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[Beauty Review] Minakawaii | Gentle Japanese Collagen Skincare

Reviewing Minakawaii Collagen Skincare
I would have to say that im a huge fan of gentle skincare? In case youre wondering what im talking about, gentle skincare is basically skincare that doesn't sting! Well, considering that I have combination skin, I find it a hassle at times to deal with my dry skin concerns, then my oily skin concerns around the T-zone. Honestly, I have never really only owned 1 skincare range at home as I need to have different solutions for different concerns. But recently I decided to give myself a go on the Minakawaii skincare range and OMG, I would have to say that it's one of the most gentle skincare that works on my skin! Did you also know that Minakawaii skincare contains collagen too? A def yes to bouncy skin.

In case you wonder what is Collagen?
All packs are well sealed
Briefing through the products that they have to offer, its pretty minimal considering that they only have 6 products to cater to all skin types at the moment. Like the one that I'll be talking about today would be the gift pack bundle containing all the products that they have to offer! But to just list down the products that they have, they offer Cleansing Water, Milky Face Cleanser, Daily Scrub Gel, Anti Aging Facial Cream, Moisturizing Facial Lotion and Sleeping Mask Booster. Having combination skin, i find that this range caters all the solutions that i need to keep my skin clean and supple.

Cleansing Water

Texture is rather watery and mildly like gel

Now, starting off with their cleansing water, it serves as a double effect of Tocopherol (Vitamin E) and Betaine to protect the skin's surface as you remove the makeup from your skin. Also containing Hydro Castor Oil, this makes it the perfect add on of fish collagen and citric acid to replenish the collagen that you've lost while removing all the dirt and makeup from your skin. How amazing is that? Texture-wise, I would say that it's watery, and the way I remove my makeup, I would usually just pump twice onto a cotton pad and gently cleanse my face and next before moving on to the next step, cleansing!

Milky Face Cleanser

One of the most gentle milk cleansers i've tried!
Texture is very moisturising after cleansing
After removing impurities from the skin, I moved to the next step with the Milky Face Cleanser. Honestly was pretty surprised that this milk cleanser came in a tube packaging as usually, it comes in a pump bottle considering that the texture is a little liquidy. So, if you do try this out at home, be sure to be careful when you squeeze out the milky face cleanser as you wouldn't want to accidentally spill the product. Im usually not a fan of milk cleansing, but surprisingly, I am impressed with the quality of this cleanser! On days that I go for a jog and got myself accidentally sun burned, this cleanser did a great job in gently cleansing my skin without stinging it. I also noticed that after constant usage of this cleanser, my open pores were minimized and it kept the hydration of the skin pretty well too. So, if youre ever looking for a milk cleanser that is not sticky and actually cleanses, I would actually recommend you to consider trying this. Honestly no regrets!

Daily Scrub Gel

Have you heard of a Gel Scrub before?
Scrub without being too harsh on the skin
Since im not a fan of scrubbing, i had some reservations on the Daily Scrub Gel before actually considering to try this out. As you know that scrubbing may actually make your skin worst as it may leave scars or block your pores when not cleansed properly, but im actually surprised to find this scrub to be more in gel form instead of cream. This has to be one of the first gel scrubs that i've tried and i love how its very gentle on the skin despite it being a scrub. The scrub for this is made out of Natural Hydra Beads and i admire the fact that the beads are very gentle. Trust me, dont underestimate this scrub.

Moisturing Facial Lotion

Toner that doesnt dry up the skin

Once the cleansing ritual is complete, never forget to tone your skin to keep those pores minimal and prevent blockage. The Moisturising Facial Lotion contains Natural Hydro Castor Oil that moisturizes the skin with rich vitamins derived from lemon, grapefruit, apple, and lime. With all these fruity ingredients, I would highlight that I enjoy the scent of this lotion as it relaxes me pretty well as I apply the lotion around my face. I prefer to dap some of the lotions on the cotton pad and gently apply it all over the face, including the neck.)

Anti Aging Facial Cream

It may look thick, but it really sinks into the skin pretty well without leaving any sticky residue

Don't we all hate wrinkles? Well, if you do too, the anti-aging facial cream is just what you need to prevent those wrinkles from haunting you. Containing stearate and dimethicone, this cream penetrates to the inner layer of the skin to replenish its nutrients while also supplying collagen for the skin to keep it soft and supple. The texture is a creamy and a little sticky for my liking, but I would say that it doesn't a pretty darn good job in providing moisture for the skin. Since my biggest concerns would be around the eye areas, I've actually used this as an eye cream instead of the face and it works like a charm! Consider this a 2 in 1 deal where you can apply it on your face and eye bags.

Sleeping Mask Booster

And last but not least would be the Sleeping Mask Booster! If you think your skin is always looking tired, this is what you need to give your skin a break. The Sleeping Mask Booster contains natural ingredients to provide your skin with a natural clear glowy skin when you wake up the next day. I usually use this on alternate days, and I have to highlight that I love waking up the morning after I've applied a thick layer of the sleeping mask booster. Considering I love to mask, I actually like that this Sleeping Mask Booster just hydrates your skin overnight almost effortlessly.


Here's what i have to say!
As a verdict, I would have to say that the range is ideal for those looking for a skincare range that can counter practically a variety of skin concerns. Since I have combination skin, my concerns have a mix of dry skin, oily skin, and its always a bonus to have anti-aging benefits. Considering that the Minakawaii skincare range practically covers all my concerns, im happy enough that it makes great as a daily skincare range instead of using a variety of skincare for different purposes. For a set of 6 products, it cost about RM198 in total which makes RM40 per product which I guess can be slightly higher than your usual skincare, but trust me when I say that the quality of this is better than your over the shelf drug store skincare. It's more expensive to buy it individually, but if you asked me which product to purchase for a first-timer, you'd have to try the Milky Face Cleanser and Sleeping Mask Booster to understand what im talking about. Hehe. Well, if you may have any other questions, feel free to drop me a question below or you can also check out their official websites which I will list down below. Thanks for reading my humble post, till my next post peeps!


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