Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Eat and Win at Klang Parade | Sweet Treats

Jom Makan campaign at Klang Parade
Klang Parade is a great shopping center filled with entertainment for families and friends to spend their free time together. And in my case, i would have to say that other than the variety of stores that they offer, i get excited meeting my friends in Klang to have desserts in Klang Parade. Hehe. Dont mind me, when im feeling stressed, i hunt for sugary sweetness since stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Hehe. Whats even better is that they are currently rewarding their shoppers as they dine with its on-going 'Jom Makan' campaign thats running from the 16th of September till the 15th of October 2017! Wondering what you could be rewarded with? Read on to find out!

Lantern Parade at Klang Parade
To welcome the Mid -Autumn Festival, like any other mall, Klang Parade has decided to join in the season by decorating the mall with Festive decorations and if you havent heard, there will also be a Lantern parade happening on the 30th of September 2017! A great time to bring your kids or friends to enjoy the celebration. You wont even have to even worry about looking for a place to eat as Klang Parade has tons of places to choose from, listed would be, Texas Chicken, Tako Wan, Baskin Robins, Boat Noodle, Nice Smell, Big Apple Donuts. Secret Recipe and more!

Big Apple Donuts and Coffee 

Just some of my favorites!
Being my go to mall each time im in Klang , i'd have to say that i love the variety of options they have in one location. Im the kind of person who loves sweet treats, and i pledge guilty for consuming too much sweets in a day. (But the truth is, thats why i exercise). Hehe. My usual go to dessert locations would be Big Apple Donuts & Coffee located on the 5th floor. Idk about you, but i have to say that Big Apple Donuts are my favorite donuts to have in Malaysia. Mmmhmm. If you havent tried  Big Apple donuts, then its about time you give them a go!

While youre there, check out what Nice Smell has to offer
My all time classic favourite
Candy House to satisfy your candy cravings

Any kids candy heaven
On days when i feel like having light snacks, i would recommend you to check out Nice Smell or Candy House. Nice Smell, has some awesome waffles and the classic corn in a cup to recall my childhood staple food. haha. But if youre not looking to munch, then you should check out the variety of candy the Candy House has to offer! Its located on the Gound floor of Klang Parade, and the variety of candy they have makes it any kids heaven. If youre a kid at heart like me, you'd find a hard time not getting more than 1 type of candy.

Baskin Robbins, your one stop premium ice cream store

Get some to share with your friends and family
And on hot afternoons, why not visit Baskin Robbins for some sweet ice cream and consider it as  a bonus if you happen to be there on the 31st of the month where you are entitled for 31% off when you purchase a tub of ice cream. I have yet to try all the different flavours of Baskin Robbins ice-cream and it seems that it never ends. Never get bored when you have Baskin Robbins to keep your sweet tooth satisfied.

For every RM30 spent, redeem a unit of Micro Thermo
Now that you've heard my favourite go to places when im craving for sugar, you must be wondering how will you be rewarded by dining? Well, HERE IT IS! When you spend a minimum of RM30 (maximum 2 receipts) from any F&B outlets in Klang Parade, you'd be entitled to redeem 1 unit of Micro Thermo. And when you spend above RM80 (maximum 2 receipts) at any F&B outlets, you'd be entitled to redeem 1 unit of a Micro Thermo AND 1 lucky draw. Imagine eating and you get a unit of Micro Themo as well? Its like a win-win situation of getting rewarded for eating. hehe

Lucky Draw prizes up for grab
If you have a lucky star in your pocket, then you should bring your lucky star out to possibly win the lucky draw grand prize of 1 unit of OGAWA TENS Therapy Electromagnetic Foot Massage worth RM1,999. The second prize is 1 unit of OGAWA Mobile Seat XE Plus - XD Tech massage Cushion worth RM1,198 and as consolation, there will be 10 SSF Cash vouchers worth RM50 each up for grabs!

So what are you waiting for? Meet up with your friends, spend time with your family or maybe give yourself a day off and join the Klang Parade 'Jom Makan' campaign. Who knows you might be bringing back more than just food. Hehe. For more information about Klang Parade, visit their website which i would link below. Thank you for reading my blog post, and if youre looking to win, GOOD LUCK. xx


  1. This seems like a nice place to spend the weekends :) Lots of food to try :D

  2. Lets shopping and #JomMakan di Klang Parade & we can redeem if purchase above RM30.

  3. Dah lama tak pergi ke Klang Parade, now lebih menarik dari dulu....

  4. Waah sangat seru nih, apalagi bareng sama pacar ya. pasti bakalan seneng banget, apalagi di ajak makan gratis hehe.

  5. OMG!!! can't wait for it to open. happy to see they open an outlet in Cheras