Monday, September 16, 2019

JOYLEE's Ipump | The Intelligent Breast Pump

Catchng JOYLEE's launch recently at KLCC
Being a mother now, i finally understand what kind of struggles a breastfeeding mom goes through. Other than ensuring you provide enough milk for your newborn, dealing with your breast feeling engorged is a different scenario. Also if youre planning to feed your baby via bottle, then getting yourself a breast pump is necessary. As much as i enjoy direct latching my baby, I'm expecting that there will be times that i wont be able to be with her (eg: working, attending meetings), thus, I'm definitely planning to pump and make sure that i have enough milk for my baby, which bring us to our topic of introducing JOYLEE's Intelligent Breast Pump.

JOYLEE's Booth during the Expo
The official launch of JOYLEE's Breast Pump
Presenting to you the intelligent breast pump
As we all know, Breast milk is the best choice for the baby and has been encouraged to have full breastfeeding until the baby is 6 months old and it goes on till they are 2 years old. This will ensure that the  baby gets the best nutrients as breast milk usually contains sufficient nutrients for the baby to grow. Especially in the earlier month, colostrum in breast milk can strengthen the baby's immune system and protect the baby from infections such as diarrhea, colds, bronchitis and pneumonia and also prevent allergy problems such as asthma and eczema too.

The set includes a charger, the pump, and ready to feed bottle with teat
Since im currently commited to breastfeeding, did you know that breastfeeding can help shrink the uterus and restore it to its original size to reduce postpartum bleeding? It has been roughly 3 weeks that im breastfeeding now and suryou'reprisingly, i've stopped bleeding! YAY! Now, going back to topic, JOYLEE has all these breastfeeding benefits in mind and has decided to introduce a modern, intelligent, convenient and comfortable breast pump, the Ipump for modern mobile milk pumps for moms.

A closer look at JOYLEE's Breast Pump
The JOYLEE Intelligent Breast Pump features a control button that controls the suction based on the mothers comfort. There are 27 types of suction and each session will be recorded and displayed on the display screen. It's designed to be safe, clean and has a dual function where you can switch your pumping session to massages at any time. With a stop and resume button, you can pause when you need to get some work done, and continue anytime. With this Intelligent Breast Pump, you wont have to worry about milk stock because the JOYLEE Intelligent Breast Pump is designed to be comfortable and safe to use anywhere with long life battery for mom's who are always on the go. 

Compact and definitely easy to bring around wherever you go
A closer look at their fuctional buttons
Other than its basic features, the breast sphere of the breast pump has been designed in such a way that it prevents the breast from sagging as the sphere itself provides protection and comfort without prolonging by pulling the nipple longer. It is also designed with silicon valves to prevent contamination due to overflow and back-flow of breast milk. The massage program is beneficial to increase milk production in 1 minute making it practical for any mom who is breastfeeding.

Now available on
With the JOYLEE Ipump being recently launched, it can be purchased online at for only RM487, which includes a JOYLEE Breast Pump, with PPSU made milk bottle, a Milk Breast Cooler bag (worth RM149), a nursing cover (worth RM129), and a JOYLEE Ice Pack (worth RM15). This makes a great gift for a new mom and personally speaking, it has a very nice modern touch to it too for millennial moms. For more details on JOYLEE Ipump, feel free to head over to their website or social

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