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[OPENING PROMOTION] Jalan Jalan Japan Opening in One Shamelin Mall | Discount

Lets check out Jalan Jalan Japan
So to all the shopaholics out there, this blog post goes to you. Jalan Jalan Japan has been a must visit location for shopaholics when it first launched its first store in Skypark, and since it was a success they have decided to launch the second Outlet which would be in one Shamlin mall. I am super thankful to be given the chance to attend their preview lunch and since it was my first time I didn't expect the collection to be very interesting but surprisingly it was more than interesting.

And here's my excited face cause its my first time here!
Jalan Jalan Japan at one Shamalin mall will be opening at stores the public on 30 September 2017, and if you're excited to find out more, I'll be sharing you a few things that you might need to know about Jalan Jalan Japan. You might be wondering where all the stuff comes from, and the answer to that would be that the founders had an idea of pre-loved goods to be loved by someone new. And as the saying goes ' another person's trash, might be another person's treasure'. With that in mind, that's the reason why Jalan Jalan Japan has made its success to Malaysia.

Walking around their alley of clothes!
Ironically the first thing that caught my eye
And the variety in Jalan Jalan Japan was surprisingly very unique in terms of getting products that are not available in Malaysia. The funny story was that I only walked a few steps into the store (the home deco alley to be exact), something already caught my eye and immediately got into my basket, which I got from the friendly staff as the lucky few previewers entered the store. It's funny cause I saw a unique frame which looks entirely new at the price of RM6?! Yes, it's pretty cute too! There are other items as well that was indeed eye-catching such as novelties, vases, holiday decor and more!

Why not get a sweater at only RM20 which looks entirely new
A variety of tumblers/flask to choose from.
Japanese Novelties
Japanese glassware
Their alley of shoes
Japanese rattan storage drawers
Baby prams at an affordable price that is still in good condition
They even have surf boards guys! 
Roller skates and roller blades are available too!
Old vintage toys that is almost complete to bring back your childhood days
Some shoes that are still wearable
A suitcase at a crazy price
The store is as big as the parking lot, taking up almost the whole of the 3rd floor so you can imagine how huge the store is. The store is divided into different sections where you can browse through a selection of clothes, bags, shoes, kitchen items, home and living items, baby items, kids toys, collectibles and more! Trust me when I say that if anybody walks into Jalan Jalan Japan, you will surely find something that you would want to have as the prices are insanely cheap! And if you're a good hunter, you could possibly find items that are like brand new at a steal price. 


Here's my haul from Jalan Jalan Japan
Got myself a pretty cool stand | RM30
Japanese slippers and clutch | RM20
So you must be wondering what my haul was during the preview, here's a little sneak peek! I got myself a picnic basket, a picture frame that I couldn't resist, Japanese slippers & clutch, 2 Japanese Obi Belt with Ribbon, a Japanese lunch box, a cool shelf and a Pikachu (cause it's from Japan). HAHA. Most of the items that I purchased were practically almost new, and even if it's used, it has only been used once or twice at the most. Hehe. But I would have to say that my favorite snag of all would be the picnic bag. Hehe. I always wanted to own a picnic bag, and they're usually priced at over RM200 for really good ones, but the one I got was only at RM40.

Obi Belts | RM15 - RM20
I also can't believe that I got myself the Obi Belt which my Kimono was missing. I was searching for it when I was in Japan, but believe me when I say that its crazy expensive once you convert your Malaysian Ringgit to Yen. Which was also the reason that I didn't purchase it together with my kimono while I was in Japan. And you have no idea how happy I was to find it available at Jalan Jalan Japan. Its practically brand new and super gorge! And whats even better was that it was only between RM15 to RM20 per set. How could you even resist!

My picnic basket | RM40
Another steal purchase was my picnic bag that I managed to snag during the preview and I'm shocked to find it available at Jalan Jalan Japan. Hehe. The one I bought was only at RM40 and its still in really good condition with the lock still which still works. Maybe the only defect on it was a bitty stain that looks like a dot to me, but what the heck. Picnic baskets like these would have cost me 5 times to price, but since I got it at a steal deal, like what the heck. Hehe.

An Osechi Ryori | RM20
Pickachu with a Charizard hoodie | RM10
Or if you're simply looking for a Japanese souvenir, well this has to be the place to find some Japanese Novelties. I got me something like a bento box which would be known as an Osechi Ryori in Japan to be used during a new year celebration. I may not be Japanese, but if you would like a unique bento lunch box, or if you would want to be creative and use it as storage, then why not. Priced at only RM20, why would you even need to think twice? I also couldn't resist getting a little Pikachu which cost me only RM10, its the exact same thing you can find at the Pokemon center if you're a Pokemon fan, and the retail price would have been over RM100! I would consider most the items I purchased an awesome bargain. 

Opening day Special

So you've seen it for yourself on what to keep an eye on, and if you have no plans on the 30th of September, it's time to make your way to the opening as the first 100 in line would be rewarded with an additional 10% off upon checkout. And if you mention my blog, or simply show my blog post to the counter, you would also get an additional 5% off your total bill. How cool is that? Don't be sad if you're not within the 100 in line, as you would still be entitled 5% off of your total bill by just showing or mentioning my blog at the counter. Hehe.

There's even a men sections too!
Looking for a cheap luggage bag? This is the place to be
So you've seen it, read about it and now you should really start planning your week ahead. A little tip would be to bring enough cash to spend and if you have some things to purchase in mind, you might just find some stuff that you need at a better price. The probability of quality that you would find at Jalan Jalan Japan is definitely 100% usable, but I would have to give you a heads up that there is a possible chance that 30% of the items within the store is brand new (with the tag on). So collectors, Japan fans, and thrift shoppers, head on over to Jalan Jalan Japan on the 30th of September 2017. Items would be restocked on a weekly basis,  so there is no doubt that you would run out of items that you would be interested in. I can guarantee ;)

Checking out of Jalan Jalan Japan
Well, that's all for now. If you have any other inquiries, you can always leave a comment below OR if you would like to know more information on Jalan Jalan Japan, you can visit their social sites which I have conveniently linked it below. Hehe. Thank you once again for reading my blog post, and don't forget to mention my blog for an additional 5% off during the opening day. Save, spend and be satisfied with your purchases from Jalan Jalan Japan. Thrift shopping has never felt so awesome! xx

Jalan Jalan Japan


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