Wednesday, January 17, 2018

[FASHION] Lewré Bespoke Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

Presenting Lewré Bespoke SS18
It's 2018, and the world revolves around the fast forward fashion world, and I was honored to be invited to attend the unveiling of the  Lewré Bespoke Spring Summer 2018 Collection. In line with the Spring/ Summer 2018 season,  it was inspired by Datuk Lewre's travels in 2017, and he decided to call it his Regal Pilgrimage. The collection features beauty and flair of the Himalayan region, that embraces Asian details. During his travels, Datuk Lewre saw a potential in design in relevance to the Tibetan culture and arts which then inspired him with his latest collection, the Regal Pilgrimage.

Here's a little preview on the collection
At the launch, invited guest were given an exclusive preview on the Regal Pilgrimage highlights exclusive designs, just in time for the Chinese New Year festive just around the corner. WOW! The collection basically showcased 15 new designs with each having their own identity and inspiration. With so much detail and effort being put into a pair of shoes, imagine bringing a story with you wherever you go with your shoes.

One of my favorite pieces 'Rinbung'. 
I had a particular eye on one of the red pair of shoes called 'Rinbung' and it was actually inspired by a lotus flower. Designed as mules, the sparkly ornaments really created an impact on its overall personality. Datuk Lewre shared that red is the color of fire for the Tiber and apparently the color that represents prosperity and longevity for the Chinese New Year. To get everyone in the festive spirit, some heels in the collection have red options to reflect the auspicious colors.

Choejor - Representing the sky symbolising peace, purity, gentleness and grace
New colours from the 'I Love You' collection
Sagya - Yellow to represent the earth - Rooted
Shiwa - Inspired by the details of the Tibetan Hand Woven Rug
All of Lewré Bespoke collections are handmade and built with premium materials. I did manage to get a close up look, and I can pretty much tell that the details are very fine. What makes the collection unique is because the designs reflect very specific elements in the Tibetan Influence. An example would be on the 'Shiwa' designs which were actually inspired by the Tibetan hand-woven rugs.

Palden - inspired y the details of Monkey Temple Kathmandu 
Lhozhag - Inspired by the details of the temple in Bhutan
Chanang - Inspired by the Himalayan Crystal Sea Salt
Im pretty sure that any woman present would absolutely LOVE the collection as some designs were also inspired by the Sacred Lotus Flower, Himalayan Sea Salts and even Blooming Rhododendrons, the national flower of Nepal. There has been so much meaning being included in the collection that it makes me feel like im bringing a piece of art wherever I go in these Lewré Bespoke heels. (Also a way to boost your confidence too ladies). So if you're looking for special occasion heels or if you would like the Regal Pilgrimage Collection to be customizable, it would be available upon order.

We indulged in some amazing hi-tea snacks at Nicsmann by Lewré
The the creme brulee was magnifique
Mandaotory photo with Datuk Lewre himself
To see the collection yourself provided with a full bespoke experience, you can visit the Lewré Bespoke flagship outlet at lot G-210, The Gardens Mall at Midvalley City. Lewré Bespoke also offer made to order shoe services. Alternatively, you can also visit their official website to see other collections as well.

Lewré Bespoke 


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