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[SHOPEE HAUL] Cheapest SPECTRA 9+ Advance Electric Portable Breast Pump

SPECTRA 9+ Wireless Rechargable breast pump
Hey guys! So i've been sharing on my breast pump purchase recently on Instagram and noticed that some of you are interested about where i got my pump from at a price lower than the retail price. Well, to simplify things for you i've decided to share with you a a little blog post on where you can get the SPECTRA 9S 9+ without burning a hole in your pocket. I've been eying on this ever since i laid my eyes on it during the baby fair and to be honest, im pretty glad that i purchased this. It was going for over RM700 at the baby fair, but what if i told you that you can get this at less than RM500.

The mechanics of the breast pump
Before i go in depth, let me just give you a mini review on why i chose SPECTRA 9+ as my preffered pump instead of M****LA. Hehehe.  First  off, its way cheaper than most pumps and it's a Korean brand. (K-POP fans where you at!) Secondly, for this specific model, its compact and has a minimal design making it easy to bring around for on-the-go scenarios. Third reason, it double pumps so that you can pump both breast at the same time. Fourth, the SPECTRA 9+ pump is wireless and  rechargable so you can say good bye to batteries and in desperate scenarios, you can also charge it using your power bank. Lastly, you can also opt to purchase additional accessories such as their handsfree cups if you need your hands to be free while pumping. (This was mainly one of the reasons why i got it, i need my hands to be free!)

Whats inside the box? 

The pump,  and wide neck bottle with teat included
The other accessories that is included in the box
What do you get in the box? Well, since i purchased the SPECTRA 9+ Double Cup, the box basically contains, the main body of the pump, the charger, 2 sets of the breast shield set which contains the breast shield, the tubing, the valve, backflow protector, and wide neck bottle. I love the fact that once you pump your milk into the bottle, you can immediately use the bottle to feed the baby by just fixing the teat to the wide neck bottle. 

The Break Down of the Features

In terms of the features for the SPECTRA 9+, other than it being famous for its double breast pumping feature, this is also the only breast pump in the market that offers 10-level pressure regulation. And yes, that means 10 levels to choose from in case you need extra strength to pump the milk out. It also has a massage mode to relax your breast before pumping the milk out. It also has a 30 minute automatic off function in case you forget to turn it off. It has low noice of 48.6dB so you can pump even when your baby is asleep and its BPA Free too! 

SPECTRA 9+ Double Cup at RM448.99 on SHOPEE!

Get it on shopee at RM448.99  (as of 15 September 2019)
Price listed on
So, to my surprise, instead of spending an additional RM200 on this, i found the exact same model via Shopee selling the SPECTRA 9+ at only RM448. 99! Believe it or not, despite the delivery being shipped all the way from Korea (since its originated from Korea), it took me about 6 days to recieve it. I ordered on the 30th of July 2019, and got it on 5th August 2019. Super fast and on top of it, the seller on Shopee was nice enough to even include a special gift!

Possibly the only down side of it is that theres no warranty gurantee for this since its a purchase made online, but from the reviews and based on my own usage, it works pretty fine, and warranties are usually given by stores covering only about a year from the day of purchase. I look at it as paying an extra RM200, just to get a warranty from the store. Depends how you look at it really, but to me, im not much of a warranty person if i had an option to save. If youre worried that the item you received from your online purchase is faulty, Shopee also gives you an option to request for a refund from the seller for the faulty product, and thats pretty much fine by me. Link to the shop attached below:

Shop SPECTRA 9+ by << Click Here to Re-direct to Shop

SPECTRA Handsfree Cup 

SPECTRA Handsfree Cup
The components of the SPECTRA Handsfree Cup
For handsfree experience while pumping
Get it on shopee at RM115.55 (as of 15 September 2019)
Price listed on
On top of that, if you want your pumping experience to be hands free, you can also consider making an additional purchase by getting yourself the SPECTRA Handsfree Cup. This set usually retails at over RM300 in stores i browsed, but through Shopee, i managed to get the SPECTRA Handsfree Cup at RM115.55! I was so happy to receive this as well in the mail as it came nicely packed in a box and im 100% sure its authentic. This set includes 2 air hose, 2 funnel, 2 pumping cup with pumping base.

Shop SPECTRA Handsfree Cup << Click Here to Re-direct to Shop

And thats basically my recent haul to welcome my newborn to the world. Honestly speaking, im not planning to bottle feed my baby during the first month, so once we've entered her 2nd month, then we'll start training her to bottle feed for when i need to get some work done, and when im not around. I hope she's an easy baby to teach to bottle feed, and as of now, im definitely planning to exclusively breastfeed her for the first 2 years. Wish me luck mommies! Please also leave me some tips on how to  train a baby to bottle feed for an easy transition. 

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