Friday, January 12, 2018

Fernleaf Brings You Milk On-The-Go

Spending my new year with Fernleaf's milk on the go
So, its finally 2018, a new year with a new motivation! And my new year motivation this year would be more towards health. There was a saying that I learned last year where health and wealth are the most important balance of life. Without wealth, you can achieve health and without health, you can't achieve wealth. So with that in mind, I'm glad to announce that Fernlead now has a ready-to-drink milk that supports healthy Malaysian 'goals' with 100% milk goodness from New Zealand.

Check out their new on-the-go packaging!
Fernleaf to me has always been recognized to be in its powdered packaging, but to welcome the new year, they've decided to come up with a ready-to-drink version as we realize that more Malaysian are getting busier by the day. With this new ready-to-drink UHT milk, Fernleaf is motivating Malaysia to go for greatness with a can-do attitude. (Because there is really nothing stopping you). With 100% milk goodness on-the-go, Karen Ong, Marketing Director of Fonterra Brands Malaysia shared that Fernleaf hopes to motivate Malaysians to pursue greatness in life.

Did you know that Fernleaf is owned by farmers?
Many of you would know that Fernleaf milk comes from New Zealand, but not many are aware that it is backed by a larger network committed to dairy excellence. The mother company, Fonterra, is a global nutrition company owned by 10,500 farmers and their families all united by a fundamental belief in the power of dairy to make a difference. How awesome is that? It's no wonder that they've grown exponentially and spread across 4 continents worldwide, to bring you stringent standards for dairy quality.

Loving the compact packaging, easy for on-the-go lifetsyle
The thought of preparing powdered form milk really stops me at times, but now I'm happy to announce that its now available in an all-new convenient UHT packaging, suitable for the whole family. I love the idea that you can bring important nutrients like protein, vitamins A, and D, calcium in a compact package! You'll never know when you'll need a boost of nutrients and energy wherever you go, and Fernleaf will always be ready to help you achieve your greatness goals.

Checkout their obstacle course!
Look! I even managed to take part in it! (Trust me, its not kids games)
They have wall climing too present!
To motivate Malaysians to reach greatness, Fernlead invites Malaysians young and old to join in some climbing fun that is sure to elevate your spirits! I managed to join in the exciting climb, which really gave me a unique experience of sky trekking in a mall, but I'll warn you that the hardest among all would be the wall climbing. (Before I agreed on doing it, it honestly doesn't look that hard. BOY, I WAS WRONG.) Head on over to the LG oval, 1 Utama Shopping Centre from 10th to 14th January to see how participants tackle the challenge.

Four packs of 200ml (RM5.70) | 1-liter pack (RM6.60)
You can get Fernlead UHT milk and be 100% ready to go for greatness by purchasing its newly launched set of four packs (200ml) at RM5.70 or the 1-liter pack at RM6.60! Fern led UHT milk comes in three delicious variants, featuring full cream, low fat, and chocolate to suit your taste buds. Psst, I'm usually a fan of chocolate, but surprisingly I actually love their full cream flavor as well! I'm assuming it's because its really good quality of milk that makes me love every sip of it. Hehe. For more information about Fernlead, check out their social sites listed below.

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