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Kilafairy's new love for KILAFIT | Slimming Suppliment

Kilafairy launches Kilafit
When we mention the name Kilafairy, we all know that she's like a living barbie doll with perfect skin and perfect hair. One secret that Kilafairy has not shared would be the hidden fat that she hides off social media. When talking about minor fat especially the muffin top, poeple usually opt to hide it by wearing a corset, wear dark clothings, and even finding the right angle to get the picture perfect photo. All these dilemmas were faced by Kilafairy once and she decided to find a solution to this.

Giving her launching speech at the launch ceremony
With Kilafairy struggling to keep up with expectations as a celebrity, she also faces the same phase as those who experience sudden fluctuations in weight. And now, with KILAFIT that she has been working on since September 2018, this seems to be her savious for those who face the same issue as Kilafairy. As been told by the actress herself, KILAFIT gained back her confidenced to step out of public once again. Now, lets get into details to find out what is KILAFIT?


Kilafairy and her partners
To simplify what is Kilafit, Kilafairy claims it to be a mix of modern and traditional herbs creating a well-balanced slimming supplement. Not only that it burns fat cell and generates these fat cells into energy, but it also improves the elasticity of the skin, promotes hair growth and improves overall body health and immune systems. Designed for those who are seeking to lose weight without drastic unhealthy diets, or overspending your time at the gym, Kilafit claims to assist you in losing fat efforlessly despite your busy schedule by burning fat as you gain energy with Kilafit.


The benefits of consuming Kilafit would be that it helps in weight loss by burning fat cells first for your body to gain energy. This is made possible as they use natural ingredients such as Garcinia & L-Carnitine extract which will help you lose weight while maintaining high energy levels so that you can still make youre way to the gym. Did you know that L-Carnitine plays a huge role in reducing the pain and at the time reduces joint pain? As you lose weight, Kilafit also contains collagen to promote elasticity of the skin as you lose weight and also improves the apperance of your hair to ensure that its always shiny and strong.


Sunnah food is a legal custom by the islamic community as it benefits the body naturally and was also consumed by prophets. Not only Kilafit contains the right dose of vitamins and minerals, it als contains nutririous Sunnah ingredients such as dates for fiber to help with digestion and overweight, and pomegranate which is rich in vitamin B. These two ingredients are also well known to increase body energy, promotes body metabolism and reduces stress naturally.


Comes in 2 flavors, Chocolate Banana and Chocolate Orange
Kilafit is currently available in 2 flavors, Chocolate Banana and Chocolate Orange. Both flavors are designed to be easy to consume, and perfect for chocolate lovers! In each box, there will be 14 sachets available. To consume Kilafit, all you need to do is mix one sachet with hot water in the morning before breakfast or lunch, and be sure to consume at least 3 liters of water throughout the day of optimized results.

WARNING: Not safe for a pregnant woman. So consider taking this after youre done with breastfeeding for the first 6 months
Since im pregnant at the moment, I did pay attention to some details that Kilafairy shared. Who would be suitable to consume Kilafit? Well, the product does not only limit itself to women but men can also consume it too! Pregnant mothers are obviously not advisable to consume this as your body would need the nutrients that you have for the baby, but after 6 months of breastfeeding, then it would be safe to consume Kilafit if you insist.

In case youre wondering, there were also a few testimonials being shared on Kilafit to Kilafairy. Believe it or not, you can expect to lose an average of 4-8kg of weight for every 2 boxes of Kilafit which would be sufficient for a month of consumption. Kilafairy did emphasize that lifestyle also plays a role in terms of your choice of food and your exercise routine would optimize the results, but it's not compulsory. It currently retails at RM88 for 14 sachets and if youre interested, be sure to check them out through their social media links below.


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