Wednesday, December 6, 2017

[FASHION] Kipling X Zoo Negara Malaysia | Kipling Adopts White Handed Gibbons

Zoo Negara and the White-Handed Gibbons owned by Kipling
Kipling Malaysia, a fashion bag brand has announced its partnership with Zoo Negara on the 21st of November by adopting Dan and Cutie, a pair of endangered White-Handed Gibbons at the Zoo. I've practically grown up with Kipling and to be honest I was really excited about the announcement as its nice to see big fashion brands working hand in hand with our national zoo to ensure that endangered species won't go extinct.

Unveiling the Basic Plus Capsule Collection
To celebrate the occasion, Kipling has unveiled their Basic Plus Capsule Collection, a brand new Asia exclusive limited collection in 20117 Holiday Pre-spring Season featuring a new, water-repellent nylon fabric. It has been designed to be ideal for everyday life, pairing well with all looks, offering all women a versatile bag that would suit any occasion.

Say hello to Dan, the white-handed gibbon.
Believe it or not, we even got the chance to visit these adorable white-handed gibbons and being able to see them in person was truly priceless. White-Handed Gibbons are smalls tailless apes with soft, thick fur. They live in trees and like to stay high up in the canopy of trees and have very long arms that allow them to swing effortlessly among the tree branches. They can also change direction in a split second and catch birds in mid-air and eat them after landing, making them the fastest of all primates.

The Brand New Asia-Exclusive Basic Plus Capsule
The HEBE in Purple Garden ( RM299)
In the wild, they live in nuclear families consisting of a mated pair and their dependent offspring. It's sad to find out that we have illegal activities such as killing these endangered species in order to get their babies to be kept as pets. Most countries consider them to be endangered, and they have threatened primarily by loss of their forest habitat. Contributing to their demise includes illegal wildlife trade, the use of their body parts in the manufacture of traditional medicines and poaching. So please guys, if you see these adorable babies, please don't buy them as pets.

The Experience in Winter Firework (RM839)
From left: ART M- Winter Firework (RM649) and GLEAM - Winter Firework (RM159)
Throughout the years, Kipling has remained committed to their mission of " Stylist functionality" by creating bags that are functional and durable that has helped its customers look and feel their best for 30 years and counting. And looking at their new collection, I believe that they have done their part in coming up with trendy designs featuring exclusive designs in winter firework, the Basic Plus Capsule collection and more!

VIOLET in Brilliant Blue (RM699)
Modeling the EXPERIENCE in Winter Firework (RM839)
So be sure to check out the latest collection at your nearest Kipling store, or if you're looking forward to maybe visiting Dan and Cutie at Zoo Negara Malaysia. You can look forward to visiting the gibbons at Zoo Negara which opens daily from 9am to 5pm, all year long. Plan your visit by heading over to or call 03-4108 3422/4/7/8.

Kipling Stores
KIPLING Mid Valley Megamall (03-22872199)
KIPLING 1 Utama Shopping Centre (03-77241293)
KIPLING Aeon Tebrau City (07-3510262)
KIPLING Queensbay Mall (04-6442992)

Zoo Negara


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