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A day at Melawati Mall | Shopping in Setapak

A day out at Melawati Mall
Being categorized as the female species, I have to admit that my favorite way to spend my day off would be to stroll around a mall. Its even better when the mall is filled with an adequate amount of variety to explore and discover, cause to me, shopping is like a treasure hunt where you try to hunt for the best deals! So, I was recently out on a girly day with my blogger friends and decided to invade Melawati Mall cause we've heard that they're new in town offering unique stores to browse through. Without any hesitation, we packed our bags and camera and head off to Melawati Mall on a fine sunny Sunday.

Here i have Miriam and Rachel to spend the day with
So, the thing is, because there's just so many things that I would like to share with you, im going to just categorize the places that I've been to and give you a brief description on what you can find, the price ranges and the variety that each store offers! Trust me, with that in mind, I think I'd be doing a singular post for each of the places (when I have time) that I've been to during my shopping spree in Melawati Mall cause its legit a shopping worthy location to buy your daily necessities. If you want to find out more, scroll away to find out on what caught my eye while I was at Melawati Mall.


Max Fashion offering casual wear
Even if you need new jeans, this is the place to be!
Starting off with fashion, I stumbled upon a few clothing stores that I found interesting, and im scratching out those mainstream 'clothing stores' and introducing you to a better deal of fashionable clothes! From casual, to work, and even sports attire,  the first place I'd like to share would be Max Fashion. Max Fashion retails their own private label clothing, offering more than 3000 styles under RM39 for women, men, and children. WOW! Honestly, I find their collection pretty up to date at a fraction of the cost in comparison to the shops that I usually go to. Hehe. From today onwards, Max Fashion is definitely my go-to fashion store to get my #OOTD going.

Common Sense is like your childhood retreat
Found my favourite cartoon, adventure time!
But if you're not the OOTD kind, let's go to something more casual, showing a more personal side of an individual. Common Sense offers a combination of street style and casual wear, depending on how you style it as most of their pieces are versatile, affordable and are made for people who want to express their individuality through their favorite graphics. I got so excited when I saw that they had shirts with graphics from Adventure Time form Cartoon Network, which I immediately grabbed once I saw it. It was love at first sight! They also have other recognizable brands, featuring coca-cola, Disney, sesame street, peanuts, Pacman, SpongeBob, we bare bears, transformers, justice league and more!

Snagged a few items form Good2U
The prices are insanely reasonable. Look harder to find treasure
Here's Miriam, trying out a bomber jacket at less than RM80
Looking for clothes under a low budget? What if I told you that you can get tops at as low as RM13?! I was actually looking for a shirt that I can wear over the weekend, and yet still look fabulous with potential statements being printed on the shirt, and thankfully I found this store called Good2U. Ironically it's not only good to me but also good to my purse. HAHA. Believe it or not, I could take home 3 pieces of tops and 2 sets of pants for about RM100! That's a steal deal to me, and the variety ain't half that bad.

US Polo for those who seek for a preppy look
Feeling preppy? You can also consider dropping by US Polo for some preppy looks for your golfing or horse riding sessions. Hehe. Well, okay, it doesn't HAVE to be specifically for those two activities, but im pretty sure that some of you would like to have that upper-class vibes by wearing a Polo right? Since I was there about 2 weeks ago, they had pretty good deals up to 50%, to be, that's a deal not to be missed!

A shopper looking impressed with the variety they have
Oh not to miss out for our hijabster, I believe that there's something here for you as well! They have this pretty fancy store by Jubahsouq where you can find really pretty Muslimah attire for the event, and everyday wear. I had a moment to browse through the collection, and I must say that their variety is pretty mesmerizing! Despite not being a hijabster (yet), I actually really like the amount of detail that they've put into their collection. It's even better that I get to touch and feel the material while im there.

