Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Unboxing CubeCrate June 2018 Box

It has been a while since I wrote about Cubecrate, so let's get a little personal on my post this time around. Got my June box in July and trust me, I am loving the themed mystery boxes in accordance to the festive season, RAYA VIBES! With their whole new look featuring full-on sticker covering the box, I believe its an extra effort by Cubecrate to make the box pop! I honestly kinda like both versions, minimalist and bold colors, so let's find out on whats inside June's mystery subscription box by Cubecrate.

Upon opening the box, I sense Raya vibes all the way, and based on a first impression, I feel like the box I received is filled with green Raya colors. This month's box features 2 brands, namely earth care, and duplr. A little strange that this time the box featured fewer brands, but I believe that the value of the products would actually be more than usual I guess. As usual, you'll find a pamphlet with the brands being described in the list.


First up would be not one, but TWO products from Earth Care, featuring a face & body soap and foot bomb. I was pretty excited to see this in the box cause things like these are usually handmade (Sorry, a sucker for handmade products). hehe. First up that attracted my attention was because its all green, the Pedi Bomb in Pandan. NEVER in my life, I've seen a pedi bomb in pandan, so I love the twist of integrating Malaysian scents into the products they make. Since I was feeling pretty tired throughout the week, I used this immediately. To use, all you need to do is let the bomb fizzle in a tub of warm water and just soak your feet in as you enjoy the fragrance filling up the bathroom.

Next would be something pretty exciting as I sniffed it first even before using it! The botanical blossom face & body soap has been created to suit all skin types and despite saying 'botanical blossom' i found it smelled like sirap bandung. Its either im craving, or it just really smells like it! Hehe. It's like a combination of rose and milk with floral vibes all over. Hehe. Haven't gotten the time to use this yet cause im looking for a bubble net for my soap. Hehe. CANT WAIT TO USE THIS!

*UPDATE: The Pedi Bomb is actually from CubeCrate (Not from Earth Care)


Another item I found in the box would be a little something from DUPLR. It's my first time being aware of DUPLR and it's actually a brand that aims to bring the marvels of 3D printing technology to everyone. This is good stuff to me, cause I might want to get some things printed in 3D, BUT im a little worried on the price. HEHE. Due to the festive Raya season, they gave a cute ketupat looking 3D printed item. Not too sure on what I can use it for, but im thinking to include it with flat lays I take, OR turn it into a keychain. hehe. Thanks, Cubecrate!

 Last but not least, I got myself some almonds! Just what I need to spice up my breakfast in the morning. I usually like to take cereals and oats in the morning, cause its pretty much saves tons of time. Adding these delicious almonds would be a great addition, or I can just simply enjoy it as an afternoon snack. YUMS! So that pretty much sums up my unboxing for the June Box. Thank you Cubecrate for these monthly surprises!

Subscription Price: RM35 monthly


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