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LuLu Hypermarket & Department Store gives RM50 to Shoppers

Hey guys, this being the 2nd week of March, im pretty sure we all got our pay slips cleared ready to spend for another month of surviving. LOL. Okay, I kid. But I guess after working so hard to earn all that hard earned cash, we deserve to splurge a little on ourselves as a reward right? Hehe. So the real deal now is, where do we maximize our spendings by getting more than the actual cost? You guess it! From the poster attached in this post, as the description says, with every spend of RM100, you get RM50 back on the spot in the form of shopping vouchers. Good deals are meant to be shared, and since I had some time to explore around LuLu market, here are some sneak peeks on what you may expect.

Entrance to LuLu Hypermarket Kuala Lumpur
All your grocery needs is all available here
While i keep myself busy at the fruit section
They also have IT gadgets and games available in store on level 3
PS4 games at LuLu Hypermarket
Household goods
Carpets for home decoration
Just to highlight some facts, LuLu is a Hypermarket, Supermarket, and a Department store all under one roof! They're pretty popular for their fresh groceries, but not many are aware that they have a department store that sells pretty trendy clothes too! Other than that, they even have kitchenware, IT gadgets and even household items such as carpets and house decorations as well. To cut it short, they have almost everything on ready stock for you to browse around and see what your heart contents.

The popular Roastery at LuLu Hypermarket
I was so happy to find this at LuLu. Been craving for these, and it looks legit!
Raisins and nuts anyone?
Dried fruits are available too
One of the unique features about LuLu Hypermarket would be that the Roastery section where you'll find nuts, dates, dried fruits, candy, and sweet baklava. Yes, you won't be required to travel all the way to Arab just to enjoy good Arabic sweets. It has a very interesting concept of where you can just request how much of weight you want, and they will charge it accordingly according to your request. I had a good time spending my time discovering all sorts of new things available at their Roastery section, and its good to know that you can find all these at one location.


Female section
Here's an outfit i picked wearing items from LuLu from head to toe
All of us are working our outfits from LuLu's Department store
Going back to the promotion, I'd like to highlight that the offer is only valid for items under the category of Fashion, Footwear Ladies Bags, Sarees, and Churidars. All you need to do to get RM50 shopping vouchers is to spend RM100 (minimum) and get RM50 worth of shopping vouchers, double your spending and get double the rewards! Which to me was a good chance to reshuffle my wardrobe with new clothes for 2019. Hehe. They offer a fair variety of versatile clothes which can be used as street wear, smart wear and even outfits for special occasions. I managed to try on an outfit I managed to pair while browsing, and I must say that the quality is really comfortable.

Oh not ro forget the men, they have all the things that you may need
Styling top to bottom in items available from LuLu
Sporty, Formal or Traveller? 
Not to forget the men's section, they also have an even wider spread to share offering travel wear, streetwear, office wear and more! Since I went there with a bunch of my blogger friends to check it out, we had the boys to play dress up and I must say that they look pretty dashing all dressed up in attires offered at LuLu's department store. I would have to say that there is always a piece that would definitely trigger your heart on getting it as the prices are fairly reasonable as well. It's definitely affordable and worth every penny for the quality that youre paying for.

Clutches are way too gorgeous!
I mean, just look at all that detail!
Shoes anyone? 
Going toward the accessories department, they have scarfs, handbags, wallets, travel bags and shoes to splurge on. Believe it or not, they had white wedding shoes that were only at RM30. *inserts shocked face her* It looks pretty decent, and I was mesmerized by their bling collection, as they were really comfy and affordable as well. Going into details on their bags, I would highly recommend you to check out their clutches cause they are really to die for with pretty exclusive details that makes it almost look as if its designers.

Sarees and Chundaris section
What the interior looks like
Trying out one of their Saree X Baju Kurung styles
Accessories for your sarees are also available here too!
And last but not least would be my favorite section in the Fashion department, the Sarees, and Chundaris. Ranging from all kinds of sizes, it's actually like a saree heaven for me! I always found Sarees very cultural and a statement of its own, and to see a wide selection of collection is like walking into a dream closet. The section is huge and you can also get it tailored according to your size. A new piece that I loved would be their Saree X Baju Kurung which looks incredibly gorgeous!


Despite the poster saying that if you spend RM100 you get another RM50 in vouchers,  you can also spend RM200 and get RM100 in voucher! To simplify things for you, all you need to do is spend a minimum of RM100 to get 50% of your spendings back. Again, say youre buying RM450 Worth of clothes, you can opt to spend RM300 first on the clothes that you like which entitles you to get another RM150 worth of shopping vouchers, which you can immediately purchase your remaining RM150 worth of clothes. Be a smart shopper and make use of this promotion. Hehe. Well, keeping my post short and if you know any of your friends who love promotions like these, be sure to share this to them cause good things are always meant to be shared.

LuLu Hypermarket Kuala Lumpur

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