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[Lifestyle] We.WomenMarket | Weekend Haul @ Da.Men

We.WomenMarket @ Da.Men Mall
Hey guys, last Friday I actually went to a bazaar organized by We.WomenMarket and I actually loved the collection that was present during the event period. Thus, instead of not sharing with you guys about all the amazing things that I discovered, I decided to do a write up on the amazing pieces that I've found during the bazaar at Da.Men mall from 19th January until 21st January 2018. What I love the most about the market was that it focuses more on women entrepreneurs, giving women the chance to shine brightly with their business.

Checking out the bazaar
Spotted some pretty cute CNY outfits too!
Being the shopaholic that I am, ESPECIALLY during bazaars, I find it really exciting to discover new products in the market that im unaware of. And finding women entrepreneurs who are passionate in what they do is what I love more! There were so many things to see while I was there, you can find homemade sambal, fashionable batik pieces, accessories, clothes, and so much more! I'll talk less now and let my photos do all the talking below.

Trying out a piece from Saarat's collection
You can wear it by turning it inside out

First stop, I have to say that SAARAT did an amazing job to attract my attention. SAARAT basically sells home sews pieces made out of BATIK! Yes, batik, a very traditional piece of clothes (which most would use it to sleep sadly), and SAARAT has managed to reinvent the art of Batik into a more wearable piece for outdoor! I couldn't resist and I actually bought 2 pieces from them as I believe that pieces like this are very exclusive and the cultural value of it is kept very close to my heart.

Instagram: @Saarat33


The variety of Sambal they have 
Got myself the mini travel set cause I'll get to taste all of it!
Next stop would be a visit to Sambal Enak where I met Nancy (the founder of Sambal Enak) who prepares delicious homemade sambal. Trust me, there are indeed VERY delicious! She tweaked the recipe a bit to be more adaptable to a more majority crowd, and even for me, I find it really good! She prepares about 6 different types of sambal's and it wasn't an easy decision to make on which one to buy. If you love sambal, you should really check her sambal out!



Presenting Paradesa Decor
Owl pieces from Indonesia
Some Ceramic Art imported from Thailand
Just a few items from their collection 
Another eye-catching piece would be Paradesa Decor! Since im so attracted to culture, Paradesa Decor sells a variety of items that revolves around culture. You will find antique glass vases Thailand, handpainted owls from Indonesia and more! If you love cultural items that are jaw-dropping at a practically reasonable price, be sure to check out Paradise Decor and possibly bring one item back home with you to be an attention stealer when you invite guest over.

Instagram: @paradesa.decor
Facebook: Paradesa.Decor


Checkout Akis Food!
Samples of the Mango Cheese Cake
Akis food is something that I would definitely keep in mind to get this as a surprise cake for birthdays! We know that we have people who are HUGE fans of cheesecake, and what makes Akis Food different would be its because they sell Mango Cheese Cakes! Surprisingly the taste was indeed very pleasant and I can guarantee than any cheesecake lover would love this mango twist! A full cake would cost you RM110, but you can also opt for smaller slices too if you're just tempted to give it a try.

Instagram: @akisfood
Facebook: AKIS


Presenting Merakie Art
Handpainted an Handdrawn
There's even henna services too!
This was also a show stealer as Merakie Art pieces are entirely handmade and surprisingly something nice to be given as a gift as well! The artist is able to create paintings and designs based on your request, and alternatively, you can also opt to call her up for some henna art as well! As much as I wanted to get a painting by her, unfortunately, I have too many paintings in my room. So, my sister got herself a henna artwork by the artist herself. Very talented and definitely on my list of items to get as a gift for your loved ones.


Heres some honey by Dorsata Honey
Some health and beauty items from ERH Group
Cute earrings by Giselliaaccs
And got me a bottle of coconut Jelly Monstar from Jelly Monstar
Other featured items during the We.WomenMarket Bazaar would be that we had pure wild honey by Dorsata Honey, Coconut Jelly Monstar (crystalized fruit juice), Argan Oil by Greenology and so much more! I followed We.WomenMarket and I can't wait to see what else they would have in store for us. I believe that the vendors were handpicked by the organizers to create a very interesting variety. I mean when you think about it, they covered almost every segment! Like, food, beverages, fashionable clothes, home & furniture and even beauty and health care. Hehe

Mandatory photo with the event backdrop
So if you regret missing out on this event, fret not as you can always follow their facebook page and their Instagram to keep yourselves updated. A little bird told me that the next event by We.WomenMarket would be in Starling possibly in March. Keep yourself updated, and let's look forward to their next event. Hehe. Thanks for dropping by to read my about my small haul at the We.WomenMarket over the weekend. That's all for now. This is Sara signing off xx

We.Women Market

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