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Paul Immigrations Reviews

Paul Immigrations Reviews | Easy Singapore PR Application

Are you planning to permanently move to Singapore and ready to apply for a Singapore PR? I've been doing some research on how to apply for PR and I must admit that the process of applying for the PR status has a list of cumbersome tasks to complete, filled with overwhelming paperwork and never-ending steps of to-dos before you can hit the submit button. Luckily enough, I stumbled upon a company that is based in Singapore that can assist and I guess if you're looking for a simpler solution to ease the application process, having professional help by Paul Immigrations is just what you need!

Introducing Paul Immigrations

As an introduction, this Singapore firm specializes in assisting anyone who is applying for PR. Equipped with the knowledge and experience, thefirm has gained a good reputation in maintaining a high success rate over the years. Other than easing the process, they also offer key insights, organize and prepare additional documents, craft personalized cover letters, lead you through the process and minimize your time wastage.

When would be a good time to apply for Singapore PR?

There are about 30,000 approved PRs annually according to population reports in Singapore, but with hopeful and talented applicants increasing each year, this adds up to the competition to get your profile to be approved as the Immigration officer would always want a candidate that may contribute into Singapore's economy. Best said it's always advisable to apply as early as possible to avoid any possibility of stricter requirements added to their set of criteria in the future.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: The End-to-End Procedure

To brief you through on how the PR Application process with this company, first a phone call by a representative will conduct an interview with you to see if you are eligible to apply for the Singapore Permanent Resident status, in which she/he will gather your type of work pass, your family background, and also check on any pending application with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, followed by a profile assessment that would involve getting your age, length of stay in the country, salary drawn and tax contributions.

Once all the information has been provided via telephone line, you will be required to have an in-person appointment with the representative to confirm that your work pass documents are legitimate, inclusive of reviewing your profile again in person as verification. Some factors that would affect your PR approval would be your education qualifications, your work industry, the political climate ofthe city, and immigration and Checkpoints Authority’s possible quota. And at this point, you may decide to proceed with the firm’s services to improve your chances of getting an approval.

If you decided to proceed with their services, you are then requested to submit necessary documents to the Immigrations Specialist of the company, who will be in charge of handling your submission. Before they have compiled the documents, he/she will then advise you on the PR criteria and requirements as stated by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority. The submission package that has to be prepared would include an audited form submission, correct compulsory document, and any other essential additional documents that would make your profile more outstanding.

Once you've completed submitting the documents, the Immigrations Specialist will handle the rest of your PR application paperwork on your behalf. The company has a team of in-house writers. The writer will craft a personalized cover letter to be included in your submission, and this would benefit you because a well-written cover letter will be able to emphasize your commitment to the local community and the Singaporean society. I believe this would be a little challenging to write if you're not a fan of writing as it would take a lot of time to draft a well-written letter. With the professional help of the team, you would save yourself so much more time, provided with an excellent scale of service to assist you in your PR application.

Once documents are completed, you can submit the application remotely with their guidance or you may also choose to schedule a meeting with the specialist and submit the application online to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority. From this point, the ICA would take about four to six months to assess your PR eligibility, where once it's approved or rejected, the team will be able to inform and advise you on the next best course of action to take. On the contrary, imagine getting rejected when you apply on your own while not knowing what could have possibly gone wrong. What a nightmare!

Applying for a PR Status with Family

For those with families, it would be recommended to apply your application in a single submission, as this would potentially improve the chances of getting your PR application to be approved. The reason why it improves the chances of your PR approval would be because this shows that you and your family are serious about the move and definitely not just going after the benefits of being a Singaporean PR. It's beneficial to apply for your PR status as a family, especially with children as this may increase the potential of future society contributors and also improves the economy of the Lion City. Nevertheless, the assessment is strictly under the hands of ICA officers without a doubt.

As a conclusion, I would have to say that the process may be a little tedious if you have never done it on your own before as it would usually take up a lot of time and energy to get it done, but with Paul Immigrations being ever ready to assist, I would highly recommend you to consider using their services for a smooth PR application approval. You may also be overseas while waiting for your Singapore PR submission to be approved and let the professionals of the company handle the rest. Who knew that we all had an easier option to do so? Well, I hope you found this post informative and I wish that your application is successful!

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