Friday, July 6, 2018

Florist That Is Simply Creative - A Better Florist Malaysia

If you ever feel like your gifts or flowers aren’t anything like what you can see on Instagram, you’re probably not alone. Up to this point, there was no florist that was original enough or simply creative enough to assist you with everything you need. But, recently I’ve become aware of A Better Florist - the best flower delivery that Malaysia has so far, and this is the kind of business that caters to their clients and it shows. Clients are their priority, and nobody can say otherwise.

The first thing I love about this flower delivery Malaysia is their philosophy. A Better Florist puts their customers in the first spot, and they want you to express your love, appreciation and whatever feelings you might have through flowers and gifts that tell the story, without you having to even say a word. What’s more, A Better Florist is the best florist in Malaysia because they promote sharing and spreading the love with beautiful blooms even when you don’t have a special occasion coming. Just share the love! 

Now, when it comes to shopping, their blooms are what takes the cake. They don’t have hundreds and hundreds of options available at the moment, but every single bouquet, or floral arrangement is different, unique and looks stunning. The flowers are sparkly bright and vibrant, fresh as if they were never even put in a bouquet. There’s all kinds of flowers, seasonal and non-seasonal ones, and what I like the most, is that there’s something for everyone’s taste. Whenever you stop by, you’ll be able to track down something you or someone you love likes.

They have a florist in Ipoh and also a florist in Penang, and after they expanded from being a flower delivery Singapore loves, they have a flower delivery to JB and is known as the best florist in Kuala Lumpur. Besides the flowers, another reason why A Better Florist is everywhere at this point is because they also have a hamper delivery, a fruit basket delivery and overall they have the best gift delivery altogether. 

It makes life easier to be able to pick out a bouquet, and throw in a beautiful hamper or a fruit basket, all in one place, have it delivered or take it on your own. They have a pretty good selection, including a baby hamper, a thank you hamper, food hamper, get well soon hamper, and their fruit baskets are fresh, delicious and gorgeous. It really depends on the occasion and who you are gifting it to. The point being, there’s enough to choose from. 

I love shopping online, so A Better Florist totally caters to my online shopping cravings. Everything has a name, and can be easily remembered and found, prices are listed so that you can see them, without doing a lot of investigating, and ordering takes no more than a minute. 

A Better Florist is a successful florist all around, not just in Malaysia, which gives me even more reassurance that this is a florist that knows what they are doing. Their UAE flower delivery is equally successful as the one in Singapore, it’s even known as the best flower delivery in UAE, but in addition to that, they also have a flower delivery Hong Kong adores, which is what also made them famous as the best florist in HK.


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  2. The shop's general appearance and ambiance are good indications of what kind of a florist you are considering. Ask yourself: Is the flower shop clean and sweet smelling with the scent of fresh flowers? You would not want to get a florist whose shop smells of rotting flowers!Florist in Depalpur India