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Iringan Bayu Seremban | Playground of the Wind 27th Jan to 25th Feb 2018

What to expect at the Iringan Bayu Playground Of The Wind
Today I took the time off to explore the Playground of the wind at Iringan Bayu Seremban. I’ve been seeing their posters everywhere on my social news feed and finally managed to make my way here within an hour drive away from Kuala Lumpur. So if you're wondering what to expect at the Playground of the Wind, here’s a preview of what you’ll be able to do while you're there. FYI, the ‘playground’ is open every weekend from 27th January -25th February 2018 between 10am to 5pm. Be sure to not miss out on this exciting period!

Featuring 20,000 pinwheels in one location
I know it may be a property attraction, but im living proof that you can actually just enjoy your day here without feeling pressured by any of their friendly sales person who purely just wants you to enjoy the area. I was actually attracted to the idea where they were having this 10 wind-spired highlights as their activities that you can check out while you're there, and guess what?! They’re all inspired by pinwheels! So imagine seeing pinwheels everywhere in a greener environment.

10 Wind-Spired Highlight

Walk by the passage of Dream
Make a wish at the pavilion of wishes
The breeze plaza
If you’ve gotten this far in the post, you might be wondering what are the highlights while you're here at Iringan Bayu? Let me break it down to you. While you're here, you can explore the forest of chimes, visit the pavilion of wishes and make a wish, go through the passage of dreams, visit the walls of wind-inspiration symbolizing diversity and stop by the breeze plaza to get a feel of the easy breezy vibes.

Watch the spinning spectacular sensation turn as the wind blows
Drop by the pinwheels of purity
Take pictures with these dazzling displays of pinwheels
Choose your color at the wheels of fortune 
Other than that, you can also check out the pinwheels of purity to spin a pinwheel for a bright future, check out the dazzling displays, take some photos at the spinning spectacular station, find your choice of color at the wheels of fortune and nail your favorite pinned pretties for a ‘WINDY-ful’ future. Most of these checkpoints are 100% insta-worthy places to take pictures, and they are very nostalgic to those who used to enjoy playing with pinwheels during their childhood days.

Official Launch

Why not checkout the property while youre there!
There will also be different activities happening on different weekends, so be sure to plan your weekend ahead with friends and family to visit the Iringan Bayu Seremban show village. To launch this wonderful township on the 27th and 28th of January, you can join the sistawork Workshop, play with wooden block games, get artsy with handwork, enjoy yummy fluffy cotton candy and maybe bring home your very own DIY paper pinwheel workshop! With so many activities happening, it's definitely something not to be missed if you happen to be around Seremban. Pastura properties are available from RM390k* only (terms and conditions apply) with guarded neighbourhood and is a freehold development. 

3rd -4th February 2018 – Hunting Ground
10th -11th February 2018 – Wind Festival
25th February 2018 – Chinese New Year Highlights

RSVP through their Facebook Page under Events

Tell me if this is not any childs dream to be surrounded by Pinwheels?
At the Iringan Bayu, im reliving my childhood with pinwheels!
Iringan Bayu Seremban is by OSK Property bringing you a master plan that gives you space within a serene environment. Located in the heart of Seremban, Iringan Bayu is a home for those who want a modern living which includes a spacious park, design and future growth. And if you ask me, im looking forward to their 22-acre Central Park, crafting an enriching lifestyle concept surrounded by peace and serenity. Now that you've heard about it, why not make some time over the weekend to enjoy the presence of 20,000 pinwheels? It would be best if you could RSVP so that they can ensure that the food present would be enough for everyone to enjoy. Plan your week ahead for an enjoyable time with family and friends featuring pinwheels. 

Iringan Bayu Seremban

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