Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dreamworks X 7Eleven Malaysia | KouKou Campaign

Dreamworks X 7Eleven Malaysia | KouKou Campaign
If you love getting rewards as you shop for your daily necessities, this post would be for you! 7-Eleven, being our general go-to convenient store is having a KouKou Campaign where you can shop, collect and redeem exclusive "KouKou" dolls! With its latest collaboration with DreamWorks, 7-Eleven Malaysia is proud to announce the arrival of DreamWorks Koukou. The campaign will run from the 29th of August, customers that spent a minimum purchase of RM5 in any 7-Eleven stores nationwide are entitled to redeem 1 sticker. And once a total of 22 stickers are collected, customers may redeem a mysterious "Koukou" for free! I don't know about you, but I'm excited to collect all 20 designs today. (Being Malaysian, cause Malaysian like free stuff)

Your cheat codes to redeem a KouKou faster
Wait, there is still more! A little tip on how to go around 7-Eleven Malaysia (consider it as a cheat method), customers who purchase items from the selected partner products will get an additional 1 bonus sticker! Isn't that awesome?! Since good things are meant to be shared, especially to those who are as excited as I am in collecting, here is the list of "cheat codes" for you guys. The list of partners in which you would be entitled to get an instant extra sticker to make your life easier.

Here's my first KouKou Doll. Meet Tigress!
From a first impression, I really think these "KouKou" dolls are super cute. And it's even cuter when you grew up with the KouKou characters. If you're not looking at it as a doll, it can also be used as a pencil holder too! Haha. I personally like to put it on my office desk as it somehow relieves my stress since it's so cute! I got mine Tigress to remind me of my cat (pandora) at work. I also noticed that the high in demand by KouKou collectors is Toothless. hehe. So consider yourself lucky if you get Toothless as your KouKou from 7-Eleven Malaysia.

Occasionally my pen holder. 
Just to assure you that it's from Dreamworks
So what are you waiting for? I got mine and I am loving its company. For more details and information regarding the campaign, head over to 7-Eleven's Facebook page www.facebook.com/7ElevenMalaysia to read more about this cute 'KouKou' campaign. Well, that's all for now. I'll be busy shopping at 7-Eleven to collect stickers to redeem more KouKou's. Hehe. xx

KouKou Contest

If you already got yourself a KouKou, for an even bigger win, why not join the "What is your KouKou doing?"contest. I mean, since you already have one. Might as well double up your prize! Hehe. Don't say I bojio, cause I already jio you to join. Hehe. Deets below, or you can just check 7-Eleven Malaysia's social media sites for more details. Don't forget to hashtag #DreamWorksKouKou #7ElevenMY #WYDKoukou and tag @7ElevenMalaysia to stand a chance to win prizes from 7-Eleven.


  1. Cute patungnya.. teringin gak satu

  2. Hahaha comelnyaaaaaaa!! Okay nanti nak collect 22 sticker! Ruby nak trolls the. Hahaha. Comel kan!