Sunday, September 1, 2019

Rasa Sifu Food Enhancer by Ajinomoto

Rasa Sifu Food Enhancer

Being a mom now who is always on the go with minimal time spent for myself since my new born pretty much takes up most of my time, im always looking for creative ways to save time in my daily routine thus discovering Rasa Sifu by Ajinomoto to prepare quick delicious meals. Since i shared some sneak peeks about it on my instastory, some of my followers wanted me to share some recipes on my blog, so here it is! 

The packaging looks minimalist and mouthwatering

It even has an explanation on what it can be cooked with

On a first impression, im like what makes this food enhancer different than the usual food enchancers that we currently have? Well, what really caught my attention about this would be that it has all the basic flavouring ingredients (such as garlic and onions) plus with a little extra of ‘wok omph’ and oyster sauce. To me thats like a combo food enchancer in cooking to cut your time short in the kitchen. I am convinced! 

Presenting to you my Confinement Meal with Rasa Sifu

Since im trying to get used to having to balance a new born in my life now, plus trying to keep up with my daily routine, i decided to give this Rasa Sifu a go by making simple fried rice with anchovies. The results? It tasted pretty good with minimal ingredients needed, literally! All i included in this was garlic, shallots, rice, soy sauce, anchovies and Rasa Sifu, then bam! Somehow it had that extra ‘wok omph’ in the taste despite only cooking this for less than 10 minutes. 


Sayur Campur Sambal and Sayur Campur Rasa Sifu Recipe

Kangkung Tumis and Sayur Kubis Tumis Recipe


A must have food enhancer in the kitchen

As a verdict, i would have to say that the Rasa Sifu is a kitchen saviour when you're lacking of time but in need to prep something quickly. Since I'm very new in the motherhood environment, i need as much help to simplify my cooking techniques considering my time will mostly be around my precious newborn. Even if you're not a mom like me, its a great ingredient if you're looking to enhance your food flavours and impress your friends and family. Retails at a really affordable price, and i would suggest that you take a pack home to see how it can enhance your everyday meals. Well, keeping this post short cause the baby is calling for me. Really hoping to still be able to update my blog despite my time being taken over by my bundle of joy. Till my next post peeps!

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