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Park Shin Hye in Malaysia | Launch of Mamonde Red Energy Recovery Serum

Park Shin Hye is in Malaysia!
K-drama fans, if youre a fan of Park Shin Hye, believe it or not, that she was breathing in the same air as we did here in Malaysia. On the 21st of June 2019, Mamonde's brand ambassador, and also top Korean actress Park Shin Hye was here in Malaysia to officiate the launch of the Mamonde Red Energy Recovery Serum which is now available at Watsons stores nationwide!

Presenting the latest product lunch by Mamonde, Red Energy Recovery Serum
Introducing to you the Red Energy Recovery Serum, it's one of the many premium products by Mamonde that addresses skin aging as well as helps to recover and revitalize exhausted skin, providing your skin an extra boost of nutrition to bring it back to its optimal condition. Made out of two premium ingredients namely pomegranate and Blossoming Energy, the serum smoothens and allows the skin to glow from within by strengthening the skins moisture barrier while promoting the skins turnover cycle.

Park Shin Hye in her cutest form
The texture of the serum is very lightweight, worth trying this out!
Coming from a 28-year study of flowers, Mamonde's latest innovation offers the Blossoming Energy that has been inspired by flowers. The active ingredient helps to boost skins energy like how flowers are observed throughout their lifecycle, and with that in mind, Mamonde has discovered a new unique component that helps flowers to bloom and survive longer than its usual lifespan! This component has then been extracted and developed to become the core ingredient for the Red Energy Recovery Serum.

Be sure to join in the fun at the Red Garden (17th June to 23rd June 2019) 
Smelling the flowers at the Garden used in Mamonde products
Oh, we got free DIY bookmarks too!
To celebrate the launch, Mamonde created a beautiful Red Garden in the City event held at the center court of Mid Valley Megamall for a walk through Mamonde's sensorial glasshouse where you get to experience the floral journey and also soak in the energy or Pomegranate flower used in the formulation of the Red Energy Recovery Serum. Mamonde's Red garden in the City will be held from the 17th to the 23rd of June 2019. There will be a series of brand experiential activities and with special promotions being offered during the 7-day event.

Also dont forget to checkout their worthy instagramable photobooth!
You can also be creative by taking a close up photo with a backdrop filled with flowers
Since I was there with my best friend, we managed to join in the activities for the event where we got to take photos of their photobooth and get unlimited photo printing instantly! There is also a Mamonde Garden Café with flower beverages served to customers who spend a minimum of RM180, an adopt a flower activity where you can bring home your favorite flower in its seed form planted in a mini pot with soil as well. There's not much time left to enjoy the garden, so be sure to miss out on this exciting opportunity as you get your hands on the latest Red Energy Recovery Serum to try it out for yourself.

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In my earlier post, im not if you recalled that I've shared that Mamonde has collaborated with Watsons, and now, they have expanded their sales channels to over 50 Watsons Malaysia stores nationwide. It is now launched at selected Watsons stores, the Red Energy Recovery Serum is available in 30ml for RM130. It is also available on Watsons Online Website.

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