Young Hearts panties on promotion
Loving their basic bra's
They also offer Young Hearts which was one of the stores where I got myself my first bra. Hehe. I believe that the bra sizes that they offer are usually smaller than usual, but I honestly love the look of their underwear as they practice versatile, comfortable lingerie. They do have bigger sizes for people in their mid-20s-30s, so be sure to drop by to visit and check out their collection. I did see a few that I want, and im planning to go back to get myself a few pairs. hehe


Asam Mee Hun from Baba Nyonya
Milk Tea from Baba Nyonya
Sharing plater from NY Steak House
Pizza Hut's famous pizza's
Whats a mall without food! Here at Melawati Mall, there are tons of variety of food to choose from. Be it Nyonya, Western, Korean and Japanese, you name it! I believe there is definitely something new for you to try. So, if you're more into familiar options of food, my recommended places to visit would be Baba Nyonya, NY Steak Shack and Pizza Hut, which offers food that is great for family and friends. Baba Nyonya is pretty much great for light breaks like teatime cause their Teh Tarik is the bomb! Or if you're looking for something more filling, you should try Pizza Huts exclusive offers for really yummy pizza or walk into NY Steak Shack of a feel of New York Steak! 

Sharing Platter from Row Six
Sushi from Hei Sushi
Cheesy Toppoki from Sapoong
The classic Bimbimbap from Sapoong
Mango Bingsu from Sapoong anyone?
For those who fancy international flavors, I'd suggest you check out Sapoong for some Authentic Korean food, Row Six for a taste of South East Asia, and Hei Sushi for Sushi lovers. I love international flavors, thus all these 3 are my top picks when I visit Melawati Mall. Sapoong has always been a regular favorite where I like to order their toppoki or bibimbap which comes with their famous homemade kimchi. Hehe. The Row was something new, offering a unique fusion of food from Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia *Must Try! And Hei Sushi is pretty much for sushi/sashimi lovers. Just talking about makes me feel like I need to go back for more. 


Aster Spring to improve skin complexion
Trying out products with Miriam
For those who seek to improve on beauty appearance, well i have 2 places in mind that you should visit. The first location I dropped by would be Aster Spring, which is great for new customers, as i was told that they offer an exclusive deal of RM500 for an RM1,256 package which includes facials and products. So if you're reading this now, you better act fast as this is for a limited period only. Their staff would be more than happy to share with you about the offers that you might fancy. Alternatively, you can also check out their Dermalogica products if you would want to improve your skincare regime at home.

Me Clinic for Aesthetic Services
The treatment room
But if you're looking at aesthetic beauty, fret not as Melawati Mall offers Me Clinic! Me Clinic is an officially certified clinic that can help you with your aesthetic needs. In my case, I was more interested in their laser treatments cause I need to get rid of my dark pigmentations. The clinic has a very clinical setting, fully equipped with proper equipment. I have scheduled a visit, and I can't wait to see how the results are. So stay tuned to find out.

A-Saloon + for your hair fix
OH, did I miss out on hair beauty? If you need a quick hair fix, there is A Saloon to look out for. A Saloon has pretty much been in the industry for years, and there's no doubt that your hair would surely be in good hands the minute you walk into the saloon. For Muslim women, good news! Apparently, the A Saloon in Melawati Mall offers a private room service if you don't feel comfortable being outdoors. Talk about special treatment ey?


Elianto, your korean beauty store
Check out their Musang King Collection
If you are friends with me on Facebook, you might notice that I posted a live update sharing with you the things you can find at Elianto. I can actually consider Elianto as a cosmetic brand that I grew up with and after visiting them again after years of not checking them out, im impressed with the number of changes that they have to offer. Most people think that Elianto is made in Malaysian, but let me correct you by sharing that Elianto actually manufactures their products overseas, offering cosmetics that are suitable to our climate.


