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Reviewing the BH T100 Semi Plug & Run Treadmill

Reviewing the T100 Semi Plug & Run Treadmill
Honestly speaking, I noticed that more Malaysians are looking to have a better fitter lifestyle, physically, and mentally. Being a fitness junkie, I take a lot of effort to at least make some time to exercise at least 1-2 times a week. If you have time to drop by a convenient store to buy junk food, you'd definitely have time to run around the park for about 20-30 minutes. But living in a modern world, I understand that time and the gym fees are one of the factors that you decide not to work out.

Did you know that BH Fitness is the No 1 in Europe since 1909?
I believe the MOST convenient way to work out would be to have your own mini gym at home.... okay, maybe not the entire gym, but possibly one equipment that can keep you busy when you have the time. The main question that usually pops in a persons head when thinking about getting home gym equipment is always the struggle between space and versatility. I notice that dumbells are a favorite equipment at home, but my personal choice would be to get yourself a treadmill! I grew up with a treadmill at home, thus I know how convenient it is to have it at home.

Easy control panels with speed, program, mode and speed buttons
Now, im pretty sure the minute I said treadmill at home, your head would be telling you that it would take up so much space! Well, good news! I recently found a treadmill that is currently on my wishlist, the BH T100 Semi Plug & Run Treadmill. Beistegui Hermanos (BH) is Europe's No 1 brand with 100 years of innovation offering full home and commercial fitness equipment, and one of it would be the this Semi Plug & Run hassle-free installation design.


The overall look of the BH T100 Semi Plug & Run Treadmill
Easy to fold and save space
And if you ever need to use it again, just push this lever and you'll be ready to run!
The BH T100 Semi Plug & Run Treadmill has a safety system design that makes running more relaxing and safer to suit your needs at home. Designed with a special Arc-shape stand post, the T100 owns the widest standposts, making the treadmill structure firmer and safer. It also has a round rectangular base of steel, designed to distribute pressure to enhance safety. One of my favorite features of it would be that it can be easily folded when you need the space at home. With its SDS System II, the treadmill descends at a slow speed by just pressing the foot pedal.

Loving the anti-slip side footrest
Manual inclination controller. Giving you up to 3 different levels to choose from.
How do you like the MP3 dual stereo speakers? Listen to music while you run!
Moreover, unlike most treadmills, the BH T100 Semi Plug & Run Treadmill has a special feature of inclining the treadmill manually. Offering up to 3 inclination levels, you'll definitely have an interesting workout while at home. Im the kind of gym-junkie who likes to listen to music, so what if I told you that the T100 offers you an MP3 Dual stereo speakers? YEP! Means the treadmill has build in speakers to motivate you to run even further. LOVE THIS FEATURE cause I can play my Spotify playlist while running. With quick-key controls and fingertip controls, it almost feels like you have one of the most high-tech treadmills that can be placed at home without worrying about the space consumption!


Since the treadmill has an anti-slip side footrest, I have no worry doing my intense run training sessions at home. With BH's unique cushion shock absorbing system, I also find that the BH T100 Semi Plug & Run Treadmill is really comfortable to do different types of workouts (Refer to the video for the treadmill workouts that I usually like to do. Trust me when I say that treadmills are one of my must-have fitness equipment at home, cause you can do so many types of workouts on a treadmill. Designed to be a Semi Plug & Run Treadmill, it guarantees you only 90 seconds to set it up, and you're ready to run!


Get fit with BH T100 Semi Plug & Run Treadmill today!
Oh, and did you know that they have fingertip controls for quick adjustments? 
As a verdict, I'd have to say that this is currently my favorite home treadmills that saves time and space which requires minimal effort to set it up, to give you an enjoyable workout each time! Having a busy lifestyle, I prefer to have my own gym equipment at home so that I can prevent the traffic, save petrol and also my energy to maximize my workout. In case you haven't heard, its currently on a promotion where you can save 33% instantly! Since good things don't last forever, be sure to get your hands on it while you still can. (Link to site below)

Retail Price: RM3,888
Promotion Price: RM2,588

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