Wednesday, July 18, 2018

POTBOY X FAVE | Free Online Grocery Delivery

Offline Cashless Shopping anyone?
Waddup guys! Having a busy lifestyle, it gets a little hard to plan your day ahead, especially when there are groceries to accomplish. Don't get me wrong, I still love grocery shopping cause I find it therapeutic to plan on what to buy, picking ingredients which leads to your menu, the things that you want to do at home for the week, and more! But let's be honest, sometimes we get too busy that we don't have time to do groceries, which then leads you in a delay of chores and things to do at home, am I right? Now, what if I told you there's someone you can depend on to get the job done?

The delivery bikes
Dettols offer for the day
Has anyone treid the lowest sugar carbonated isotonic drink by 100plus?
Pokka was there too giving you offers you wouldn't want to miss
Even the parents are in it with diapers by Kao
Earlier this month, I attended the Potboy Groceries online-to-offline groceries sale, which happens to be the first of its kind in Malaysia. Since the event was around the area I stayed in, I've decided to just make my way to see what this online-to-offline grocery thing is all about. It was throughout three-days in which I've only made time to visit on the last day over lunchtime and boy I got hooked till evening. So the idea of Potboy is that you are now able to make payment via Favepay, a mobile payment application to give you a cashless/cardless experience.

Just look at that, CHEAP STUFF!
A dream for maggi lovers
What made me went crazy while I was there were the prices. Like legit, the prices of the items that I normally buy is so much cheaper! It took me a lot of resistance not to buy most of the things that I saw, but I'll just break it down to you on what I got. Participating brands included Sofy, Milo, Dettol, 100 Plus, Coca-cola, Maggi, Soyfresh and more. I swear I tried to control myself, but I think I managed to bring something home almost each store present. At an insane irresistible price, it was pretty hard to decline the offer.

OH look, for each RM20 spent, you get a token to redeem a prize!
Here are what the tokens look like during that day
The highlight of it all was that I got to enjoy my cashless/cardless experience of shopping using only my phone to scan on the items that I want. I am a Favepay user since earlier this year, but with this collaboration with Potboy, they've taken Favepay to a whole new level of convenience. It's honestly slightly scary as you don't see the money going out, but trust me, imagine life without the need to bring anything else other than your phone? Sounds like a pretty easy life to me!

Took on the challenge to shove Pedas Giler Mi Goreng down my throat (failed!)
The fear in my eyes are real
Aftery 2 bites, i gave up. haha
Congrats to the winner who snagged RM1111 cash on the spot
Oh, and since I was there, they were having this spicy Maggi noodle challenge which I can't believe I signed up for. HAHA. I've only joined for the fun of it, but I think I had fun even though I only got myself 2 bites the noodles cause it was just too spicy. Boohoo. The Maggi actually tasted good, just that im not a fan of the burning sensation on my tough. Im a weakling! There were about 40 people who tried to snag the grand prize of RM1111 for just eating a bowl of noodle, so hands down to the winner who managed to be the fastest to finish a bowl of the spicy Maggi noodle.

Red Chef noodles! My fav was this spicy shrimp prawn soap noodle
And just look at all those cartons I brought back home
And this sums up the stuff I purchased during the offline sale. 
With up to 75% off on famous brands, I literally brought back cartons of the things that I like. CAUSE IT WAS SO CHEAP! From planning to just browse through, to filling my whole car boot with goods, I'd say every penny spent was worth it! I have no regrets on my purchases and im actually hoping that they have the same even online to offline setting when im in need of stock. HAHA. But yeah, im looking forward to Potboy Groceries to get my groceries done on an average basis. So if you want to be a part of the online grocery shopping evolution too, be sure to download FAVE and checkout Potboy Groceries.


Potboy Groceries (with FREE DELIVERY)


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