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Meals In Minutes | DIY Fancy Dining at Home

A short cut to preparing a meal? Here's Meals in Minutes to save the day!
If you know me, you’d know i enjoy cooking a lot, but i have to admit that i do have days where im just too tired to prepare a meal. Pretty sure this can be relatable to you too right? (Don’t leave me hanging!) haha. So, i was browing through instagram and found myself stumbling upon Meal In Minutes Instagram account and boy, thr conceptual idea was perfect!

Always love personal notes like these. Good job Meals in Minutes!
Unboxing time!
Being a mother to an infant, i would have to say the struggle of just preparing a decent meal can be pretty challenging at times, especially when the baby doesnt allow you to put her down. I mean, i can have an option to make instant noodles on the go, but being a very enthusiastic fitness junkie, i like to make the nutrients count! So, when i found out about Meals in Minutes, i browsed through the options they have and i must say that im impressed with the selections.

An Array of Protein : Butter Parsley Prawns + Thai Lime Fish
Sides: Truffle Mashed Potato, Mashed Sweet Potato and Mashed Red Skin Potato
Bases: Cauliflower Rice and Japanese Rice
Being very newly launched, the selections are pretty minimal, but i would have to say complete in a sense of variety. They offer selections of Base, Protein and Sides for you to choose from and i’d like to highlight that its all pretty resonably priced. Why? Because you can skip the preparations, the grocery shopping and the  amount of time spent to prepare a nice meal! Their prices start from as low as RM3.50 which i think is a steal if you’re lazy to prepare it at home (with a bonus of 0 mistakes in the kitchen).
Just other reasons why you should love Meals in Minutes!
Checkout the excellent packaging by Meals in Minutes
This being my first order from Meals In Minutes, i was  surprised with a huge box that looks very exclusive. Basically i ordered myself a mix of bases, proteins and sides to try. And in case youre wondering, it only cost less than RM80 for all of these! I love that its all pre-packed in a vacuum seal, and from the looks of it, i can tell that these are definitely freshly freezed. To highlight personal touches by the team, they actually label every pack, inclusive of the nutritional facts, ingredients and expiry date too! Love this! 

How to prepare your meal

Pick anything that you like, in my case, i'll be trying out the Butter Parsley Prawns
Take the label off, and dip in in cooking boiling hot water. Leave it in for 10 miutes
Cutting straight to the ‘how to’s’, you’d be surprised on simplified your cooking experience would be. Basically pick any pack that you feel like having, remove the label by stripping it off. Then placed your packs in a pan of boiling water. Cover the pan with the lid and leave it to boil for 10-13 minutes. After about 10 minutes, you would notice that the food looks cooked, which leads you to the next step. Cut the plastic open, start plating your meal how ever you like it and you got yoruself a quality nutritious meal.

The label has expiry dates, and i noticed that it has a good one year duration
Also has a list of nutritional information, allergy information adn best of all, its also halal certified!
In case you ever feel lost, theres instructions to help guide you on how to prepare the meal
Impressive right?! And if  youre feeling a little creative, why not use a pack of Buttered Parsley Prawn to prepare as 2 dishes instead? You can cook yourself some pasta (example: Agli Olio Speghetti ) then cook a pack of Buttered Parsley Prawn and plate it on your pasta then serve! Think about it? It really levels up your everyday dish into something that you can get in a restaurant! Need i say more? 

Get Creative! 

Imagine all the possibilities you can create with Meals in Minutes! 
You can even cook in in the microwave if you dont have a stove. Great for students who are staying in uni dorms with no gas too! Or, if youre thinking of bringing it on trips or camping, you can just pack this in your ice box and bring it out for an adventure. Just camp by a river, boil the water and walah! A meal in the jungle, just in case you want to add up some classyness in your jungle tracking journey. 


And here's the final outcome! Bon Apetité!
Keeping my blog post short and sweet, as a verdict, i would have to say that i am ultimately impressed with the services and products provided by Meals In Minutes. It’s like having a personal professional chef at home and all you need is yourself to cook and present the dish. Its definitely fool proof and i’d like to add a phase that ‘now everyone can cook’ with Meals on Minutes. Its easy, fast, and great for days when you just want to take something out from the freezer and let the microwave do all the cooking. For more details on Meals in Minutes, you can check out their social sites which i’ve listed below. Thanks for readingmy humble post! 

Meals In Minutes


  1. Ya Allah mengeliurkan nya udang masak butter dia tu sis ... baguslah siap mcmni terus senang panas / rebus balik je boleh makan.. elok utk sesiapa malas / tak tahu masak .. cepat dan mudah sambil makan makanan sihat dan sedap.

  2. mudahnya masak dengan meals in minutes ni, yes memang sesuai dengan mak-mak yang ada anak kecil. kadang-kadang tak sempat potong bawang anak dah nangis minta dukung. yang penting menunya cepat dan menyihatkan ;)

  3. This is indeed makes cooking super easy these days, great for those whom always on the go too as it’s really easy to prepare and convenient as well!

  4. The prawn look delicious. Its very easy to prepare, saving time! Good for travel. Will try this too

  5. easy..bolelah cuba nie...masa PKP memang rasa semua nak cuba :))

  6. This is the furatbtime heard of this Meals in a Minute.. good for those who live to order food online during this MCO period.

  7. Wah nampak sedap menu-menu dekat atas tu... nak-nak udang tu mengoda sangat. Baiklah nanti taulah nak oder dekat mana.. tq info

  8. wow! kagum...
    sedap2 plak tu menu nya.
    tapi portion nya sikit :)
    tak brape sesuai if aida yg order.
    tapi, tu la... nak click their fb.
    sgt cantik packaging nyer, ekslusif. terpikat! terbaik.

  9. mudahnya, harus beli ni nanti time malas masak senang je, variety pun banyak, menu pun menarik

  10. Pergh, mudah gila nak masak. Rebus dah siap..udang tu namapk sedap je..nak usha la. nak tengok apa e dia jual..menarik

  11. oo mudahnya kalau camni. menarik pun menarik menu dia tu. nanti boleh cuba

  12. Cepat je nak sedia makanan kan? Semua dah ready cuma panpanaskan je. Jimat masa

  13. Wah menariknya. Macam masak lauk masakan kampung. Bawang putih, cili, halia semua dah siap blender dan simpan. Bila nak masak. Mudah dan denang. Nanti akak nak beli Meals in Minutes ni. Test power masak ala-ala mat salleh ni. Hehehe

  14. Thanks for sharing, senang nak masak dengan Meals in Minutes especially for those yang sibuk kan.