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theAsianparent | Your one stop guide to being a parent

Hey there unicorns! I've been getting some questions on how I managed to go through my pregnancy smoothly? Well, honestly speaking I had a lot of help from other experienced parents on answering my question. But I mean, how many parents are there are within my circle? After doing a little research, I found that there's an app where you can ask questions and read on how to eat, sleep, breath and live as a parent. Being a first-time mom myself, I would have to say that the app has done wonders for me on preparing myself for motherhood from the transitions of pregnancy to how to handle a baby. Thus, in today's post, I'll be sharing with you some perks on why this is a great app for you to have on your device.

theAsianparent app has been with me since I was 3 months pregnant and im happy to share with you that they have successfully guided a community of new parents and current parents in Malaysia. They started with the app in early January 2019 and now has successfully gained positive feedback from the community. This app does not only allow you to communicate with other parents but also has tons of tips on living your life as a parent. To celebrate the official launch of the app, they had Doctors from Sunway Velocity Medical Centre to answer some tough questions, and also some sponsors who sponsored the event namely MeBooks Asia, Fitlicious, Waka Waka, Grab and Photobook.

I honestly believe that every parent should have this app on their devices. Other than helping you find solutions during your pregnancy, confinement, or while youre breastfeeding, it also shares with you some interesting information on how to raise a child and so much more! theAsianparent happens to be the largest parenting portal in South East Asia and currently has 25 million users actively using the app. As a mother now, I also got to share some of my advice on how I survived my pregnancy too. That definitely burns some time for me during my confinement period. hehe.

theAsianparent IS NOW IN 12 COUNTRIES

Despite being a newly launched app, they have expanded up to 12 countries which includes Malaysia as one of them. Can you imagine how big that is? With 12 major Asian countries being on the app, only god knows how many parents are on board with the app. With an app that has been designed to help parents in Asia, the app has tons of valuable information for parents from all walks of life to learn and educate themselves on how to be a good parent as the app guides you through till your child is up to 6 years old.


So, with so much information in mind, the app offers 12 categories of options for you to focus on so that the content is customized based on your interest. The topics that the app offers is Preschooler, Bigger Kids, Random Talk, Toddler, Just Mums, Just Dads, Recipe Sharing, Breastfeeding, Baby, Buy & Sell, Pregnancy and Trying to Conceive. The current topics that im on would be on 'Just Mums', 'Breastfeeding', 'Recipe Sharing' and 'Baby' as my little one is currently at 1 month old and the tips that they offer are very beneficial to me.


Now, you must be wondering what makes the app so interesting? Well, other than it being a guide for you to learn and grow, its also filled with details on food and nutrition that is categorized under pregnancy, confinement, baby and breastfeeding. I found this feature really cool as it guided me through my confinement period pretty well by letting me know what I should eat and what I should avoid for optimal recovery within a shorter period of time. With that, the app gave me confidence in what I can enjoy while I was pregnant and currently helping me out through confinement too.

Moreover, my favorite part of all would be the forum filled with a community of parents sharing tips and tricks on how to parent. There's also articles that you can read if youre looking to educate yourself more on parenting too. There's also a section where you can ask and get answers from a specialist from Sunway Velocity Medical Centre and DoctorsOnCall for further understandings on diseases, vaccinations, and symtoms for yourself and your child. With that, I feel that it's a relief to know that I can always turn to the app for quick answers.

OH! And before I forget, there is also a section where you can answer questions posted by other parents and you'll be rewarded with points! Other than answering questions, you will also be rewarded for answering polls within the app. What can you do with these points? Well, once you've collected enough points, you can redeem gifts through theAsianparent app by using your points which the app is currently offering vouchers/credits from ShopBack, iflix and Boost.

Need help with your newborn baby? Oh yes, theAsianparent has just the thing to help you with your situation. The app offers you a checklist on milestones for you to freely use to guide you through being a first-time parent. You won't have to google your way to find out what's normal and what's not, as the app clearly created a checklist for you to check and monitor your baby's development. I've been pretty active on this on a weekly basis and it's nice to see that the checklist matches my baby's development.


Other than all that I've mentioned, if you love joining contests, you'd love this feature on the app too! theAsianparent has a section where you can join and participate in contests and possibly you might win big depending on what contest you join. From my experience of being on the app, I've seen the prizes offering electronics, diaper bags, a party voucher and so much more! There are different task for different prizes, so who knows if you have a lucky star in your pocket and you just might win.

So what are you waiting for? Download the app on your mobile now if you haven't already. I hope this post was beneficial for you to understand why this app has helped me a lot with adapting to my newborn, and I only wish the same for all new parents too. The app is available via iOS and Android users, and all you need to do is go to your search bar and type 'theAsianparent'. Alternatively, I've included the links for you directly at the end of this post (youre welcome).

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