Sunday, June 30, 2019

FIRST EVER Malaysian owned Software-Defined ​White Box Server​ of XSCALAR by IPSB Technology

Living in the world of the future, technology has played a huge role in ensuring that we are efficient in providing services. On the 27th of June 2019, IPSB Technology launches the ESCALAR in conjunction with their 11th Anniversary. XSCALAR is a proud Malaysian product that is software-defined with open scalable computing. With IPSB being in the industry since 2008 and formed by technology professionals, there is no doubt that they will provide a remarkable solution-oriented service to potential clients. 

IPSB takes pride in hiring talented graduates from local universities to be part of the global market, which also means that the company creates a  proud locally grown team to work with. With the talent to capture talented individuals as the company grows, they are aware to only give you the finest assistance and service by those who are able to innovate readily to market products. Personally speaking, it's good to see companies such as IPSB Technology who sees potential in local graduates as they take this challenge to empower local talents. 

The vision by the company is to lead in global solutions by combining skills and technology for a sustainable future. In 2017, they have collaborated with TERAJU's Facilitation Fund and in pursuit of local entrepreneurial efforts, the R&D team has come up with their own white box server that would be available as a standalone hardware server or with IPSB's Managed Services. With this in mind, this shows that IPSB understands the need to collaborate by considering both public and private sectors in order to boost the technology industry by providing solutions for both Big Data and Digital Media. 


XSCALAR emphasizes end-to-end sales and technical support at an optimized cost. Providing a range of servers that have gone through detailed research and development, it will surely not disappoint as they have gone through intensive testing to deliver promised innovation. XSCALAR also aims to bridge the gap in providing local organizations with made in Malaysia hardware with international standards at a fraction of the cost of what their client would have spent otherwise. IPSB has provided 11 years of customers satisfaction and will strongly continue to pursue excellence with strategic potential partnerships in the near future to come. 

Nasir Baki, Director of IPSB Technology
Nasir Baki, Director of IPSB Technology also shared that we are at the age of Digital Transformation and Cloud Computing moving towards AI and Machine learning. As customers and enterprises seek out cost-effective solutions, we gather our talented local experts to join in and put together a software-defined white box product. This is why we now have XSCALAR.


Since XSCALAR can be used across all industries, namely media & entertainment, education, transportation, healthcare, oil& gas and more, it also comes with benefits to those who would like to consider XSCALAR's services. The benefits of XSCALAR are that they can provide hardware customization, are scalable, boost performance at a reduced cost and also provides professional services which include a customized assessment to understand clients needs. 

The XSCALAR White Box Server
For big data platforms, on the other hand, XSCALAR helps with enterprise storage archiving systems, render farm solutions and also provides hyper-converged infrastructure. Within the digital media platforms, XSCALAR would also assist in providing digital asset management and audio streaming solutions too! Just for your information, XSCALAR has provided services to notable clients such as Petronas, Media Prima, RTM, Air Asia, Astro and Radio Televisyen Brunei (RTB) and MNC (Indonesia). 

IPSB Technology


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