Friday, December 1, 2017

An Explanation of Mpay Negaraku | Mastercard Prepaid Card and MPay Wallet

Discover the Mpay Negaraku Mastercard
Living in this modern era, apparently many in the world are getting more fond into the idea of shopping online, rather than shopping at a mall as its more time consuming in terms of distance, parking rates to pay for and definitly the unsure risk of wondering if you'll find what you need at a mall, thus leading to many moving towards online shopping in order to save time and money. But the major concerns to a majority of Malaysians would be on the safety of shopping online, as most transaction requires to key-in your card details. Mpay Group has recently signed a partnership with 'Kelan Sahabat Persaudaraan' (KSP) to develop a unity inspired digital economy and lifestyle in Mpay Negaraku Mastercard Prepaid Card Programme to encourge new online shoppers to have a sense of security when shopping online.

The program has recevied a full support letter from the Prime Minitster's Office in September 20117 and therefore the Mpay Group has introduced the MPay Wallet and Mpay Negaraku Mastercard Prepaid Card to have a patriotic team of Negaraku referring to the recommendation of Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib Razak. I believe that it does add a little more character to call it the Mpay Negaraku Mastercard Preparid Card right? Hehe.

Dr Mohd Zamri and Chee Seng at the launch of the Mpay Negaraku Mastercard.
Being Present at the launch, we had KSP's Founder Dr Mohd Zamri Noorfin, who emphasized that the club plans has serious implementations to this programme has consistenly link the government, people, registered bodies such as NGo's and Coopertives in the digital era. The idea of this programme would be to educate and unite all Malaysians including NGO's and cooperatives. In this collaborations, Mpay has added new features to enables the Govenment and the community to understand and help each other indirectly.

Mpay Wallet Features
Founder, CEO and Managing Director of the Mpay Group, Dato' Chew Chee Seng, said that with the MPay Negaraku programme, Malaysians will now be ushered into a new cashless era with the ability to transfer funds, pay bills, shop online, enjoy coupons, discounts and even gift cards as they explore the world of cashless technology.

Some newly added features of the Mpay App
In this programme, it will educate and encourage Malaysians to support local products and local tourism through cooperation with Malaysian companies to offer better products and services, better prices, and better benefits to all Negaraku Card holders. It would also beb a plastform to drive communication, sharing of information between the Government, the society and NGO's to understand educational needs, charity adn prudent financial management.

Definitely with better fuctions that your average bank account
The MPay Negaraku will also have an app to allow cardholders to spend/shop and withdraw money from anywhere a master card is accepted. The NegaraKu theme MasterCard prepaid card symbolizes the Unity of Malaysians in this new digital era. Imagine with just a few clicks on your portable phone, you can donate, shop and pay bills in a blink of an eye! There will also be a reward programme to look forward to once you start using the Mpay app! So be sure to keep yourself updated. xx

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