Friday, September 22, 2017

The secret to a cats heart is with 'Burp!' | Cat Food

Find out what Pandora has to say about Burp!
I believe that if you're an animal lover, you would obviously be owning or wished that you own a pet. And to my friends and loyal followers on social media, you would know that I own a fussy cat named Pandora. If you met her in person, you would know how pampered and loved she is at home. But despite her upper-class attitude, I would have to admit that at times, she does brighten your day in her own way, especially when I'm stressed from work. Trust me, she really means a lot to me. Basically the only reason each time I look forward to coming home.

Just sharing that i got my Burp! Chicken and Salmon from Pet Lovers Centre || 5% off with VIP card
Pandora being my private psychologist never fails to make me feel better. I, at times, am not sure how do I reward her for changing my gloomy day to a sunny one effortlessly. To love a pet takes more than just love and attention, but some pet owners forget to give them the right nutrition. It's like they all say, if you love yourself, you should take care of your health. Having a housepet can be tricky as they depend on you (the owner) to feed them with the right food. So how your cat acts and appear may determine by you

About Burp! 

Burp!'s Chicken and Salmon
I was recently introduced with the Burp! Chicken With Salmon kibbles and surprisingly Pandora loves it! Trust me when I say that she's a fussy cat, and since Burp! managed to impress her, I would have to say that this blog post is a worthy blog post to talk about. Burp has been in the industry for a while now, and I would have to say that its one of the reasonably priced pet food that emphasizes on the right nutrition within their ingredients.

Some facts and it even has its expiry date
Other than Burp! Chicken with Salmon being naturally hypoallergenic, it contains prebiotics for healthy digestion, salmon for omega 3 and is formulated without wheat, gluten, beef or pork. And what attracted me the most about Burp! Chicken with Salmon was that it has no added artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, just how I want my meals to be. Hehe. With natural ingredients being packages nicely, I was already convinced when it has a tag that says 'tasty & wholesome' on the bag of kibbles. Hehe.


Look, guys! You won't have to worry about storing it too!
I got mine in a 1.35kg packaging which I good to last about a month for 1 adult cat. I like the fact that it had a ziplock seal to ensure that your pet food is kept air-tight and fresh for your pet to consume. It also has a general feeding guide depending on the weight of your cat to follow. At the description section of the bag, there was a message that says that Burp! was created with passion making each pack of Burp! cat food that your cat would enjoy. OH, did you also noticed that each bag would have a Best Before Date to keep the kibble fresh and to ensure quality for our furry friends

Does my pet approve?

I think you can tell from the looks of her face
Enjoying her food with her eyes closed
Despite this being my first time introducing to my pet on the new meal plan, surprisingly I didn't even have to train her to get used to the new food. Which also means that she loves it! I find it hard at times to have a picky cat like Pandora, but with Burp! I'd have to say that I'm thankful that I won't have to worry about my cat not loving it. hehe. Now I won't have to worry about my cat getting enough nutrients or in ensuring that she practices a healthy diet daily.  AWESOME! 


Enjoying her Burp! Chicken and Salmon
What the kibbles look like
Well as a verdict, I would have to say that I won't have to worry about my cat not loving Burp cause without a doubt, cats love Burp! (verified by Pandora). Thanks to their passionate team to provide heartiness, satisfaction, and to keep my pets bones strong too! It's funny that when I got this on the first day, I actually kept it for about 3 days before introducing this to my cat, funny enough, I spotted bite marks on the bag and its obviously my cats bite marks. LOL. It must be that good that I don't even need to introduce it to her for her to like it so much. Thanks, Burp! For pet owners, rest assured that when you pet consumes Burp! Chicken and Salmon, their poop wouldn't smell bad like some food would cause them to. So that's another plus point! Hehe. Well, that's all for now. Thank you for reading my humble blog post, do leave me a comment if you have any other inquiries. xx


  1. that's such an adorable kitty, nice post and thanks for the info!

  2. wahhhh cutenya cat... Good info sharing. Lepas ni boleh bagi kucing makan Burp pulak.

  3. comelnya nama! ala sha takdak kucing haha

  4. Akan beli bagi anak2 kat rumah ni. Selalu bg cat sticks je as reward or jajan. Hehe.

  5. Awww. I should definitely introduce this brand to my friend

  6. Burpppp...hehehe. Sis punya cat makan raw food yg dibuat sendiri. Kadang2 aje bagi dry food

  7. Amboi selera sungguh kucing tu makan sdap sangat makanan tu heheheh lepas ni boleh cuba pada my yellow wakakakaka...

  8. so yummy cat food for your pet. yeah can tell my friends of this too.

  9. I can tell their way dia makan. and sometime, diorang akan keluarkan bunyi yang diorang taknak orang kacau dia punya food sebab sedap sangat. hehehe nanti nak check la, nak belikan untuk mother in law, dia ada 10 ekor kucing. hehe

  10. Wow Pandora really loved Burp! Will let me friends know. I want to check out if they have something as delicious for dogs?

  11. good for the kitty. Nice to give them healthy food

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  13. They are cheaper and one packet will feed my two cats each evening. They also contain a little more food per packet and are definitely friendlier when it comes to disposal and for cats

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  19. How are the Burp Can wet food? Are the good too?

    1. Usually my cat is a picky eater, but this she approves. I tried the wet food too, my cat isnt a fan of daily wetfood feeds for this. So i gave it to her once a week :)