Friday, July 27, 2018

HUAWEI unveils Nova 3 and Nova 3i | AI Quad-camera smartphone

Tech geeks, its time to keep yourself updated with the HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i, being the third-generation of HUAWEI nova range being released in the market. This time around, claiming to be the best AI selfie camera, HUAWEI has equipped the both Nova 3 and Nova 3i with a 24MP camera, creating a quad-camera powerhouse that revolutionizes the world of photography with the fashionable design that mimics its predecessor, the Nova 2 series.

So as we all know, Nova has been growing pretty strong in Malaysia and with the new HUAWEI nova series looking extra elegant and innovative with its AI technology to usher in the new era of smart living. Also, just to let you guys know, the series aims in improving the experience of users in taking selfies and the latest HUAWEI nova devices feature a wealth of improvements that are made possible by AI. With its radiating elegance, the HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i offer all-new users experiences that ease users into embracing the AI-enhanced life.


The look and feel of HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i are pure perfections! When it's in your hands, you can feel that it's really smooth and sexy 'if y'alls know what I mean'. hehe. HUAWEI nova 3 features double curved 3D glass on both front and back of the device, and underneath the front glass, there is the 6.3 inch (2340x1080) FullView Display which is similar to HUAWEI nova 3i. These specs enable the display to push bigger and sharper images than its predecessor while looking slender and elongated.

Did I mention that it also hall Full HD+ panel with 19.5:9 aspect ratio to give it a more streamline look too? The precise engineering techniques employed by HUAWEI is to ensure that four of the corners are curved identically so that it aesthetically looks pleasing. Both models are available in an exclusive gradient color, Iris Purple, in which the purple slowly transitions to a shade of blue. It really reminds me of the starry night if you ask me. Alternatively, if you don't like bold colors, the nova 3 is available in black and red, while the HUAWEI nova 3i is available in black and pearl white.


Bring the third generation of nova series, HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i allows their uses to explore new possibilities through the lenses of its four AI cameras. The AI selfie feature not only captures, but it also comes with the most intuitive photography experience. HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i are equipped with dual front-facing cameras with a 24MP primary sensor and a 2MP sensor to capture details with its f/2.0 wide aperture lens and also to capture depth data with dedicated depth detection too.

Whats even more exciting is that the HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i can recognize over 200 scenarios across eight categories which includes Blue Sky, Plant, and Beach, and apply a unique set of optimizations for each scene while beautifying the image you're taking. So imagine getting to take stunning photos by just using your HUAWEI nova 3/3i that can create authentic bokeh effects. The beautification algorithms also take into consideration how people around the world would perceive beauty and apply different set of adjustments to people of different gender and skin color.

Cutting things short, the other features of the tech-gadget includes real-time HDR footage preview and recording in five studio-quality lighting (soft lighting, butterfly lighting, stage lighting, split lighting and classic lighting). It can also accurately map the five facial features of your face to develop a 3D model then identifies an area that requires lighting and beautifications too! Both HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i serves as the "photography mastermind" capable of effectively distinguishing more than 500 scenarios, categorizing them into 22 types, optimizing the image for each scene. When taking a photo, the handset also assists the use of intelligent composition of helping amateurs still take amazing photos!

People are becoming increasingly comfortable with communicating using short videos, making the HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i a suitable camera that can capture 480fps super slow-motion video, be it parkour run or skateboard stunt. Don't get me started talking about the 3D Qmoji which is a fun feature that digitally transposes your face into a cute digital avatar. IT'S SOOOO CUTE!


Other than keeping up with the latest technology, the HUAWEI nova 3 is equipped with an ambient light sensor which allows face unlock that features to work in any lighting conditions. With 24/7 fast unlocking, an infra-red sensor is placed beside the 24MP camera to help read the face of users even in dark environments. It has both SIM slots that support 4G and VoLTE allowing users to play games and make calls simultaneously too.

For gamers, this HUAWEI nova 3 features the Kirin 970 with 6GB RAM, while the HUAWEI nova 3i carries the Kirin  710 with 4GB RAM. Both these devices can support up to 128 GB internal storage, combining with the GPU Turbo, it also enables high-quality gaming experience by improving 60% of graphics to process efficiently while lowering the Soc power consumption by 30%. When encountering with network problem in a game, both gadgets have the ability to optimize the connection by switching to a network with the lowest latency.


You must be wondering with all these highlighted features, what is the pricing of the phone? Well, after doing a little research, starting from 28th July 2018, it retails at RM1899 and RM1249 for nova 3 and nova 3i respectively. Both devices can be purchased at all HUAWEI Experience Stores, display zones, authorized dealers and major telco companies. I believe there will be crazy offers before the month ends, so be sure to grab the opportunity while you still can!


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