MPH for bookworms
Reading on our childhood books
How cute are these stationaries?!
Couldnt resist but to cuddle a unicorn in Toys R Us
For those looking for books, stationery, and toys, the mall has MPH to satisfy your inner bookwork, and also Toys R Us located right next to it. Hehe. I and Miriam couldn't resist but to grab yourself a book to read on our childhood reading books when we were both younger. Also, I was shocked to find that MPH sells pretty stationery too! Like legit, its the kind of stationery that I like, and they are available in a set to keep your desk looking neat and organizes. Toys R Us was like a walk through memory lane of being a child. If you ever need to feel younger, take a minute to see what toys Toys R Us has to offer.

The Kid Zone!
Kids are excited to slide down this huge slide!
The play area
There is also a Kid Zone area where they can unleash their wildest imaginations to run wild and free in a playground filled with interactive things to do. Trust me, the kids there can go pretty wild, and they usually look forward to sliding down this huge slide available within the area. You won't even have to worry about your kid's safety as they have staffs to ensure that your kids are playing in a safe manner. Don't be surprised if your kids make friends in the playground, as the ambiance is a great place to squeeze out the energy that they have in them before heading home.


San Francisco food & drinks
Daily Fresh for some quick bites
Nasi Lemak Waffle from Daily Fresh
Mexican bun from Pappa Roti
For those looking for quick bites while you're there, I'd suggest you get your dose of San Francisco when you need a quick fill on coffee or chocolate. Their fraps are really refreshing on a hot day, and a personal favorite of my would be their cookies and cream frap. Or if you prefer on the go light bites, you can shift to Daily Fresh for some really good waffles (i heard that they have a special menu of selling nasi lemak waffles!) or get the famous Mexican bun from Pappa Roti which has always been an all-time favorite to me.

Kek Span Oree anyone?
Couldn't resist when I saw the cake coming out fresh from the oven
Got ourselves the mix span cake offering Original, Cheese and Chocolate!
Because I stumbled upon Span Oree, and coincidently I passed by their store just when their cakes are freshly out of the oven, that really caught my attention to bring one back home. *drools! The Span Oree is a sponge cake that offers a different variety of flavors to suit those who has sweet tooth cravings. A personal favorite of mine would be the chocolate Span Ore, I swear its so good and it satisfied my chocolate cravings pretty well. If you haven't tried this, be sure to bring a pack home and enjoy it with a cup of tea. It can also last for about 3 days, so there's no harm in keeping it in the fridge to be enjoyed throughout 3 days.


Pet Lovers Centre for Pet owners
Pandora's (my cat's) favourite!
Spoilt with varieties for your cats needs
The mall also has something for your pets where you can stop by Pet Lovers Center to stock up on your pets food and other necessities. With this in mind, you can get your groceries, shopping and pet supply sorted within one location. I don't know about you, but I love it when I get to kaotim all my list of 'things to do' in one location. Saves me time and my energy. Also, I believe that this particular outlet focuses more on cat supplies! So if you have a cat at home, this would be like the perfect cat heaven for your furry friend.


The Travel Store is on promotion!
Get 2 luggage bags at RM376
The monthly promotions available in store
Also, in any situation that you may need a new traveling luggage, you'll have the Travel Store being standby by for you. I believe that they have really good deals, and since I travel pretty often, the Travel Store has in-house staff who knows what they're talking about when it comes to traveling. Im in much need of a new luggage, but im waiting for a special occasion to get a new one since my current luggage is still fine. hehe.

And I guess, that concludes my day at Melawati Mall. I apologize if you find the blog post too long, but let's be honest, when talking about a girl going out for shopping, we browse through the entire mall to see what we can find. Hehe. I hope you found this post fun and informative to read, and im actually trying to plan another trip to Melawati Mall once i get my next pay. Im a #guilthy shopaholic. HAHA. But what can you do when a girl loves to shop. Hehe. If you may have any questions in mind, please feel free to let me know on how I may be able to assist you.

Sara xx

Melawati Mall

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