (BONUS)
And there you have it guys! I hope I didn't go overboard with my haul, and surprise, I got all these at about RM163.70 only?! INSANE! I usually would get just 2 lipsticks if I'm lucky for the amount I spend in stores, and this is one of the reasons why I love Althea. BEST PLACE FOR K-BEAUTY! Hehe. Thank you for reading my humble blog post, and I'm happy to say that Althea Korea is available worldwide now. Head on over to to shop now. xx


  1. Good beauty haul you got there baybeh! I have the similar SD3 Witch Pouch too. wink wink

  2. You've got a fairly huge collection.. Lol.. Nice detailed review..

  3. Waiting for my parcel soon. I love the items that you had bought.

  4. Amazing haul you got there for Raya. Had to do a double take for the amount you spent! Thought I read wrongly.

  5. I want to show you my Raya haul too! lucky raya still got one more week..hahahhaha

  6. I got my no so baby girl the same brush... She loves it and it is gentle on her scalp

  7. I'm using the Aritaum Shalp Cushion Brush too! It's great for my scalp.

  8. Althea really offer a great deal. The Matt Lip looks striking. Thanks for sharing

  9. oh babe we bought the same hair brush! I can't wait for my parcel to arrive