Thursday, December 7, 2017

[REVIEW] Signature Warm Oil Therapy Massage at Amante Nail & Spa, Solaris Mount Kiara

Amante Signature Warm Oil Therapy Massage at Solaris Mount Kiara
I had a tough week lately and since I had the time to spare, I decided to head out to Amante to finally experience their Signature Warm Oil Therapy Massage at Amante Nail & Spa in Solaris Mount Kiara. Personally speaking, I just really like to visit different Amante outlets to experience different services, and this outlet being my third Amante Outlet I've visited, I must say that I'm impressed with their masseurs. So if you're looking for a review on Amante's Signature Warm Oil Therapy Massage, scroll away!

Location is above little collins
The entrance to Amante Nail Spa & Body Care
I visited the outlet in Solaris Mount Kiara which is about 20 minutes drive away from where I stay, and parking was not that hard to find around the area. I parked at where Cold Storage is, they charge around RM2 for the first 2 hours then RM1.50 for every additional hour, thus it's not too bad. With merely 100m walk from my basement parking, all you need to find is the huge Amante signboard with pink walls, and you know you found the place! Its located on the 1st floor, which you may be required to walk upstairs to reach your destination.

The lounge area
The private rooms 
Upon walking into Amante, I can practically see why its located upstairs. Apparently, it is located a floor higher really gives the privacy that you need. They have a nice lounge where I was invited to sit and relax while I was waiting, and its surprisingly very peaceful despite being located in a happening area. Amante Mount Kiara owns the first floor and the second floor, which divides light therapy treatments and exclusive body massages. And since I opt to take the Signature Warm Oil Therapy Massage, I was brought to the top floor by Ibu Nor, my masseur for the day.

What my private room looks like
Towels to change into
Being invited to my private room, there's a massage bed, a table to put my stuff, hooks to hang my clothes, and towels on the bed which i was required to change into. Also if you havent been to Amante before, they will also provide you disposable panties so that you won't get oil stuck onto your clothes. PERFECT! And once i've settled down, and changed into my towel, Ibu Nor was already waiting outside for me to be ready.

The Signature Warm Oil Therapy Massage 

A review of the treatment. 
The Signature Warm Oil Therapy Massage is basically the signature massage that uses a hot stone to massage the body. The treatment started with Ibu Nor massaging my whole feet, starting from my feet to my thighs on each side, and it was indeed very relaxing as she really pinpointed the right points to really encourage blood circulation followed by a massage at my upper back to mid back. Don't worry about the stone being hot as I believe that Amante's masseurs are well trained, just like Ibu Nor. I noticed that she massaged me using her hand first, then slowly started taking the hot stones into her hand to collect heat then massages, then using the hot stone itself to massage my body. So the heat gradually gets hotter, but its toleratable, cause it's the nice kind of head that is very relaxing.


What are my overall thoughts? 
So, after about an hour of relaxing while Ibu Nor gave me the Signature Warm Oil Therapy Massage, I would have to say that it was really relaxing. Within that 1 hour, I actually managed to fell asleep because the massage was THAT good! To me, massages that make me sleep is a sign of a good massage. And once I'm done with my massage, I was given ginger tea to detox right after. My body instantly felt fresh and detoxed that I could have done 50-star jumps!! hehe. A highly recommended massage.

12.12 Promotion

RM1.20 for a Signature Warm Oil Therapy Massage. SAY WHAT?!
In conjunction with the 12.12 blackout date, Amante has decided to join in the fun by having an RM1.20 offer so that YOU can experience the whole treatment yourself. The normal price for a massage would be RM132, but ONLY on 12.12, you would be able to experience it at only RM1.20. The catch is that there will only be a limited of 300 lucky customers to experience this promotion. All you need to do is visit on the 12th of December and register to be in the running to get an RM1.20 massage. Mark your calendars guys! I hope you found my blog write up helpful, so if you have any other questions, just leave me a comment below. xx


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