Saturday, December 16, 2017

[REVIEW] ID.AZ Derm Face Mask | Premium Mask

A review of the ID.AZ Derm Premium  Face Mask
I can't believe that its almost the end of the year already! As much as I want to end the year looking F.A.B., sadly I'm going through some skin issues cause of the weather, or maybe I haven't been pampering my skin enough lately. Boo. But of course, for every problem, there is always a solution! In today's post, I'll be talking about a new face mask brand that I decided to try out, and it's from Korea, the land of skincare heaven! This isn't your usual mask, and trust me when I say that these masks are highly made to be only the finest.


Introducing ID.AZ Derm Face Mask!
Made in Korea by a Health Care Group
Before I go in dept with the products, here's a little introduction to ID.AZ Derm Face Mask. ID.AZ Derm Mask started by the ID Health Care, a medical institution that studies the facial shape. The company realized that after aesthetic treatments, there are a number of dissatisfied patients who were unsatisfied with the results which are caused by the lack of proper recovery of the skin. And so, with that being the main reason, ID Pla Cosmetics began, with the purpose to restore sensitive skin with proper care. And with this in mind, I'm rest-assured knowing that these masks are made in the right hands. The collection features 3 different mask, namely, the water fit mask for hydrating, the bright fit mask for brightening and the golden fit maks for nutrition.

ID.AZ Dermastic Water Fit Mask

The ID.AZ Derm Water Fit Mask
The mask sheet is incredibly thin (and fragile, so handle this with care)
First up would be the ID.AZ Dermastic Water Fit Mask which is to provide moisture for the skin. This particular mask is meant to provide deep moisture, a boost in collagen and to basically hydrate the skin. I would have to say that this mask is PERFECT for those who are suffering from dry skin and in need of hydration. The mask formulation features marine collagen, sea minerals and hyaluronic acid which claims to destress the skin.

Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes
And after removing the mask, i can feel that my skin is more hydrated and boucy
Being it my first time testing this out, I would have to say that I was surprised with the material of the sheet as its thinner than the typical face mask. I love the fact that it fits my skin really well too! A personal experience would be that about a few days ago before testing this mask out, I had flaky skin, but after using this, my skin was hydrated and restored! To use, I applied it to my skin and left it on for about 20 minutes, then walah, restored moisturized skin! Psst, most mask would usually feel sticky with the extra residue, but this really felt good on my skin even after removing the mask.

ID.AZ Dermastic Bright Fit Mask

ID.AZ Derm Bright Fit Mask
Some details which im thankful that are not entirely in Korean
Next up would e the ID.AZ Dermastic Bright Fit Mask which claims to turn your skin to be brighter like magic. (Add's shocked face here). Apparently, this mask specializes in brightening your skin not only from the outside, but it gives more attention deeper in your skin. The material of this mask is slightly thicker than the water fit mask, and the purpose of this mask would be to brighten your skin to give it a natural glow. This mask would be recommended if you're seeking to get your skin to glow and suffering from dull skin. I have yet to try this out, thus I will update this post in a week or so to give a full review on it.

ID.AZ Dermastic Deep Nourishing Mask

ID.AZ Derm Golden Fit Mask
Its in a form of a hydrogel mask!
And the last mask to be featured today would be the ID.AZ Dermastic Deep Nourishing Mask. I would have to say that this mask is the highlight of it all as its the most exclusive among the three mask mentioned. Popular for being luxurious, I can't deny the fact that the color of the mask itself is GOLD. Like, who wouldn't want gold to be applied all over their face? This mask helps to nourish the skin, formulated with esthetic standards of content, which has left me convinced that you can never go wrong if you're undecided with which mask to purchase and decide to go for this.

Fits men face structures really well too! (Hi Haziq!)
So this mask actually comes in 2 sheets for easy application.
The highlight of this mask would be that it has a special hydrogel material. I've personally tested a few hydrogel mask before, and I personally have to say that it would usually leave your skin feeling cool and refreshed after taking the mask off. So in this review, I've decided to include Haziq into helping me in this review, and he told me that he loves it! This is proof to y'all that guys can love mask too! haha. So the thing is, he has sensitive skin, and I actually have to admit that I got a little worried when he tried it on, and surprisingly, his skin was fine! YAY! Extra bonus points to ID.AZ!

Haziq says:
It feels very relaxing and I love how cool my skin feels after removing the mask. Give me more, please! 


So here's our DIY mask day with ID.AZ Derm Face Mask Selfie
And here's what we look after unmasking. (Glowy soft bouncy hydrated skin)
As a verdict, I'm actually really impressed by ID.AZ Derm masks. I love how all three of their mask has their own unique material and the fact that it's super gentle to the skin. It serves its purpose of doing what its suppose to do, and after using ID.AZ Dermastic Face Masks, I can confidently say that these are indeed designed to be premium mask started by ID Health Care. They are now available at Watsons stores and psst, there is currently an introduction price where you can buy your 2nd piece at RM1. Grab the deal while you still can. I'll be stocking up my stock to last me until next year. Hehe. Thanks for reading my humble review, until my next blog post. xx

ID.AZ Mask from Korea now launches in Watsons Malaysia (valid at selected stores only)! Introduction price buy 2nd @ RM1...


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